The 10 Best Crystals For Men And Masculine Energy

More and more people in the world are waking up to the incredible power of crystals and their various uses.

However, every now and then, you come across someone who thinks that crystals are mainly for women and are perhaps too feminine for men to use.

Best Crystals For Men

This is absolute rubbish and, thankfully, not everyone thinks like that. You can find a lot of men, especially in spiritual communities, using crystals on a regular basis. After all, men can gain a lot by making crystals a part of their lives.

In fact, since crystals can impact any aspect of life and any type of energy, they are one of the best ways to ensure energy in your life is moving in the right direction.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best crystals for men and the crystals for masculine energy.

1) Malachite

Malachite is a great crystal for masculine energy. If you keep it in contact with your body as part of a bracelet, ring, or pendant, its energies will enhance your courage, confidence, and calmness.

It will also support your ability to deal with change, and help you have discipline. If you think about it, all these traits are often associated with masculine energy. And that’s what makes malachite a great crystal for men.

But there is another reason why men should get malachite. This crystal can activate a man’s heart chakra and open him up to unconditional love.

This not only teaches him to love himself but also makes him more forthcoming with his feelings.

2) Tiger’s Eye

This is one of the most popular and in-demand stones for men, especially among entrepreneurs.

Like Malachite, Tiger’s eye also enhances certain aspects of masculine energy. It works especially well for developing courage, ambition, and purpose.

As you may know, these are traits one needs to be successful in life. Maybe that’s why this stone is often known for bringing wealth into a person’s life.

3) Pyrite

This gold-coloured stone is aptly known as the “stone of fire.” It increases zeal and vigour in a person and makes them fierier in nature.

This doesn’t mean that you become quarrelsome if you start using pyrite. On the contrary, you gain the ability to channel your inner fire to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

It also encourages men to take strategic decisions and go the extra mile to build one’s finances. This is why pyrite is often used by men for money, wealth, and abundance.

4) Hematite

As I mentioned earlier, confidence and ambition are considered to be the traits of masculine energy. And it’s also true that sometimes, men can be overconfident and overambitious. This often leads to negative outcomes.

Therefore, it’s important to stay humble and grounded. This is what Hematite helps men achieve.

It is a powerful stone that is linked to the root chakra and helps men stay rooted to Mother Earth.

It also encourages and supports logical thinking.

5) Garnet

One look at this beautiful red crystal, and you will immediately know what it is associated with. If your answer is passion and power, you are correct!

By using garnet in their lives, men can achieve wonders in their romantic relationships.

It stimulates male sexual energy and can even bring back a dead relationship to life.

It also provides men with that extra push they need to achieve their goals. It ensures that they keep their inner fire alive and give everything they have to the pursuit of their dreams.

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6) Lapis Lazuli

This is a must-have stone for men. And there are many good reasons for it.

First, it instils self-confidence. This is important because there is just too much pressure in today’s world, and you need to have faith in yourself to do meaningful things.

Second, it improves a man’s intuition and other psychic abilities. We all know how useful these can be to gain that extra edge over everybody else.

Third, lapis lazuli also brings peace and harmony, which are important qualities to have in an ever-changing world.

7) Smoky Quartz

Due to their ambitious nature, men are highly prone to intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts. This can keep their minds foggy and ruin their chances of success.

This is where smoky quartz comes in. It is known to divert intrusive thoughts and vibrations away from your mind and into the planet.

This brings mental peace and clarity to thoughts, making it a great crystal for masculine energy.

Also, in Feng Shui, this crystal is known to protect people and bring prosperity.

8) Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colours, and depending on which one you get, it can either open up your heart chakra or your root chakra.

If the heart chakra gets activated, you feel more loving and compassionate, which can improve your relationship.

And if your root chakra gets activated, you feel more grounded, balanced, and centred.

Also, tourmaline has this unrelenting ability to give men a sense of purpose. This works really well on masculine energy, and so, this is a great crystal to have for men.

9) Citrine

You may not have expected to see citrine on this list. However, citrine can be a great crystal for masculine energy if used correctly.

As you may know, citrine has a bright and vibrant energy to it. This can help uplift men during times of stress and confusion.

It is also known as the merchant’s crystal. This trait can bring untold abundance into men’s lives.

Finally, this crystal is appropriate for anyone who wants to be happier in life as it can work with the solar plexus chakra and ensure the energy there is not stagnant.

10) Sodalite

This is another interesting crystal that you might not have expected to see on this list. But sodalite can be incredibly helpful to men in many areas of their lives.

First, it enhances men’s communication skills by working with the throat chakra which helps them express themselves better.

Second, it fills them with confidence, which helps them deal with life’s challenges.

Third, it can also help men find the purpose of their lives by helping them see the larger picture.

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Final Thoughts

Crystals are not just for women – crystal healing is for everyone. There are lots of crystals for men that can prove to be very helpful.

The stones mentioned on this list are some of the best crystals for men and can be particularly helpful for divine masculine energy and traits, but you can work with any crystal you need to or feel drawn to.