Cow Spirit Animal: The Spiritual Symbolism Of Cows & Cow Dream Meaning Explained

What does the cow spirit animal represent? What does it mean when you see a cow in your dreams? Let’s talk about it!

In this post, I will discuss the spiritual meaning of cows and help you understand the message that the cow spirit animal has for you.

Cow Spirit Animal The Spiritual Symbolism Of Cows & Cow Dream Meaning Explained

The Spiritual Symbolism Of Cows

The humble cow is an essential part of every day life, and of our survival, in many countries.

The cow is honoured in certain religions and has been a spiritual symbol for many centuries.

Let’s explore some of the cow symbolism in detail:

Cow Spirit Animal: Connection with the Goddess

In religion, cows represent the feminine aspect of God. They represent motherhood. Many deities are symbolized by cows in many cultures across the world. For example:

  • Diana (Roman Goddess)
  • Aphrodite (Greek Goddess)
  • Freya (Norse Goddess)
  • Hathor (Egyptian Goddess)
  • Brigid (Celtic Goddess)
  • Lakshmi (Indian Goddess)

Cows are seen as the epitome of motherhood and divine grace in many cultures across the globe, this is why cows represent the feminine aspect of God in many cultures.

Cows represent the mother in the triple goddess. The mother archetype fulfils her purpose unconditionally.

Her purpose is to be in service to the divine. She gracefully submits to her call as the mother aspect of the Goddess and focuses on helping her children with everything she has.

Cow Spirit Animal The Spiritual Symbolism Of Cows & Cow Dream Meaning Explained

Motherhood and Fertility

Cows nurture both their offspring and us all with their milk. Since cow’s milk is widely used, it is the perfect symbol of fertility.

Half a glass of cow milk is often used in fertility spells to represent motherhood and children.

Simply add a spoon of sugar and some fresh rose petals to the glass. Stir the milk with the spoon.

Make sure that the rose petals you add to the milk are organic and have been cleaned thoroughly.

Put this glass on your altar. Arrange rose petals in a circle around the glass. Meditate for 15-20 minutes, call on Aphrodite (or any Goddess you work with), and seek her blessings.

If you use seashells in your practice, put a few drops of this sweetened milk in the shell. Visualize yourself being pregnant and preparing yourself to give birth. The sugar in the milk represents a healthy pregnancy.

Again, call on your guides and masters of light to bless your womb and fill it with life.

Meditate for a few more minutes. Visualize your third eye expanding and enveloping you with divine light. In this protected space, imagine your belly expanding as the baby grows in your womb.

Open your eyes and drink the milk from your glass. If the rose petals you added were not organic, please do not consume the milk.

Simply offer it to mother earth. Ask her to bless your womb as she drinks the milk for you.

Spend 3-5 minutes embodying the vibration of a mother and return to your daily routine. Your vision will soon become a reality.

Though the cow’s spiritual meaning is not limited to fertility and motherhood, it is definitely a powerful symbol of it.

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Abundance & Prosperity

Cows are a powerful symbol of abundance and prosperity. To bring abundance to your life, simply add a few coins to a glass full of cow’s milk.

Visualize your bank balance increasing tenfold. Call on the cow spirit animal to assist you with bringing more abundance into your life.

You can add this milk to your bath and imagine yourself being blessed with abundance. Soon, you will receive new opportunities that will enhance your financial situation.

Livestock is one the major source of income for farmers in agriculture-based economies which explains the association with an abundant life.

A Symbol Of Sacrifice

Cows are the best symbol of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the biggest virtue that any human being can possess. Sadly, most of us focus on our gains and profits. Hardly anyone believes in making meaningful sacrifices.

Even if we do sacrifice something, we expect something in return right after we make that sacrifice. The biggest thing that we all can sacrifice is our ego.

The cow’s spiritual meaning reminds us that nothing can be achieved in life without making meaningful sacrifices. We have to sacrifice our comfort to achieve success. We have to sacrifice our wants to fulfil our needs.

While sacrifices are not easy to make, they often bring the best results.

Make a list of ten things that you could sacrifice today.

