What Crystals Are Good For Luck? These 10 Are The Best

Wouldn’t it be awesome if luck became your constant companion? Life would feel like a breeze, and you would glide through your days effortlessly.

And while this might seem like a fairy tale scenario to a lot of people, let me tell you that it is indeed possible – at least, to some extent!

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

In most people’s lives, luck happens by chance and for a very brief period. But there are things you can do to make it a more common visitor.

Crystals happen to be one of these things. They are powerful objects with positive vibrations that can help you attract a lot of good luck into your life.

And if you are wondering what crystals are good for luck, that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about below.

What Crystals Are Good For Luck?

1) Clear Quartz

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

When it comes to luck, Clear Quartz is perhaps the best crystal you could get for yourself. This is because it is a programmable crystal.

As such, you can programme it with your intentions and let out highly amplified energies into the universe. The universe then responds by blessing you with luck for your particular intentions.

So, you can basically use it to be lucky in any area of your life. All you need to do is set your intentions first.

2) Citrine

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Most people in the world desire wealth and prosperity. And we all know how useful luck can be in manifesting these desires. This is exactly what Citrine does.

It is known as The Merchant’s Stone, and its powerful vibrations help attract wealth and abundance into your life.

It also removes any negative beliefs about money you might have in your subconscious mind.

This further makes you into a money magnet and helps you attract immense opportunities to grow your wealth out of the blue.

As well a supporting with wealth and opportunity, Citrine is also a very uplifting and positive stone – it can lift your vibrations to make you feel generally more lucky in life and more open to new opportunities.

Green Calcite is another great crystal for luck – read more about it here.

3) Rose Quartz

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Romantic relationships happen to be one of the biggest and most important parts of a person’s life. Your partner plays a huge role in your well-being, fulfilment, and happiness.

So, if you want to get lucky in attracting the right partner for you, you should take the help of Rose Quartz. This stone is literally called Stone of Love.

It works on your heart chakra and makes you a much more loving person. This activates the law of attraction and helps you manifest someone who can love you unconditionally.

4) Labradorite

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Wouldn’t it be amazing if somehow all your decisions led to favourable outcomes? I would say that is the best type of luck you can have!

Fortunately, you can make this happen by using Labradorite, the stone of Magic. There is a reason why it’s called that.

This stone awakens your intuition by stimulating your mind. And this helps you “know” which decisions will lead to the best outcome.

The foresight almost feels like a magical power to have!

5) Amethyst

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world for its incredible healing properties. But did you know that it could also bring good luck to you?

Amethyst stimulates your third eye and crown chakra. As such, you become spiritually more active and begin to perceive things that others simply can’t.

It’s almost as if it opens up a channel to a higher consciousness. When this happens, everything in life happens effortlessly and without much effort from your side.

I would argue that nothing in the world feels luckier than connecting with the spirit realm and guides, and becoming awakened.

6) Amazonite

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

We are all social animals. And so, we have a bunch of relationships to manage in our lives. There are parents, siblings, children, romantic partners, friends, colleagues, clients, and more!

In order to live a happy and successful life, it’s important that we build strong and healthy relationships with those around us. This is where Amazonite comes in.

It is considered one of the best crystals for good luck in relationships. When you start using it, almost all your relationships will start mending themselves and then grow into something more beautiful.

7) Garnet

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Garnet is one of the most beautiful stones you will ever come across. But its beauty is not the only great thing about it.

It is a powerful stone that can do wonders for your career. If you have been facing one obstacle after the other in your line of work, you should definitely start using this stone.

It will open up new doors for you, make problems go away, and bring opportunities that you never thought possible. The result could be the career of your dreams.

8) Smoky Quartz

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

When someone asks me which crystals are for good luck, Smoky Quartz is often my first answer.

Not only is this crystal absolutely gorgeous, but it is also a great one to have for general good luck.

And it does that by removing negative energy from your aura and attracting positive energies.

This alone brings a lot of good luck in all spheres of your life.

9) Tiger’s Eye

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is as true in your life as it is in science.

Imagine how awesome it would be if your actions led to positive results most of the time. This is what the Tiger’s Eye stone does for you.

It inspires action in you that lead to great results. When you start using it, you will somehow begin to know what the right thing to do is in any given situation.

10) Malachite

What Crystals Are Good For Luck

Last but certainly not least is Malachite. This stone has awed people for thousands of years. Not only due to its unavoidable beauty but also its incredibly powerful metaphysical properties.

Some say that Malachite is the luckiest stone in existence. It helps you achieve anything your heart desires and makes the journey to it much easier.

It also protects you from negative energies and creates an atmosphere where you can reach your highest potential.

But remember, Malachite is a very powerful stone, and it’s not one I would ever recommend to those just starting their crystal healing journey.

Final Thoughts

On my crystal healing journey, I’ve found these 10 stones to be some of the luckiest around and hopefully you now have a good idea of what crystals are for good luck and how they can help.

So whether you are looking for luck in love, for luck in your career, or for luck with your finances, there is a crystal that can support you.

Set your intentions in order to successfully work with your crystal – and always remember to cleanse it before and after too.