Lovebirds: Symbolism, Spiritual Meaning and Love Bird Dream Meaning Explained

Lovebirds are small African birds that belong to the parrot family. As the name suggests, these birds symbolize a love that lasts a lifetime.

Who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want their relationships to last forever? Let’s dive deeper into the spiritual meaning of lovebirds and the message they have for us.

Lovebirds Symbolism Spiritual Meaning and Love Bird Dream Meaning Explained

Lovebird Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

While the obvious meaning might pertain to love, the beautiful lovebird also holds a lot more spiritual symbolism, which I will explore below:

Unconditional Love

Lovebirds love to love. They love attention. This is why many people enjoy keeping them as pets.

Despite the popular myth, lovebirds don’t actually need to have a mate to survive. But, they do need a lot of attention as pets. They symbolize love and affection in its truest form.

If you have always been betrayed in love, call on the lovebird spirit animal to help you find a suitable partner – a love that will last.

If you have been receiving signs and synchronicities about lovebirds, perhaps you will soon get an opportunity to participate in a loving romantic connection. This is definitely good news for you if you have been single for a long time.

If your relationship is on the rocks, the message that the lovebird spirit has for you is that you need to spend some quality time with your partner to figure things out.

Perhaps you have been extremely busy with work lately which is causing conflicts in your relationship. While you don’t need to spend all day every day in bed with someone to make them feel loved, relationships do take a lot of work and to do that work, you need time.


Lovebirds adore attention. They are highly social and need a lot of stimuli for them to be happy. Humans still love them. In fact, we love them more for it.

The lovebird spirit encourages us to not be afraid of who we are. Our quirks only make us unique. And people who truly love us will love us more for them. However, if we are scared of being ourselves, we will never be able to experience true love.

In order to be open to loving connections, we need to build a loving connection with ourselves first. It takes self-love to love someone else. And, it takes self-love to feel loved.

When you don’t love yourself, you cannot feel someone else’s affection, no matter how much they love you.

Humans adore these little birds because of how much they love us and each other. They are the ultimate symbol of love for us. This is because they don’t feel shy about wanting affection. They don’t sit in their cages crying about wanting someone who will love them.

They unabashedly ask for affection from their partners and owners.

The spiritual meaning of lovebirds is about truly embracing who you are. If your heart is closed off to love, no matter how hard someone knocks, they will not be able to enter it.

So, work with this wonderful bird to unlock your heart chakra and start loving and believing in yourself.

lovebirds symbolism


Lovebirds are known for their monogamous relationships. They mate for life. Lovebird couples are often seen kissing and sharing food with each other. They are not shy about displaying affection for each other.

In fact, a lovebird couple can even end up shunning their human host because they are just so busy with each other. This is why many people keep a single lovebird as a pet instead.

Fertility And Family Life

These little birds breed very regularly so a pair of love may soon turn into a flock. As such, they are a symbol of fertility and family life.

If you have been thinking about having kids, seeing synchronicities about lovebirds is definitely a positive omen. If you and your partner are on the same page, your wish will soon be fulfilled.

If you have worries about conceiving, call on the lovebird for support and guidance.

Speak Your Truth

Lovebirds are definitely noisy pets. They are very active birds and they like to be heard. If you have a lovebird as a pet, you know what I am talking about.

Lovebird symbolism, therefore, is also about speaking your truth. Don’t ever allow your voice to be silenced. No matter what someone else thinks about it, you deserve to be heard. You deserve to speak your truth.

Just like the humble robin, the spiritual meaning of lovebirds is about the ability to speak the truth. Lovebirds have open heart and throat chakras which makes them so amicable. They love you unconditionally. And, they demand the same affection from you all day long.

We still don’t find them needy, do we? But, when it comes to speaking about our needs, we feel shy. We don’t want to sound attention-seeking. We don’t want to cross boundaries. Every individual has a right to assert their boundaries.

