A Guide To Red Calcite: Properties And Uses

Red Calcite is an empowering and energetic crystal that can help with healing on a physical and metaphysical level.

Its striking reddish hues make this crystal quite alluring and, the fact that it is abundantly available and affordable makes it an easy choice for a lot of people.

Red Calcite Properties

Below, I take a look at some of the most common red calcite properties and the main uses of this wonderful crystal.

What Is Red Calcite?

Along with other members of the Calcite family, like Green Calcite or Blue Calcite, Red Calcite is a carbonate mineral, often found in sedimentary rocks.

This crystal is most commonly found in Mexico but can be found in other arid areas like Australia and Argentina.

Red Calcite Properties


This stone comes in many different shades of red. It can range from brick red and orange-red to a much lighter shade of red.

It also ranges from transparent to opaque forms.

Chemical Composition

As mentioned, Red Calcite is made of calcium carbonate. Since this mineral is abundant in the Earth’s crust, red calcite is an easily available and affordable stone.

This can make it great for those just building their crystal collection.

What Is Red Calcite Good For? Benefits And Uses

Red Calcite has many uses for physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Let’s explore them below:

Red Calcite Healing Properties

This stone is really popular for its healing properties. It has been in use since ancient times to deal with a range of ailments and also to enhance one’s attributes.

Let’s look at the most important healing properties of this red stone:

  • It can cure aches and pains in any part of the body.
  • It heals and improves your reproductive system (this is especially true for women).
  • It heals disorders related to limbs and joints.
  • It helps bring down blood pressure to a healthier level.
  • It heals issues related to feet and hips.
  • It can cure constipation.
  • Red Calcite can also provide relief in cases of food poisoning. It can also help in the treatment of alcohol intoxication.
  • It can remove impurities from your circulatory system.
  • This stone makes you more peaceful and serene. This can come in handy if you are dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • It balances hormones in the body that can be useful to deal with emotional volatility. This balancing also promotes better physical health.
  • It cleanses the energy body by removing stale or negative energies from it.
  • Red Calcite can also ease your lethargy and agitation.
  • It enhances the body’s ability to assimilate calcium (this is good for your skeletal system).
  • It has a healing effect during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • It can help reduce your fears and provide you with more courage to deal with life’s many problems.
What is red calcite good for?

Red Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Apart from the healing properties, people also commonly use Red Calcite for its various metaphysical properties.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

  • Red Calcite enhances your spiritual awareness. This makes it much easier for you to connect to universal energies. It also makes healing much faster and more effective.
  • This stone also magnifies your extrasensory perception. As such, it can awaken your psychic abilities.
  • It can even magnify your sensory perception. So, everything you experience from the five senses can become amplified.
  • Red Calcite removes negative energy from the body as well as a given space. It also magnifies the positive energy at the same time.
  • It gives rise to greater motivation and desire to live in a person. This can come in handy if one is suffering from depression.
  • It can activate the root chakra and kickstart a proper flow of Kundalini energy from the base of your spine to your crown (leading to a higher spiritual awakening).
  • This stone can help you get rid of repeating patterns on an energy level. This can help you escape misfortunes that keep showing up again and again.
  • By working on your heart chakra, Red Calcite can greatly enhance your emotional intelligence.
  • It safeguards your spiritual boundaries.

How To Use Red Calcite

Different people use Red Calcite differently. It all comes down to their personal preference and the particular benefits they are seeking.

You can use your Red Calcite in the following ways:

  1. If you are simply looking to protect yourself from negative energies, keep a Red Calcite stone in your pocket, purse, or bag. You can also keep it on your desk at work or home to remove negative energies and bring in more positivity.
  2. If you are looking to heal from a physical, mental, or emotional ailment, you can wear it as a piece of jewellery. You could get a Red Calcite necklace, ring, bracelet, or other types of ornaments. If wearing it is not possible, you can place it on your body while lying on your back. Just make sure it comes in contact with the skin.
  3. You can also use Red Calcite to enhance your meditation. As mentioned above, this stone has some really cool metaphysical properties. If you meditate with it in your hands, it can allow for a deep and intense meditation experience. Your spiritual goals will become much easier to attain.
  4. Red Calcite can also be used for decorative purposes. It is a beautiful stone that you can use to enhance the beauty of your home or workplace. In fact, ancient Egyptians used to make artefacts out of Red Calcite. They also used it heavily to decorate their tombs.

Whatever you use your Red Calcite for, it’s important to cleanse it afterwards.

red calcite healing properties

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Red Calcite Rare?

No, Red Calcite is readily available which means it isn’t particularly expensive either.

You may also like to read about Blue Calcite here.

Where Do You Put Red Calcite?

You can put Red Calcite anywhere around the home or office to feel its benefits.

Be mindful of putting such an energizing crystal next to your bed though as it could result in a lack of sleep.

If you want to keep the crystal close, you can wear it in jewellery form.

How Can You Tell If Red Calcite Is Real?

Buying from a reputable source is the best way to ensure your Red Calcite is real.

Bear in mind that any tests you conduct can cause some damage to the stone.

You can gently scratch the surface of the crystal with your fingernail or a pin – if the colour comes off at all, your crystal is likely fake.

You can put a small drop of vinegar on Red Calcite – if the crystal is real, it should bubble.

Red Calcite Zodiac – Which Sign Does It Work Best With?

Crystals are often associated with their respective astrological signs. This is because their unique vibrations make them more suitable for people belonging to certain astrological signs.

The signs of Red Calcite are Leo, Libra and Cancer. However, this doesn’t mean that people from other signs can’t use this stone.

Red Calcite Chakra – Which Chakra Does It Resonate With?

Crystals are also associated with different chakras in the human body. Again, this is because of the unique vibrations of each crystal that makes it more suitable to work on particular chakras.

Red Calcite is associated with the root and the heart chakra.

So if you need to unblock either of these energy centres, you can work with Red Calcite during meditation.

Final Thoughts

Red Calcite is a widely available, and relatively cheap healing crystal, making it great for beginners.

It has many properties and healing abilities, making it a popular choice for healing a range of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

If you have a blocked root or heart chakra, lean on Red Calcite to clear away unwanted energy.

If you need an injection of positive energy into your life, this crystal can provide some real upliftment.