The Top 10 Witchy Gifts of 2021 (Under £20)

Have you been scratching your head over what to get for the wonderful witch in your life? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. I’ve scoured for witchy gifts on Amazon and eBay, and pulled together an awesome list.

Check out my top picks for the best witchcraft gifts of 2021 – and the best part is, they’re all under £20:

1. A Cauldron Mug

Every witch needs to start their day with a good brew. And what better way to enjoy it than in a cool mug?

I don’t know about you, but I’m super picky when it comes to my mugs. I have favourite ones depending on the beverage: BIG ones for hot chocolate, chunky ones for tea, and slimmer mugs for coffee.

And I LOVE a rounded mug – they fit snuggly into your hands which definitely improves the drinking experience! That’s why I love this cauldron mug – it will sit nicely in the palms of your hands on a cold winter’s day. It will make a great witchcraft gift for your loved one.

It’s only £7.49 over on Amazon – take a look here.

2. Tarot or Oracle Cards

Cartomancy is favoured by many witches and light workers alike and a good deck of cards is essential for this.

I’ve got more decks of tarot and oracle cards than I care to admit to, so selecting just one pack for this guide wasn’t easy. But, if you’re not sure what your loved one believes in, then angels are usually a safe bet.

The Angel Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine has beautiful imagery and gentle, angelic messaging.

You can find these on eBay for £18.00 with free postage and packaging.

3. Cat Figurines

Many witches, including myself, consider cats to be their familiars. And black cats, in particular, have a strong connection to witch craft.

If you’re looking for pagan witch gifts then this adorable black cat statue, adorned with skulls, a pentagram, and a triple moon, is perfect. How CUTE does he look in his hat and cape?

This cat sits at 10.8cm high and is only £10.88 on Amazon.

4. Anne Stokes Incense

Incense is a staple for most people interested in spirituality or witch craft. It can be used to instil a sense of calm, to cleanse objects, areas, and even people, and it can be used for spell work. There are loads of wonderful incense gift packs you can get your hands on nowadays. If you’re not sure what to get, look for something with lavender in (to soothe and calm), sage (to cleanse) or dragon’s blood (as a mood lifter).

And speaking of dragon’s, if you have a dragon witch or a dragon lover in your life, then this incense set from Anne Stokes is perfect. But, I’m also a little biased and love most of what Anne Stokes creates!

Anyway, this Anne Stokes dragon incense pack is only £6.45 on Amazon.

5. A Protective Orgone Pendant

Every witch needs protection – whether that’s from spiritual attacks, from energy vampires or from plain old negativity. I love these orgone pendants (and yes, I do have one) as they offer protection from negative energies as well as from EMF; the colours also help to align the body’s chakras.

For £7.00 these make a wonderful witchy gift.

6. A Lisa Parker Wolf Journal

Anything in the Lisa Parker range is bound to be a hit. She creates the most beautiful giftware. But, this wolf journal really caught my eye. It’s the perfect pagan witch gift as it can be used for writing down dreams, spells and incantations, herbal remedies, or whatever it is the witch in your life needs to take note of.

You can pick this notepad up for £8.19 … (*adds to wishlist*)

7. Spell Candles

Spell work isn’t for everyone, but if your friend or family member enjoys casting, then a set of spell candles will go down a treat.

Different spells require different colour candles, so if you’re not sure what they’ll be used for, it’s best to play it safe and get a multi-coloured pack.

You can pick up a pack of magic spell candles for £4.75 on eBay. In fact, they’re so cheap, you can probably stretch to a cute candle holder too.

8. An Altar Cloth

No altar is complete without an alter cloth. And with the triple mood and goddess energies, this altar cloth is one of the most perfect witch altar gifts I could find. The colours on this will go well with most décor and the size will work on a variety of altars.

It’s perfect for laying underneath crystals, candles and other witchy trinkets. Take a look on Amazon – it’s £6.99.

9. A Guardian Angel Crystal

Most people who work with spirit or the universe will turn to crystals for healing, manifestation, protection and more.

Crystals don’t just come in the tumbled form you’re probably used to seeing them in. They can be crafted into all sorts of shapes and designs.

I love guardian angel crystals – you can benefit from the properties that the crystal brings but also the calming presence of the energy from the angelic realm.

You can get loads of different colours, but I was drawn to this green aventurine angel on eBay – it’s around 2inches tall for £9.00 with free P&P.

10. Himalayan Salt String Lights

I already have some of these lights and I can attest to how beautiful they are. Mine hang from my fireplace, but the colours are so subtle that they would really work in any room. Himalayan salt it well-known for its healing and purifying properties, but it’s usually presented in a candle holder or lamp form, so this set of fairy lights feels really unique.

These are a bargain at just £7.49 at the moment.

There you have it – my top picks of the best witchcraft gifts of 2021. What will you be adding to your basket?

Please note, there are no affiliate links in this post – I just think these products are great and worth sharing!