Maybe, sacrifice the junk food that you eat every day for manifestation of good health. Sacrifice your vices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It may be difficult at first. But, feel free to call on the cow spirit animal to assist you with it.

It’s easy to make sacrifices for others when we want something from them. After all, humans are exceptionally good at displaying their affection.

We love feeling special. And, we love making others feel special. But, do we ever do anything to make ourselves feel special? And, what percentage of affection we show others is really sincere?

Maybe, it’s time to ponder on what the word sacrifice really means to us.

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The Importance Of Self-care

The cow spirit animal also reminds us to look after ourselves. How often do we engage in self-care activities? What does self-care even mean to us?

Self-care is not just about meditating, dancing, and applying face masks and gels. It’s about knowing yourself and making decisions that may feel uncomfortable but are in your best interest.

  • What are you struggling with the most in your life?
  • What is your attitude towards this issue?
  • What do you think needs to change?
  • How can you encourage this change?
  • How can you take care of yourself more?
  • What can you do right now to change your mood for good?
  • How will this activity help you? How will it change your attitude towards this situation?

Write down the answers to(or at least think about) these questions to help you understand what self-care means to you.

The cow spirit animal encourages you to focus as much on yourself as others.

Cow Spirit Animal: The Spiritual Symbolism Of Cows & Cow Dream Meaning Explained

Cow Dream Meaning: Cow Spirit Animal In Dreams

Do cows often appear in your dreams? What does it mean?

It’s important to remember that everything that we dream about represents some aspect of our consciousness.

Unless you are used to channelling messages about others, whatever shows up in your dreams is usually a message about your own life.

Have you been too giving? Have you been sacrificing your own needs to accommodate for someone else’s?

In this context, the cow dream meaning and symbolism is about the requirement to focus on your own needs.

While it’s important to make sacrifices, we need to remember that not everyone is going to be worthy of the sacrifices we make for them.

Cows are a powerful symbol of fertility and motherhood. If you have been worried about your child’s health, the cow spirit is reminding you that your prayers are being heard.

The cow spirit animal is also encouraging you to trust your intuition in matters concerning your children. No one knows more about a kid than his/her mother.

Don’t doubt your instincts. No one knows about your kids that you do.

If you are longing to become a parent, the cow may come to your dreams to show you that your wish is on the horizon. Don’t fret. Let nature take its course.

If you have been dealing with some financial issues, the cow spirit animal is encouraging you to believe in the Divine Goddess’ ability to fulfil all your needs.

She knows more about you than anyone else. Meditate with her and call on her support. She will bless you with new projects that will help you provide for yourself and your needs.

The best with to build your connection with the Goddess energy is to focus on your own femininity.

Embrace yourself as a divine feminine who can easily attract all she desires. Simply focus on your womb space. Put your hands on your belly and affirm your ability to create all that you desire.

If you can create a new human being in your belly, you can create a few hundred dollars. Imagine your womb expanding and encompassing you in a protective space.

Why not try the following affirmation?

I am abundant. I have all that I need. I trust that I will always be provided for. I trust that I am not alone. I trust in my ability to manifest all I desire. I believe in myself. And, I know that I am not alone. I never was and never will be.

I am infinitely abundant. Everything I have is all I need. When I need more, it will be provided, When I ask for more, it will come to me. There is no doubt.

Final Thoughts

Cows are a powerful symbol of fertility, motherhood, prosperity, abundance, and sacrifice.

The cow spirit animal is encouraging you to believe in yourself and what you’re capable of.

The spiritual meaning of cows is all about being in service to others too. If cows show up in your dreams, the message most likely is that you need to focus on yourself.

Perhaps, you’ve been way too self-sacrificial. It’s time to take back your power.

Don’t lose yourself in someone else’s mess. Cows usually show up in the dreams of individuals who lose their sense of identity when in a relationship. It’s time for things to change. It’s time for your attitude to change.

Perhaps, it’s time to sacrifice your people-pleasing tendencies.

The cow spirit animal always shows up in messages surrounding femininity, pregnancy, and motherhood. If you’ve been worried about that, the cow spirit is encouraging you to not panic. Everything will be okay. It is just going to take some time.