Cheetah Symbolism: The Cheetah As A Spirit Animal And Cheetah Dream Meanings Explained

Have you been dreaming of the cheetah lately? Do you think that this majestic beast has a message for you?

Perhaps the cheetah is your spirit or totem animal? What is it trying to tell you? Are you experiencing some type of life change? Does it seem like things are moving too fast?

Cheetah symbolism

The Cheetah spirit animal is here trying to comfort you and help you adapt to these changes.

The best way to understand the messages that the cheetah (or any other spirit or totem animal has for you) is to meditate and do your own research.

Every spirit that you connect to shares some common trait with you.

In other words, if you feel that the cheetah spirit has a message for you, you have or may need to adopt some of the cheetah’s attributes yourself.

Otherwise, why would you receive synchronicities about a cheetah?

Let’s explore the meaning of cheetah symbolism in more detail.

Cheetah Symbolism

Be Boldly You

cheetah spirit animal

Only use the information I provide about the cheetah symbolism as a starting point for your research.

Try watching some documentaries about the life of a cheetah and figure out which aspects of a cheetah’s life you can relate with.

How do cheetahs tackle that problem? Can you use a similar approach?

Of course, we are not talking about stalking and hunting your prey here. But, maybe you need to shift your mindset and be creative about how you can mimic a cheetah in a particular aspect of your life.

The cheetah must be bold and strategic – perhaps it’s time to be the same way.

Your Uniqueness Is Your Greatest Strength

cheetah spirit animal

Despite what it looks like, cheetahs are more like dogs than cats. They have semi-retractable claws and dog-like canines.

Their claws, long hind legs and flexible spine are what make them the fastest animals on the land.

They are truly unique within the big cat kingdom. And remember that it is your uniqueness that makes you stronger.

Have you been struggling to fit in? Do you feel like you don’t belong anywhere? The cheetah spirit is asking you to not worry.

You don’t need to fit in. However, make sure that you don’t completely isolate yourself from the company of others.

Wild cats like lions and leopards can attack and eat the cheetah. While it’s important to celebrate your strengths, it’s equally vital to not be “high” on pride.

Our strengths can and will always be challenged. Competition only encourages us to hone our skills and become better.

We can celebrate our uniqueness all day long but it’s important to remember that we have as many strengths as weaknesses.

We need to keep both in mind while working towards any goal.

Strong Ambition Is Essential For Success

cheetah spirit animal

While discussing cheetah symbolism, it’s important to note that cheetahs finish their hunt within less than a minute.

Cheetahs can run at 70 mph but they cannot run at this speed for too long.

If we think about it, just 30 seconds can be life-changing for both prey and predator. And our own lives can change just as quickly – based on a simple action or lack of.

Cheetahs rarely attack big animals because they are aware of the threat it poses to their life. They know their limits and, as such, calves and weak members of their prey are usually their favourites.

Being successful requires knowledge. You need to be aware of the world and your place within it.

If you are applying for a job, think about what gives your competition the advantage they have over you? Are you strong enough to stand a chance against them?

If yes, what strategies can you adopt to combat their strengths? If not, what can you successfully compete against? Always start at the bottom. But, make sure that you don’t get too comfortable there. Or, it might take less than 30 seconds for your dreams to crumble.

Having a strong sense of ambition is important for you to clearly assess your competition and devise effective strategies to compete against them.

But it’s not only in business that you can be ambitious like the cheetah. Apply this to other areas of your life too. But always know your limits and stay grounded.

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Living A Solitary Life

cheetah symbolism

While male cheetahs live in groups called coalitions, females live a solitary life.

When cubs leave their mother at the age of around 18 months, they still spend some time in close proximity for a whole.

But as the female cheetah becomes sexually mature again, she leaves the group to mate with a male cheetah and lives a solitary life.

The brothers usually stick together and look for a territory to rule together.

If a cheetah gets orphaned, it can have its own territory or form a coalition with other cheetahs.

