Owl Spiritual Symbolism, Dream Meaning and More

Owl Spiritual Symbolism, Dream Meaning and More

I’ve loved the wise and beautiful owl for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been both in admiration of and drawn to this magical bird, in all its forms (although the barn owl is my absolute favourite). I call on the owl when I need wisdom and have tattoos of this wonderful bird … Read more

What Does a Cat Symbolize? Cat Symbolism and Meaning

For centuries, the cat has been at our side. While they’re often not described as man’s best friend, like the dog is, they are loyal companions. Cats have played a major role in history and in mythology, and they continue also play a huge role in our lives today and can serve as instruments, symbols … Read more

The Spiritual Meaning of Bears

Do you know who is going to help you find your way back home when you find yourself stuck on a dead-end? The energetic, compassionate, and protective bear is going to swing by to catch you when you fall, help you at crossroads and fill you up with the strength you need to pull yourself … Read more