What Does a Cat Symbolize? Cat Symbolism and Meaning

For centuries, the cat has been at our side. While they’re often not described as man’s best friend, like the dog is, they are loyal companions.

Cats have played a major role in history and in mythology, and they continue also play a huge role in our lives today and can serve as instruments, symbols or messages from the supernatural world.

In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into the spiritual meaning of cats and what cats symbolize.

What Does A Cat Symbolize?

Cats are special creatures with a highly-developed intuitive ability and can also exhibit multiple personalities. Here are some of the things a cat symbolizes:


While cats are actually fairly social creatures when it comes to human contact, and most certainly won’t turn their noses up at some cosy cuddles here and there, cats also value their independence and love to be in charge of their own space.

If you have welcomed a cat into your spiritual team, then it may be a symbol of your independence or the need to find your own independence.


Despite their small size, cats are seen as protectors that will put their lives on the line to protect those they love. There are various accounts and viral videos of cats protecting children and other family members from potentially dangerous situations.

They are intuitive and can see danger before they surface, retaining many of the skills they used in the wild and those used by their larger cousins.

If you are in need of protection from negative energy, call on the help of your cat totem.

Elegance and Class

I’ve never seen a cat playing or rolling in mud and I bet you haven’t seen one either. Cats are renowned for their grace, elegance and class. They are clean and particular animals who enjoy spending hours grooming themselves.

If you find yourselves drawn to a cat as your spirit animal, perhaps it’s time to slow down and take some time out for self-care.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Dreams about cats may be a representation of your own traits such as grace and intuition. You may be called upon to use these skills in your waking life with a particular person or situation.

Cat dreams have also been associated with hidden knowledge, the need for stealth, or as a call to awaken your self-confidence. But they can also act as a warning that deception and misfortune are heading your way.

Your dream about cats could mean different things depending on several factors, which include colour, the health of the cat, as well as your mood and the emotions you felt in the dream.

Dreaming about cats could be a powerful message from the astral world to pay more attention to your intuition. Just like cats, you also have a deep intuition, but you ignore it most of the time and seldom follow its leading. Listen to your gut and you will be led in the right direction.

A playful and loving cat in your dream is a call for you to let go of your serious side and open up to others. A cuddly cat can mean that you are feeling the need to be loved more. A hostile or hissing cat may be an indication that you need to be on your guard.

Cat dreams are also widely believed to be associated with the feminine. If you’re regularly dreaming about a cat then perhaps you need to explore and embrace your feminine side more.

Seeing a Dead Cat in Your Dream 

No one wants to dream of a dead animal, but if you do dream of a dead cat it could be urging you to stop counting on others for guidance and direction in your life journey. You are encouraged to always listen to the wise voice within you.

What Does Seeing Cats Regularly Mean?

You might wonder what seeing a cat regularly means and what it represents. Frequent encounters with cats carry a crucial message, which could be an indication that someone is trying to hide from you. The message you get when you see a cat will also depend largely on its colour.

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize?

In some African cultures, encounters with black cats are believed to carry serious misfortune and back luck that requires some form of spiritual cleansing to neutralize.

But in Japan, seeing a black cat is believed to be a good omen.

Generally, if you witness a cat showing up at your doorstep, even if it’s black, it’s often a sign of good luck and fortune.

Having a Cat As Your Spirit Guide

When the cat is your spirit guide, you start living a simple life. You treat everyone, including your close friends and family, with respect. You respect their space and privacy, and demand that they accord you the same level of respect and treatment.

The cat’s spirit encourages you to instil calm in yourself and also in your home, office, and other places. It also wants you to try as much as possible to maintain your independence and identity.

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Spiritual Meaning of A Black Cat Crossing Your Path

The spiritual meaning of black cats varies from continent to continent. Cats are good companions and it’s unclear why they are linked with evil, although they have commonly been considered to be a familiar of witches, and a regular occurrence in tales of magic.

For instance, in Asia, a black cat walking across your path is seen as a good sign. Whereas, in Germany and some other European countries, a black cat crossing from your right to your left is considered a bad omen. It is also believed that a black cat crossing in front of you while driving is a bad omen.

However, it is generally believed that when a black cat crosses your path, it’s a sign that a major change is coming into your life imminently. It is signalling the end of an era and the commencement of a new one.

Final Thoughts

So, to summarize, cats are not as unlikely as people would have you believe. They can be wonderful spirit guides and you can call upon them to utilize their many skills.