The Dragonfly: Spiritual Meaning, Dream Meaning, Symbolism & More

The dragonfly is a mystical and beautiful insect, don’t you agree? Growing up in the city, I didn’t see many as a child, but having moved more into the country as an adult, I see a lot of them and they never fail to wow me.

They’re so delicate and yet seemingly so powerful all at the same time. And they carry a very spiritual aura.

So what is the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly? And what does it mean when you see or dream of one regularly? This guide will explain more.

Dragonfly Symbolism and Meaning Explained

Understanding what dragonfly symbolism is can help you unlock messages from the spirit realm. And the more you can recognise and understand messages from other realms, the more you can benefit from their wisdom.

There are various meanings for seeing a dragonfly and here I’ll explore these in more depth so you understand what your guides want you to know.


As with many other insects, dragonflies are symbols of transformation and growth. Although their metamorphosis may not be as well known as that of the butterfly, they still transition from a larvae into the adult dragonfly we see flitting around.

If you see a dragonfly, it can mean that you are entering a phase of transformation and growth. This can apply to many areas of your life: growth in your career, transformation in terms of your confidence, or even with your spiritual journey.

New Opportunities And Change

Another common meaning for the dragonfly is to seize the opportunities that are presented to you. Dragonflies sadly don’t have a long life, so they have lots of work to do in a short time.

Although life is longer for us than the humble dragonfly, life is still relatively short.

Seeing a dragonfly reminds you how important it is to grab life with both hands and to welcome every new opportunity. No one knows what is around the corner so live life to the fullest.

Have you been dragging your heels in an area of your life? Or struggling to make a decision? Seeing a dragonfly means it’s time to take action.

If you’re a very rigid person who struggles to adapt, then seeing a dragonfly can be an indication that it’s time to be a bit more flexible. Being open to change and growth can mean you have more options in life.

Perhaps you’re being held back by a lack of confidence, or by a situation you’ve found yourself in – well now is the time to fly.


As a winged insect, dragonflies represent freedom and the ability to do what you want to in life. Embrace their freedom in your own life to see what you can achieve. But the speed at which they can fly also represents agility and flexibility.

Despite their speed, dragonflies move with elegance and finesse and seeing one can often be highlighting this trait.

Remember as you go through life, and deal with people, to do so with elegance. Always practice compassion and kindness.

This can be easier said than done, but by holding your head high and maintaining your dignity in any situation, you will find you get a lot further.

dragonfly symbolism

Be Creative

If you’re drawn in by the colour of a dragonfly, this might be an invitation to embrace and open up more to your creativity.

Are you a painter? Or do you enjoy art in another form? Then do what you love and show the world how creative you are.

Another interpretation could be that if you have a particular problem in life, the dragonfly symbolism has been presented to you to encourage you to think creatively about your problem in order to solve it.

Chakra Healing

As well as symbolising creativity, the colours of a dragonfly can also resonate with the main chakras in the body.

It’s also worth paying close attention to the colour of the dragonfly you’re seeing as this can symbolize the need for healing of a particular chakra.

For example, if you keep seeing a blue dragonfly, this could be an indication that you have a blockage in the throat chakra area. Are you able to speak your truth? If not, this chakra may require some attention.

Or, perhaps you keep seeing a green dragonfly, in which case, this relates to your heart chakra. Be sure to love yourself so that others can also love you. And seek the support of the green dragonfly if you need to heal matters of the heart.

Having a Dragonfly Totem or Spirit Animal

The dragonfly, while not an obvious totem, can be very powerful. If a dragonfly has entered your spirit team, you can expect to undergo a dramatic spiritual transformation – be ready to open up to the new opportunities coming your way.

If you’ve been waiting for certain things to change and happen in life, then your wait is over.

Call on the dragonfly if you need to practice more flexibility and adaptability in life and it will help you in all situations.

If you find yourself in a tricky situation with someone, and you are worried about your temper getting the better of you, ask your dragonfly totem for support and guidance so that you can handle the issue more elegantly.

If you are having health issues in a particular area of the body, consider calling on a dragonfly that corresponds with the relevant chakra and ask for healing.

Dragonfly Dream Meaning

If you’re feeling trapped in life, you may find yourself dreaming of dragonflies as they encourage you to find your freedom and break away from whatever, or whoever, is holding you back.

Dreams of dragonflies can also occur to prepare you for change, whether good or bad. But the forewarning can be helpful in allowing you to make yourself ready for the transformation ahead.

Seeing a dragonfly flitting quickly in your dream may be a sign that, if you are like the dragonfly in your waking life, it’s time to slow down a little.

Final Thoughts

The dragonfly is a beautiful and mystical insect. If you’re regularly seeing the dragonfly, or if it’s appearing in your dreams, it may have a message for you.

Change and transformation can be scary, but lean on the dragonfly to help support you through. Embrace opportunities with open arms.

Don’t let anyone dull your creativity – be bold in life. You do you! Showcase your talents and be proud of who you are.