The Best Crystals For Clairaudience

Psychic abilities and their tales are as old as human beings. I am sure you have heard many legends and stories about people using psychic powers throughout history.

But contrary to what many believe, psychic powers can be developed over time. Be it clairvoyance, astral projection, divination, channelling, precognition or clairaudience.

The Best Crystals For Clairaudience

There are many paths to developing these abilities, among which, crystals happen to be one of the most effective ones. I’ve personally used crystals many times to strengthen my psychic abilities and connections with the spirit realm.

In this article, I am going to focus on clairaudience. I am also going to talk about what crystals are good for clairaudience.

What Is Clairaudience?

This is a psychic ability that allows a person to hear sounds that are beyond the ordinary experience. In other words, this ability lets you hear the voices of spirits, angels, and other divine beings.

There have been many historical cases of people with this ability. However, Joan of Arc is perhaps the most famous one. She could supposedly hear angels talking to her. However, it was a different time, and so, the people became fearful of her ability. This led to her unfortunate end.

Today, however, things are different. There is a growing awareness and even scientific research on these psychic abilities. If you develop clairaudience, for example, you could help not only yourself but countless other people. You could receive divine guidance and live your life for a greater purpose.

Fortunately, crystals for clairaudience are not that hard to find. You could buy these and use them to develop this ability.

What Crystals Are Good For Clairaudience?

Typically, any crystal that can help you activate your third eye chakra is considered effective in developing clairaudience.

This is because the third eye chakra deals with supernatural abilities. If it gets activated in you, you gain access to realms beyond the physical reality.

The following are the most popular crystals for clairaudience:

1) Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz is one of those crystals that invites you in and captures all your attention. It is mesmerizingly beautiful and equally powerful.

This crystal has been associated with psychic powers since ancient times. It contains highly energetic vibrations that help you establish a connection with the spiritual realm.

You can hold a phantom quartz crystal in your hand and sit silently in meditation for about 15 minutes. Doing this regularly will slowly prime you to receive messages from the beyond. Eventually, your psychic hearing can become so strong that you may not even need to carry this crystal.

2) Selenite

This is an oddly satisfying crystal with a greyish white appearance. Just looking at it can make you feel calmer.

However, don’t let its calm appearance fool you. It contains powerful energies that can open your third eye chakra and make you come face to face with the spirit realm.

It is said to clear your mind of all noise which prepares you for becoming clairaudient. It then strengthens your connection with divine beings such as angels and spirits.

This allows you to hear any messages they might have for you. Of course, all of this takes time and patience to achieve. Your best bet would be to meditate with this crystal in your hand or wear it around your neck.

3) Sapphire

Sapphire is probably one of the most beautiful crystals to exist on the planet. Although it comes in many colours, the blue one, in particular, is the most alluring. It not only holds an astrological significance, but it is also important for your psychic development.

It enhances your wisdom and spiritual awareness. It attunes you to the vibration of the spirit plane which makes receiving messages much easier. It also helps you tap into your pool of infinite potential. So, if you have a hidden knack for psychic powers, this crystal will definitely bring them out.

4) Azurite

Azurite is one of the most powerful crystals for your third eye chakra. It is so powerful that you are not supposed to hold it for more than 5-10 minutes. It’s not that wearing it for longer will harm you or cause damage. It’s just that it will keep you switched on psychically, and you may become ungrounded.

It is said to quickly raise your psychic vibrations and amplify your psychic abilities. As such, if you want to experience clairaudience at the earliest opportunity, this is the crystal that you should probably start with.

5) Lapis Lazuli

When you research about getting access to spiritual guidance with the help of crystals, one name that keeps on surfacing is that of Lapis Lazuli. This deep-blue crystal is said to develop a whole host of psychic abilities in you, including clairaudience.

If you meditate with it, Lapis Lazuli is said to change your brain waves from beta waves to alpha waves. This change makes your mind a vessel that can receive psychic sounds. This crystal also helps you trust your own intuition which can be an important part of clairaudience.

In my early years as a psychic medium, I worked with lapis a lot and it really helped me hone my skills and focus on key messages.

6) Labradorite

Many people use Labradorite earrings to enhance their clairaudience. In many cultures of the world, these are known to help you hear the voices of the spirits.

Although this crystal is best worn as an earring, you can also wear it as a pendant or a ring. Or you can hold a tumble stone in your hands.

Thanks to the stimulating effect of Labradorite on your energy body, you become more open to receiving divine messages. The friction between your energy body and divine consciousness diminishes thanks to this crystal, and this is what makes the magic happen.

7) Pietersite

Last, but certainly not least, is Pietersite. This is another powerful third eye chakra stone that can take your intuition to a whole other level.

It is the perfect stone for meditation since it allows you to cut the noise and venture deeper within yourself – hearing the messages you really need to hear.

Since it can activate the third eye chakra, Pietersite is even said to stimulate mental telepathy among other psychic abilities.

Final Thoughts

Clairaudience is a beautiful gift, but it’s not a psychic ability that you should embark upon until you are ready. It can be frightening if you are not yet prepared for it.

If you are looking to develop your clairaudient psychic abilities then there are many helpful crystals you can use. The 7 crystals above are some of the best you can use, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

The important thing is to find a crystal that works best for you and supports your journey. For me, lapis lazuli and labradorite have been supportive in developing my abilities and connecting with spirit, but you may find a different crystal works for you.