What Is A Lemurian Crystal? Lemurian Crystal Meaning And Crystal Uses

Lemurian crystal is a very interesting and powerful stone.

Not only because of its extensive metaphysical properties but also because of the mysterious legend associated with its origin.

what is a lemurian crystal

In terms of looks, this has to be one of the most beautiful crystals you will ever set your eyes upon. It looks like a piece of three-dimensional glass that has materialized straight from the heart of Mother Earth.

In this article, I’ll explore Lemurian crystals a little more and explain what this crystal means and how you can use it.

Lemurian Quartz Meaning

So, what is a Lemurian crystal? Lemurian quartz is a specific type of quartz crystal.

One of the first things you will observe about this crystal is that it has horizontal lines (or striations) on some of its sides.

Some Lemurian crystals have three striated sides, some have more, and there are even types that contain no horizontal lines.

Regardless, these lines add a unique look to the Lemurian crystals (as if Mother Nature herself carved them out of the planet).

Perhaps what makes this crystal so popular is the legend associated with it.

It is believed that there used to exist a spiritually advanced civilization called Lemuria – tens of thousands of years ago.

It’s said that they had come to Earth from the stars.

As a spiritual race, they used to live according to the law of universal oneness.

However, one day, a cataclysm struck, and their entire continent got sunk in the Indian ocean.

This caused them to leave Earth and go back to their home in the stars. But they left humanity a significant gift – the Lemurian crystals.

It is believed that they wanted humans to use these crystals to connect to the universal consciousness and evolve into an advanced spiritual race.

Lemurian Quartz Physical Properties

Now, having read all of that, you might still be wondering, what a Lemurian crystal is and what you can do with it.

Well, as I mentioned above, it is a specific type of quartz crystal that is made of silicon dioxide. It is a rare crystal that you will only find in certain parts of the world (mainly Colombia and Brazil).

Also, even though the most popular type of Lemurian crystal is the colourless one, there are other kinds available in pink, orange, purple, green, brown, yellow, and violet colours.

Regardless of the colour, this crystal is translucent in nature.

lemurian crystal

Lemurian Quartz Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to Lemurian quartz properties, people are mostly interested in its metaphysical nature.

They want to use the historic energies that are deeply embedded in this crystal to augment their lives in many different ways.

And they also want to see if they can connect to the universal consciousness as the Lemurians had intended for us human beings.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the spiritual properties of the Lemurian crystal.

Lemurian Quartz Properties: Higher Consciousness

This crystal has a lot of cosmic and angelic energies embedded into it.

Naturally, when you hold it or use it in your spiritual practices, you are filled with loving and protective energies.

You feel more peaceful and connected to the divine consciousness.

Since this is a high-vibrational crystal, it can restore your soul’s vitality.

This is especially useful for those people who have lost their zeal for life. It can revitalize them and motivate them to live their best lives.

Some people say that if you meditate with Lemurian crystals, you can access the programming of the Lemurian race.

Those who are able to do this receive a lot of hidden knowledge and guidance for their spiritual journeys.

Also, in general, this crystal helps you reach deeper states of meditation effortlessly and quickly.

The Lemurian crystal can also open up pathways for you to connect to your higher self, guardian spirits, ascended masters, and other spiritual beings.

Doing so can have a lot of benefits. These higher-dimensional beings can guide you in your spiritual journey, provide solutions to your current problems and give you a wider perspective on life.

lemurian crystal meaning

Lemurian Quartz Properties: Energetic Healing And Spiritual Awakening

Using Lemurian crystals is also said to awaken your latent spiritual abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, and energy healing.

As a third-eye and crown chakra crystal, Lemurian Quartz has a soothing impact on your brain and nervous system.

It can ward off stress, anxiety, depression, and diseases of the nervous system.

Another obvious property of this crystal is that it can completely cleanse your energy field.

This means that it can remove negative energies in your aura, remove blocked energies in your energy pathways, and also revitalize your chakra system.

This has tremendous benefits for any human being.

Using this crystal can also undo some of your karmic patterns. These are patterns that keep repeating themselves over and over again in your life due to your past karma (whether in this life or the previous ones).

When you get freed from these patterns, you can take your life to the next level, materially as well as spiritually.

One of the most unique uses of Lemurian Quartz is to open up the Akashic records. You won’t find many crystals that can help you do this.

If you weren’t already aware, Akashic records are a collection of all thoughts, ideas, words, emotions, intent, and events that have ever happened/existed or will ever happen/exist in the future in the entirety of the Universe.

If you can open up the Akashic records, you obviously have access to infinite knowledge and wisdom.

Lemurian Quartz Properties: Emotional Healing And Meditation

If you regularly use this crystal during meditation (for months or years), your natural vibrations will ascend to a much higher state.

So much so that you might eventually become enlightened.

When this happens, you essentially merge with the universal consciousness or at least you are able to perceive universal consciousness.

For spiritual seekers, this is the ultimate goal.

Finally, Lemurian Quartz is perhaps one of the best crystals for emotional healing.

It can transfer its loving energies to you and help solve any emotional issues you might be experiencing.

It can even undo any emotional trauma that might have been weighing on you for a long time.

Final Thoughts

What is a Lemurian crystal? Lemurian Quartz really is a crystal like no other. It is otherworldly and can help you tap into universal consciousness and akashic records.

I wouldn’t recommend using Lemurian Quartz if you are new to energy work. It is a powerful crystal and requires someone with experience to handle it.