A Guide To Dendritic Opal: Meaning And Uses

Dendritic opal looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. It can enchant anyone with its beautiful tree-like patterns.

This is only one of the reasons why it is so popular among crystal and stone enthusiasts.

dendritic opal meaning

It has so many other interesting properties that make it a must-have for people from all walks of life.

In this post, I will talk more about the meaning of dendritic opal and how you can use it.

Dendritic Opal Meaning

Dendritic opal is popular for its healing properties in spiritual circles. It has been found effective in healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

This is why it has earned its name as a magical healer. Energy healers (like Reiki healers) say that it is a master at synchronizing all the chakras in the body.

This stone was first discovered in the 19th century in Australia. Like its cousin, the white opal, dendritic opal is found in abundance in the great down under.

As soon as it was discovered, people from around the globe started using this stone for a variety of purposes.

Today, it is mined mostly in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, and Tanzania.

Dendritic opal is also often called moss opal or merlinite.

Dendritic Opal Physical Properties

Opals of any kind are devoid of crystalline structures. Therefore, they are called precious, semi-precious, or common stones/gems (not crystals).

Dendritic opal is a soft gem, meaning that it is typically easier to cut and shape. This is probably because it has a high water content (up to 30 percent).

The most apparent and unique feature of a dendritic opal is its inclusion patterns.

If you didn’t already know, inclusions are materials that get trapped in other minerals during their formation.

In the case of dendritic opal, these patterns are made of metallic oxides like manganese and iron. They form tree or moss-like patterns giving dendritic opal an artistic look.

You can say that it is a work of art by Mother Nature.

What’s amazing is that these patterns are unique (you will never find the same pattern in two dendritic opal stones).

This type of opal is formed at a low temperature and has a resinous lustre.

As for the colour, it comes in whitish, yellowish, or slightly brownish shades. The inclusions in the opal often look deep brown and dark green (which makes them look even more natural).

Dendritic opal can be opaque, translucent, or a combination of both.

dendritic opal healing properties

Dendritic Opal Spiritual Properties

Dendritic opal is a common stone, but that doesn’t mean it is any less powerful than the other opals or crystals.

As I mentioned above, it is popular for being a magical healer. And the work it does on your chakras is just amazing!

There is a reason why this stone is known as “merlinite.” It is known to possess magical powers (much like the fictional magician Merlin).

These powers pertain to healing, spiritual growth, self-discovery, and balance.

People can take advantage of its immense metaphysical abilities to enhance the different spheres of their lives.

Dendritic Opal Metaphysical Properties

Dendritic opal metaphysical properties are vast. Here are just some of the most popular of these properties.

This stone allows you to explore the deeper universal energies and gain a bigger perspective on life, people, the world, and the larger reality.

It helps you understand the spiritual side of things, thereby ensuring your spiritual growth.

This crystal will encourage you to figure out what you want in life. Then, it will show you the path forward so that you can reach your highest potential.

Dendritic opal can also help in past life regressions. This allows a person to access the lessons learned in their previous lives and apply them to their current life.

This stone is perfect to balance the masculine and feminine energies within you.

This balances you and brings a certain harmony to the system. It also allows you to look at life from a wider lens (instead of being dominated by only one force).

Dendritic opal has the ability to align all your chakras. Its vibrations can connect to all the chakras and restore their natural states. In particular, it can heal your crown chakra.

Since this stone allows one to venture into the subtler realms of our reality, it can be used to contact spirit guides, for astral travel, to channel spirits, and all sorts of other explorations.

Although this stone works on all your chakras, it is said to be particularly helpful in unblocking and balancing your crown chakra.

This has many benefits. It allows for deeper meditation, supernatural perception, and enhanced intuition.

Also, since the crown chakra controls your nervous system, this stone indirectly helps you to be more responsive instead of impulsive.

dendritic opal metaphysical properties

Dendritic Opal Healing Properties

Dendritic opal healing properties are quite well-known.

This stone prevents infections from taking place in the first place by warding off bacteria and viruses.

It also heals fevers, dizziness, ear imbalances, inflammation, and kidney issues.

One other great benefit of this stone is that it aids in hair and nail growth.

Also, since opal is formed over time with high water content, it can aid in balancing the water content of the physical body.

Finally, this stone purifies your blood, circulatory system, and kidneys.

On the emotional side of things, dendritic opal is used to promote emotional health and shield oneself from toxic forces.

It is also used to develop empathy and instill patience in a person. And needless to say, this stone is quite effective at releasing stress, anxiety, and relieving depression.

This stone also brings out your best qualities and helps you showcase them to the world. This can be quite helpful for those who lack self-esteem or communication skills.

Dendritic opal can help mend relationships. It encourages compassion and empathy in partners.

It opens up lines of communication and helps the partners understand each other’s points of view. This can go a long way in not only saving a relationship but also nurturing it into something more beautiful.

Final Thoughts

This mystical stone is a great addition to a healer’s collection, but it can work wonders for other people too. Dendritic opal healing properties, as well as metaphysical properties, are numerous.

You can use this stone to balance chakras, awaken your intuition and spiritual perception, and heal physical ailments.