Monkey Symbolism: Monkey Spiritual Meaning And Dreaming Of Monkeys Explained

Monkeys are powerful reminders of our primal instincts and basic human needs. They have a fun and light-hearted energy.

The monkey spirit animal reminds us to respect our survival instincts as much as we love our third eye promptings.

Monkey Symbolism

Monkeys are very creative and skilful. They live in trees and have been witnessed using leaves as gloves. They can sense danger and know how to beat snakes with branches.

We usually take these skills for granted, because we don’t live in the wild anymore. We feel that they are not relevant to our lives.

But, spiritual growth always involves honouring our past and going back to the basics.

The spiritual meaning of monkeys is about recognizing our survival instincts as an advanced skill set that our species have mastered over millions of years.

Let’s delve into monkey symbolism a bit further and take a look at how other cultures view this cheeky animal.

Monkey Native American Symbolism

Monkeys frequently appear in Mexican, Central American, and South American myths. They are smart and quick-witted characters that can trick other animals, humans and demons.

They as seen as Gods, legends and even enemies.

In Native American mythology, Cet’aeni and Tcetin are humanoids who look like Monkeys (Monkey People) who live in trees and deceive humans.

There is also an Akawaio myth about a Monkey’s greed causing a global flood – more on this later!

For some tribes, the monkey is a powerful symbol of their clan to represent history and heritage.

In Peru, Columbia, and Venezuela, the Yagua and Guajiro tribes have been known to use the Howler monkey to represent their clan.

The Aztecs viewed the monkey Ozomatli to be a servant and a companion of Xochipilli – the God of music and dance.

Unsurprisingly, his companion, Ozomatli, was associated with games, the arts, and general fun.

Eastern Monkey Symbolism

In India, monkeys represent Lord Hanuman. He is the protector of humanity. He banishes all negative entities and demons who trouble human beings.

Furthermore, he is a devotee of Lord Rama, who is believed to be the ruler of the entire humanity. He represents all that is good and right in the world.

Hanuman appears in the Ramayana, an Indian epic, as a saviour of Sita Mata (the kidnapped wife of Lord Rama).

Hanuman is worshipped as a divine protector in almost every Indian household.

Thus, monkey symbolism is also about choosing a cause and protecting it with all our might.

The Monkey As Part Of The Chinese Zodiac

In a Chinese cycle of twelve years, the Year Of The Monkey is the ninth one. We will have the next Year Of The Monkey in 2028.

Previously, the Year Of The Monkey happened in 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, and 1956.

People born in the year of the monkey have child-like energy. They are mischievous and love practical jokes.

These individuals are clever, fast learners and opportunists.

They have a pure heart and rarely hurt others intentionally. But, they love fun a little too much and don’t mind the price they may have to pay for it.

Monkey Spiritual Meaning

Monkey Spiritual Meaning: Intelligence, Problem-Solving, Curiosity And More

Now we know a little more about how monkey symbolism is used and interpreted around the world, and in different cultures, let’s learn more about the spiritual meaning of the monkey:

Intelligence and Problem-Solving

Monkeys have been studied extensively and it has been shown that they have more cognitive flexibility than even human beings.

They are more likely to explore new options and find better solutions to their problems than we are. Human beings stick to safer and more familiar options.

Monkey symbolism teaches us to take bolder risks while pursuing our goals and dreams.

Monkeys love to experiment and find creative solutions to their problems. It is time we learn from them and adopt some of their behaviours and practices.

The monkey spirit animal teaches us to trust our instincts and make bolder choices in life.


Monkeys are well known to be curious creatures. Even if they lose, they will risk everything to see the outcome of a situation.

They are more likely to explore unknown territories, physically and psychically. They adapt to new environments quickly.

Monkeys often appear in the Shamanic journey to the lower worlds.

You can call on your Monkey spirit animal to help you find the answers you need in any situation.

Since monkeys have trickster energy, you will most likely receive answers as questions and riddles.

Trickster Energy

Monkeys are unapologetic tricksters and thieves. While we must respect our survival instincts, we should also learn to rise above them.

Akawaio and other Cariban tribes believe in Iwarrika, a mythological monkey.

He was an intelligent creature. But, his greed and curiosity caused him to flood the planet when he broke a dam built by Sigu, a demigod.

So the Monkey spirit animal teaches us not to succumb to our primal instincts. And it reminds us to respect those around us.


While monkeys are tricksters, it is also important to distinguish harmless fun from unmanageable chaos. We all need to have some fun in life.

