Starling Spiritual Meaning: The Starling Spirit Animal And Starling Dream Meaning Explored

The starling is a medium-sized bird known for its glossy plumage. It can be easily found in most parts of the world.

This bird has an exotic appearance and symbolises class, dignity, and beauty. Let’s learn more about starling spiritual meaning and dream interpretation together.

Starling Spiritual Meaning

Starling Spiritual Meaning And The Starling Spirit Animal

The starling is somewhat of an understated bird as we are so used to seeing it in our everyday lives. But, the meaning this bird holds, and the potential of a starling spirit animal should not be underestimated.

Here are some of the most common meanings associated with the starling:


As I mentioned in the beginning, a starling is a symbol of beauty. It can be easy to ignore the beauty of the starling and view it as a plain bird, but when you look closely, its feathers are stunning.

Do you often fail to recognize the beauty within yourself? Perhaps the starling spirit animal can help you.

You can actually use its feathers for spells to get in touch with your inner beauty.

This bird also symbolises grace and inner wisdom. And, due to the black plumage, the starling is also a symbol of mystery.

The spiritual meaning of the starling is about embracing your inner priestess – the goddess who knows it all, who has all the answers, who understand the facts of life.

Recognize the Goddess within, feel her power and rise higher. The message is to meditate and work on raising your vibration.

When you meditate regularly, you begin to observe beauty in all things. You can even find even the most mundane of tasks fascinating.

Take a few deep breaths and allow the air to fill up your lungs. Put your feet on the floor and feel the ground firmly beneath them.

Imagine the spirit of starling in your heart. Allow the beautiful bird to spread her wings. Observe how it feels and embrace that life can be more beautiful in this present moment.

The message that the starling spirit animal has for us is to live every moment to the fullest and recognise everything that is wonderful within us and around us.

If can be difficult to recognise the beauty within, but we are all made of stars – and the stars are gorgeous.

The spiritual meaning of starling is about knowing your birthright and recognising what makes you truly beautiful.

Write down a list of 10 things that make you feel beautiful today. This list can include your physical features, things that make you feel beautiful or people that recognize your value. It’s time to appreciate yourself more.

Try to focus on your positives regularly and spend as much time with people who make you feel beautiful as possible.

Divine Messenger

The starling is regarded as a messenger from heaven in many cultures. Allow the God/Spirit/Universe to answer any questions you may have when this bird appears in your life.

Birds, in general, are believed to have a connection with heaven. When the starling spirit animal shows up in your life, imagine yourself standing on a rooftop with both your arms wide open. Take a deep breath and ask heaven or the universe for a sign.

The sign may come in the form of a feather, a penny or a flower. It will show you that you are not alone. You are loved and supported by spirit and you are being guided by the universe.

starling spiritual meaning

Love and Unity

When we talk about love, we usually think about being appreciated, seduced or wooed. But, do we really understand what true love is? Do we understand what loving ourselves and others really means?

Humans don’t experience love like the characters in a movie. Yet, we spend our lives waiting for the high- the rush of “feel good” hormones. We chase what’s not real and take reality for granted.

True love is not about the chase. It’s not about sex. It’s not even about sacrifice.

Everyone experiences love differently. For some people, it is an overwhelming rush to protect someone. For others, it’s standing in rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one they love.

Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to let go of all the worries, doubts and concerns. Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself what true love means to you.

Think of all the people you have loved. Don’t focus on the bad memories. Just think about what being in “love” felt like.

What made you feel loved? How can you experience it more?

The starling spirit animal wants you to focus on the love you have in your life and focus on strengthening the unity with your loved ones.


Starlings, like many birds, are symbolic of freedom. These birds are known for their aerial acrobatic skills. They are the epitome of freedom. Have you ever seen a starling murmuration? It is mesmerizing and a thing of beauty.

When the starling spirit animal shows in your life, it is time to figure out what sets you free from your worries and concerns.

The spiritual meaning of starlings is about flying high in the air, doing what you want to do when you want to do it.

It is not about being irresponsible though. You need to have a realistic perspective of life. Being free is not synonymous with being careless.

Allow the starling spirit animal to help you realize what freedom means to you.

Take a few seconds to relax. Breath in with your nose. Breath out with your mouth. Imagine wings around you, attached to your arms. Observe how they make you feel.

Imagine your wings helping you fly in the sky. You feel ecstatic. You feel a deep connection with the great spirit.

Stay in this energy for 5-10 minutes. Allow yourself to enjoy the sunset/sunrise.

Then, ask yourself what freedom means to you. In what area of your life do you feel restricted? What can you do about it?

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Survival & Balance

Don’t let the beautiful plumage deceive you. Starlings are very aggressive birds. They can kill other birds and their young ones when fighting for food and nesting sites.

Life is all about survival for them. They don’t exactly make sacrifices for other birds.

The starling spirit animal, however, encourages you to rise above that. When trying to understand the spiritual meaning of starlings, it is very important to observe the behaviour of these birds.

Are you fighting too hard for something that’s not meant to be yours? Or, are you not putting up a fight for something that you deserve?

Ask your higher self what you really need to do in this situation. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, but ask the starling spirit animal for help.

Community & Cooperation

Starlings are found in large flocks – they are not solitary birds. They work together as a community and have to cooperate with one another, despite their difference.

If you are resonating with the starling spiritual meaning, perhaps it’s time for you to work more with your community or those around you.

Work with others to achieve a common goal instead of trying to do everything yourself.

The starling spirit animal may also appear to you as a reminder that it’s okay to lean on other people when you need help.


Starlings are very vocal birds – their song can be heard in gardens everywhere.

If you are connecting with the starling spirit animals, perhaps it’s time to use your throat chakra, to be more vocal and speak your mind.

If you have an important meeting coming up, or you need to speak in public, call on the starling spirit animal to give you confidence and help you communicate clearly.

starling dream meaning

Starling Dream Meaning & Interpretation

When starling birds show up in your dreams, it is mostly a message from the universe that you are ignoring.

If you have asked for signs from the Universe, the starling spirit animal is trying to tell you that you have already received the answers you seek. You need to detach yourself from the situation to see them.

Maybe you already know the answer to your question but, you don’t want to admit it. And, that’s okay. We have brains for a reason. We are born to think. But, have you ever thought from a selfless perspective? Have you removed yourself from yourself?

Truth be told, humans can’t really do that – not one hundred per cent. We are who we are. And, other people are who they are. And, that’s okay. We don’t always need to agree with each other, or even the Universe.

But, we do need to understand that there are other realities – other people’s realities and universal realities. We can’t always understand them, but they still exist.

This is why humans struggle to understand the purpose of life. Some believe the purpose is to suffer. Others think their purpose is to fight. What is your purpose in life?

The dream meaning of starlings is to understand and appreciate what really matters in life – and simply, it’s that we are alive. But, humans want more.

Starlings fight to the death for what they want. But, don’t we do the same thing? Are we really any different? When starling spirit animal shows up in your dreams, it is time to ponder on the difficult questions of life – the questions that answer out doubts and help us look in the mirror and face the reality.

Dreaming of a starling can also indicate that you are holding yourself back in life. You already have the ability to be free and achieve your goals, but you are stopping yourself.

As well as this, the starling can serve as a reminder of the important to work in harmony with others in your life.

Final Thoughts

For humble birds, starlings have a lot of meanings. Starling symbolism can range from love and unity to survival and cooperation.

If the starling spirit animal is showing up in your life, try to understand why. Look at your current situation and then consider the traits of this bird to unravel the meaning.