Seeing lovebirds can be a sign of a closed throat chakra. If you are hiding something from someone, or you feel you cannot speak your mind, call upon this bird for support.

Lovebirds Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning and Love Bird Dream Meaning Explained

Social Interactions

Lovebirds love to talk. They chirp and make noise all day long. If you have been feeling depressed, seeing lovebirds is a sign that you need to go out with some friends, have fun and discuss your problems.

If you continue to isolate yourself from others, you most likely won’t feel better anytime soon.

If you are dealing with a conflict at work, lovebirds are encouraging you to calm down. Because of the pressure to meet deadlines, we often forget that our coworkers are also people. It’s okay for them to make mistakes.

If the situation is completely out of your hands, perhaps have a genuine conversation with them and take the issue to the manager.

There is no need for you to feel frustrated. In fact, the more negative feelings you accumulate, the more closed off you become to the solution to the problem. You don’t want to do that, do you?

The spiritual meaning of lovebirds in this context is about being open to having healthy discussions with people we don’t always like. No human being is perfect.

Besides, you can not have a healthy discussion with anyone if you are not even open to what they have to say.

Self-love & Independence

Lovebirds don’t do well in environments where they aren’t loved and appreciated constantly. They can easily be depressed and have self-destructive behaviour if you don’t spend the majority of your time with them, especially if they don’t have their mates.

Humans, on the other hand, don’t have the leisure to demand someone’s presence around them all the time. Or, in simple words, we can live a lonely life.

As sad as it is, it takes courage to be independent – to look after yourself.

Do you have it in you to be fiercely independent? Perhaps, the lovebird spirit animal is encouraging you to love yourself enough to be able to not need someone else all the time.

Self-love looks different to everyone. For some, it’s being able to assert their wants and needs in front of a controlling partner. For others, it’s being able to spend time with themselves without feeling lonely.

Lovebird symbolism is also about being able to figure out what self-love means to you individually. How many hours have you spent trying to figure that out? Why not try now?

But, on the flip-side, it’s okay to admit that you need the support of someone else. Being independent is important, but don’t feel you have to tackle the whole world all on your own. Do it with a trusted person by your side, where possible, just like lovebirds do.

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Lovebirds Symbolism: Spiritual Meaning and Love Bird Dream Meaning Explained

Lovebird Dream Symbolism & Meaning

If you have been dreaming of lovebirds lately, perhaps the lovebird spirit is encouraging you to listen to your heart’s desire. You, most likely, are hiding away from your own feelings.

The dream meaning of lovebirds is to listen to your heart and soul. What is it that you want to hide from your world? Are you sure that you are not just trying to hide it from yourself?

Dreaming of lovebirds can also reflect a subconscious longing for a romantic partner. Maybe you have been single for a long time and are starting to feel lonely.

While you can’t force a connection with anyone, you can try going out and meeting new people. You never know who might catch your attention.

The dream meaning of lovebirds is not always love-related. Lovebirds can also indicate a need to find a new friend. Maybe your current friends are busy and can’t spend much time with you.

You don’t need to wait for the next time they have some free time to have fun. Why not try making new friends? Simply start talking to someone you like and you’ll make a new friend. If you feel shy, call on the lovebird spirit animal to help you with that.

If you’re facing an awkward situation in your waking life that is playing on your mind, the meaning of dreaming of lovebirds can be that you need to speak freely about how you’re feeling.

Final Words

Have you ever wondered why everyone loves lovebirds? It’s because they love everyone too and they are not shy about expressing it. You don’t need to be either.

Much like the dove, lovebird symbolism is all about unconditional love, which you can feel for a romantic partner, a friend, or even yourself. In fact, you can feel unconditional love for all of them at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with it.

There’s no conflict of interest between you loving yourself and you loving someone else. Unlike many other things in life, love is free. Why not take advantage of that and love as many people as you can think of, including yourself?

The spiritual meaning of lovebirds is about different expressions of love that we all need to both understand and acknowledge. Why not start doing that today?