Ghost Hunt at The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

I had the pleasure of investigating the Ancient Ram Inn, located in Wotten-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, last night with Lost Entity Paranormal.

I wanted to share my experiences with you.

The Ancient Ram Inn History

The Ancient Ram is a Grade II* listed building and it is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in Britain.

It was built around 1145 as lodgings for slaves, workers, and masons constructing the nearby St Mary’s Church – tunnels found under the bar are thought to connect the Inn with the parish church.

It is believed that the Inn sits atop ancient pagan burial grounds and has Ley Lines running beneath it, connecting it to the centre of Stonehenge which many think increases the intensity of the spiritual activity in the location.

Around the time of its construction, streams had to be diverted which is thought to have opened up a portal once used by pagans for dark rituals.

When the workers moved out, the building was home to religious men – hence one of the rooms being labeled ‘The Bishop’s Room’, but more on that later.

Maurice de Bathe purchased the property in 1930 and it operated as an Inn, changing hands several times. It closed to the public in 1968 and was bought from the brewery by John Humphries.

John, his wife, and his children moved into the Ancient Ram Inn, adopting it as their family home. On his first night staying at the Inn, John claims to have been grabbed and dragged from the bed by demonic forces. There are also reports of John being abused by a Succubus – a sex demon.

After his children and wife left, John remained.

As John aged and needed help, his family found it difficult to get carers in to take care of the man because of the Inn’s haunted status.

John left the Inn in 2014; he was taken into a care home with dementia. He later died in 2017.

Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

The Ancient Ram Inn ghosts are plentiful. There are stories and entities felt in every room in the building. Below, I break down the rooms and discuss the spirits thought to reside there, while sharing my own experiences as a psychic medium.

The Kitchen and Living Room

As you enter the Ancient Ram Inn, the kitchen is ahead and to the left of you, with the living room to the right.

Access to John’s bedroom, which is directly above the kitchen, is blocked off.

The kitchen seems like the least foreboding room in the building, but just like every other room, it comes with its own tales. It is believed that the kitchen is situated above the pagan burial ground, and some visitors have reported hearing a baby crying.

There was a lovely picture of John in the kitchen – aka Rambo. He looked like a really wonderful man. Another guest at the event and I both experienced a strong smell of mackerel, both in the kitchen and the room above, on separate occasions, leaving a sense that perhaps John enjoyed fishing or had a love for the sea.

The first room I stepped into was actually the living area. I didn’t visit the kitchen until later in the evening. As soon as I stepped into the living room, I felt a strong rush of energy – the feeling of many spirits circling and residing there.

The living room is a truly fascinating place. There is a huge fireplace which I immediately felt was associated with a death. John’s jackets hang in the middle of the room – in pride of place. There is a huge bible, lots of artwork, gargoyles, and trinkets, and … even a mummified cat.

The mummified cat was discovered in one of the walls of the Inn during a renovation. It is thought to have been dead when it was placed there to ward off evil spirits.

John spent his later years sleeping downstairs, but he always kept his bible close. As you walk through the living room, and into the rest of the Inn, you find religious symbols, figures, and quotes. One of the Bishops of Gloucestershire, Rt Rev John Yates, apparently tried and failed, to exorcise the Inn. There is a blessing in the form of a quote from him pinned to the wall.

The Bar and The Ram’s Fireplace

A sense of foreboding increases as you move into the bar area. Being faced with an open grave and a fireplace adorned with a ram’s head is enough to put anyone on edge.

The open grave is said to be the site of child sacrifice, but the story is a little unclear online. Some reports say several children were sacrificed here, whereas others say the remains of a mother and a child, and two sacrificial daggers, were unearthed. Either way, it’s incredibly unpleasant.

Heading towards the fireplace, you are met by the infamous ram, accompanied by a ewe. Chairs were arranged in front of the fireplace ready for a seance.

As we settled in, we began to experience a lot of activity. The temperature dropped dramatically, cat balls were flashing in response to our questions, and a Rem pod was continually going off back in the living room.

The spirit of one of the sacrificed children was experienced by another group at the event, but while investigating, I connected with the spirit of an 8-year old girl with long blonde plaits. She was a beautiful energy who was keen to hold hands with one of the males in the group. She was looking for ‘Elizabeth’ who seemed to be her nursemaid and friend. She was being protected from the evil entities by a military man.

As a medium, I don’t often connect with anything that isn’t human. But there was a distinct feeling of something ‘else’ in this area.

The Old Barn

Our opening circle took place in the old barn. This location was a real mixed bag. Upon first entry, I could hear chanting – an echo of the religious men who once resided there. But the atmosphere changed into a party vibe – I could ‘see’ patrons singing, talking, and banging their tankards!

Other members of the party experienced the feeling of a cat sitting next to them or brushing past their legs – a common occurrence in the area.

When we returned later in the evening, however, the atmosphere was quite different – there was a real sense of anger in the air. Shadows are often spotted in this room, hugging the wall and just watching those who visit.

The Witch’s Room

The Witch’s Room – named so as a witch hid out in this room before being discovered and burnt at the stake in the 16th century – was bitterly cold.

Unsurprisingly, reports of the witch are common in this room, with some claiming to wake to find the witch standing over them. However, for the group I investigated with, activity in this room was minimal.

The Nursery

I couldn’t find much online about the nursery. It seems to be a room that is often overlooked. But for me, this was one of the worst rooms in the whole place.

Another psychic medium and I both connected with the same spirit of a young girl. She was an unpleasant and spoilt spirit who, as we discovered, smothered her younger brother. I would be interested to know if anyone else has picked up on her energy in this room. We had lots of responses via the cat ball and the K2 meter.

The Bishop’s Room

Widely accepted as the Inn’s most haunted space, you have to knock three times, out of respect, before entering the Bishop’s Room.

This room was very unsettling, ominous, and incredibly cold. The presence of a religious man was felt very strongly. And he was very unhappy to have women in his room, let alone two psychics. I was politely labelled as an abomination.

The ghost of a cavalier is known to frequent the area and the image of two monks has been reported in a corner of the room.

The Attic

The Attic, where John’s daughter, Caroline – who now owns the property – was thought to have slept comes with reports of an Innkeeper’s daughter being murdered in the space in the 1500s. People trying to sleep in the Bishop’s Room below have claimed to hear something heavy being dragged across the floor of the attic.

Despite reports of unpleasantness in this area, we encountered a lovely energy of a 12-year old girl called Mary. She was very excitable and keen to communicate with us using cat balls. But she also came through on the ouija board, telling us she died in 1945 and remembered the second world war.

Have you ever investigated the area and experienced the Ancient Ram Inn ghosts? I’d love to hear from you over on Facebook.