The Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow

As humans, we’ve developed somewhat of a love/hate relationship with crows. Often associated with Halloween, dark magic, and all things macabre, crows have developed quite the reputation meaning some people fear them and others adore them.

But what is the spiritual meaning of the crow? And do these birds deserve their bad rep? Let’s dive a little deeper:

crow symbolism

What Does a Crow Symbolize?

Crows are complex birds and, as such, they carry a lot of symbolism, and have both positive and negative connotations.

In books and movies, we are used to seeing them as helpers or familiars of evil witches and wizards – spying or doing their bidding to the detriment of others. But the spiritual meaning of a crow is actually far more positive.

Corvids, like ravens, crows and magpies, are highly intelligent birds and, as such, seeing a crow can be an indication that you need to tap into your own intelligence, or grow your knowledge through books and courses to serve your higher purpose. Crows can make and use tools when needed – so use the tools at your disposal to further yourself.

It is also thought that they have the ability of foresight and prophetic insight, making them great guides for those who work with the world of spirit.

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Crows are resourceful and adaptable birds, largely thanks to their intelligence and their focus on team work. Crows will band together to chase off any threats and they can adapt well to changing, and challenging, environmental factors – they are very watchful, and quickly learn how they need to change based on their observations. Do you need to adapt to the changing world around you? Do you need to embrace their resourceful spirit to get the job done? Call on the crow to help you.

Not all crow symbolism is 100% positive though – they are known to be mischievous birds, but a little bit of harmless mischief never hurt anyone. Perhaps you need to connect with you inner child and take part in some fun and mischief.

They are also associated with manipulation, again as a result of their shapeshifting abilities in folklore and popular culture. If you’re regularly seeing a crow, perhaps you need to be alert to manipulative behaviours around you.

Did you know that crows have the ability to remember human faces? And woe betide anyone who wrongs a crow because these birds can hold grudges!

Do Crows Symbolize Death?

do crows symbolize death?

Many people, when they think of crows, picture graveyards and haunted houses – they are strongly associated with death and the afterlife. The collective noun for a group of crows is a murder – which really doesn’t help matters, does it? But do crows symbolize death, really?

Crows, as we’ve mentioned, are resourceful, and they are opportunistic. Along with other carrions like vultures, rooks, ravens, jackdaws and some buzzards, crows will feast on dead animals – and it is this trait which has largely meant they are associated with the macabre. But this does not make them bad – they are simply part of the circle of life.

Interestingly, crows are one of very few animals who hold a funeral of sorts for their dead companions. As social creatures, they gather around a dead crow, cawing loudly. Although, this event is less about mourning and more about learning from the mistakes of the deceased bird by understanding more about predators or dangers the live crows need to watch out for.

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Crow Symbolism: Native American

In Native American culture, birds hold great significance and power as messengers from the spirit world. The crow, in particular, is revered as a symbol of good fortune – in contrast to the dark symbolism pinned on the crow by the western world.

Many images of Native American people show them pictured with crows, or wearing crow feathers and this is because of their close connections with this magical bird. Many tribes would consult the crow for insight and foresight.

Crows and Chakras

The black of the crow connects with our base or root chakra. If you are feeling unbalanced in life and need to be more grounded, or you need to release fears – for the crow really is a fearless bird – then call upon the crow to help to heal your root chakra and ensure the energy is free flowing once again.

Crow Spirit Animal Meaning

the spiritual meaning of the crow

Should a crow enter your totem, it may be that you are being called to work on your psychic abilities and your connection with the spirit realm. Your crow spirit guide can help to open your third eye and receive clear and insightful messages from your ancestors and guides. Don’t be afraid of the crow as a spirit animal as it really is very powerful and can help you tremendously with your development.

If you are working with a group of crows as your spirit animals, then perhaps this means you need to work with others – consider joining a coven or a spiritual group to further your practice and share knowledge with others in the craft.

If you are embarking on a journey of learning a new skill, or improving your knowledge in a particular area, work with crow energies, and use their intelligent traits, to maximize your potential.

What Do Crows Mean in Dreams?

dreaming of a crow

Traditionally, dreaming of a crow was thought to be a bad omen – especially if the dream was really more of a nightmare! Unlike in your waking life, dreaming of a crow can be a warning that something negative is coming your way. But don’t be frightened – use this knowledge to your advantage. Forewarned is forearmed.

If the context of the dream is positive, then it is far more likely that dreaming of a crow is a symbol of good fortune.

Regularly dreaming about a crow could mean you are being called to work with your intuition and psychic abilities or that you are being drawn down a learning path to take on new knowledge.