A female cheetah doesn’t care about having a territory. She is always on the hunt to feed herself and her cubs.

While there are not many physical distinctions between a male and a female cheetah, they live completely opposite lives.

There are advantages to both living in a group or independently. A female cheetah is usually the one in charge of raising the cubs until they are ready to hunt. She is the one that trains the young ones to hunt.

Who do you resonate with? Perhaps, it’s time to switch things up. Maybe you need to be more independent.

You could also make some new friends if you’ve been working or living alone for a while.

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Living A Fast-paced Life

cheetah symbolism

The lifespan of a cheetah is only 7-8 years in the wild. In captivity, they can live up to 12 years.

They learn to hunt, become adults, mate, raise the cubs (who are ready to separate from their mother when they are just a year and a half old) and die within these 7-12 years.

Their young ones grow up to live the exact same life.

Life is short-lived. And, when on the hunt, or moving away from predators, it’s fast-paced and stressful too.

While cheetahs have no choice, we do.

Are things moving too fast for you? Well, you have the choice to slow them down. Undoubtedly, it will require a sacrifice on your part. What is it? Are you willing to make it?

It is better to take a break than to burn out – your cheetah spirit guide wants to remind you of this.

However, if you are looking for a job and are scared of working in a fast-paced world under pressure, the cheetah spirit reminds you that you are capable of thriving in the harshest of environments.

Meditate every morning before you go to work and call on the cheetah to help you with your day.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Cheetah In Dreams

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Cheetah In Dreams

Now, let’s talk about cheetah dream symbolism. What have you been dreaming about? What is the cheetah doing when you are dreaming about it?

When you dream of cheetahs, It is usually a spiritual sign that you are feeling vulnerable in your everyday life. What is threatening you?

Let me ask you a question.

  • Are you scared of surviving in the “wild”?
  • What does the “wild” mean to you?
  • What are you scared of the most? Is it time to face your fears?
  • Are your fears based on reality?

The spiritual meaning of cheetahs in dreams is also about embracing your strength. It’s time to stop downplaying yourself. It’s time to “mark your territory” just like a male cheetah.

Sometimes, we underestimate our strengths because we assume that someone else is stronger or better.

How can you be so sure of that?

Even the best of cheetahs can hesitate while making the decisive move during an attack. They don’t stop hunting after that. If they do, they will literally die.

It is a reminder that as humans, we need to stop making excuses every time we fail. The winner usually loses quite a few times before they win.

When it comes to human beings, our lives have become way too comfortable.

We don’t need to fend for ourselves. We always have someone – a friend, a family member or even someone in authority to look after us. Sometimes, that can reduce our drive and makes us complacent.

It’s time for us to go back to our wild roots. Cheetahs don’t have self-esteem issues. They are not scared of being hurt.

What differentiates human beings from animals is our ability to think and remember. Sadly, with time, it is becoming our weakness.

We don’t need more gadgets to make our lives comfortable. It’s time for us to go back to our roots and remember who we used to be.

Our life has already gotten as comfortable as it needed to be.

Cheetahs don’t roar. They don’t need to. Their voice sounds like that of a bird. They know who they are – a predator, a carnivore. They don’t need to roar to make hyenas fear for their life.

This could be a sign that you need to use your words wisely and know that you don’t need to shout above the crowd to have an impact.

The cheetah appearing in your dreams can also be a warning that it’s time to slow down, if you’ve been living life in the fast lane. You need to take a break.

Alternatively, if you have your eyes on a goal, but you’re putting obstacles in your way, it’s time to stop. Go after what it is you desire.

Final Thoughts

The cheetah is a fascinating animal – quite a unique big cat.

Now that we have discussed cheetah symbolism and the spiritual meaning of cheetah in dreams, I hope that you have some clarity about the message the cheetah spirit has for you.

The cheetah is the ultimate symbol of passion, drive and ambition. They are fast learners and are very sleek and agile.

When you are feeling unsure of yourself or the future, think about the message of the cheetah spirit animal and call upon it for support.