Children are often compared to monkeys because they are mischievous. They love to live in the moment.

You can rarely get them to think about the consequences of their actions. And, as parents, we love to see them have fun, even if it annoys us sometimes.

But, children, especially toddlers, always know how to win your heart. Monkeys have similar energy.

The spiritual meaning of monkeys is about enjoying the fun in everyday life.

If your spirit animal is a monkey, you need to stop worrying about the past or the future and instead learn to embrace the beauty of the present moment.

monkey symbolism

Inner Child

As mentioned, Monkey symbolism is all about having fun. As such, this spirit animal encourages us to get in touch with our inner child and heal the wounds we haven’t taken the time to notice yet.

Life can be too serious and it can be helpful to remember how you used to let go and enjoy yourself as a child.

Social Groups

Monkeys love their tribe. They are known to use complex signals and sounds to communicate and warn their friends of imminent danger.

You will never find a solitary monkey in the wild. They love to stay in groups and coordinate their activities.

A troop of monkeys consists of several monkey families and their young ones living together in an area.

Monkeys can both be kind and hostile towards their friends. But at the end of the day, they will always stay with them.

The monkey spirit animal is here to remind you of the importance of your own social circles.

Don’t feel you need to take on the world alone – do it with your loved ones.

The monkey can also be a sign that you are neglecting your social groups – you need to spend time with those who are most important to you and strengthen those bonds.

Unconditional Love And Compassion

Monkeys show their kin unconditional love and compassion. They spend a lot of time caring for each other and strengthening their relationships.

They also recognise the importance of play and love to entertain one another.

Your monkey spirit animal wants you to know that it has your back – it loves you unconditionally and is there to guide you through.

You don’t need to worry about anything right now. Things will fall into place at the right time.

Your monkey spirit animal also wants you to let go of all grudges and open your heart back up.

It is time to release resentment and invite new friends into your life.

Monkey symbolism is a reminder to show unconditional love to yourself and to others and you will receive it in turn.

Approach life with compassion in your heart.


Monkeys are powerful symbols of luck. They always ensure that their young ones have food, even if they have to steal it from others.

The monkey spirit animal teaches us to take fortune into our own hands and write our own destiny.

Instead of waiting for luck, we need to learn how to manifest our desired reality.

Monkeys also represent abundance and prosperity.

If you are struggling financially, the monkey spirit animals can help you find a new stream of income to take care of yourself and your family.

Dreaming Of Monkeys

Monkey Dream Interpretation: What Does Dreaming Of Monkeys Mean?

Monkeys are not bad omens. They generally indicate light-hearted energy.

If you are stuck in a rut, you need to call on your monkey spirit animal to help you take a light-hearted approach to life.

Monkeys don’t usually appear in dreams. When they do, it usually means that you need to have more fun in life. It’s time to take a break from work and go on a vacation.

If you have always wanted to visit new cities or countries, now is the right time to book your ticket.

Seeing a large monkey in your dream usually indicates the presence of a negative entity around you. You can cleanse your aura via sage smoke, palo santo or your favourite essential oils.

A monkey doing tricks in your dream means that someone is trying to deceive you. Most likely, the message is about a person you trust blindly. You need to be more vigilant at work and in your personal life.

The dream meaning of monkeys is also about taking risks. You can’t achieve success without taking the necessary risks.

Since monkeys represent childhood, seeing a monkey in your dreams can indicate a possible pregnancy.

Of course, in pregnancy-related dreams, people usually see a baby monkey playing with his family or a monkey mother looking after her newborn.

The best way to understand the dream meaning of monkeys is to keep a dream journal. See if you have the same dream again.

If you know in your heart that your dream was significant, ask the monkey spirit animal to help you understand the message it is trying to send you.

Only your intuition can confirm the exact message that the monkey spirit animal has for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the spiritual meaning of monkeys is about listening to our gut. Monkeys represent our pre-frontal cortex – the primal brain. And sometimes it’s important to listen to these primal instincts.

However, it’s equally as important to know when we should rise above them.

The monkey spirit animal also wants you to be curious and find creative solutions to your problems.

The path to success (or happiness) is not one-size-fits-all. No matter how necessary you think something is for your success (or happiness), you can always find an alternative.

If the monkey spirit animal has entered your totem, you don’t need to worry about anything. Things will fall into place at the right time.

Trust your path and let the monkey spirit animal guide you in the right direction.