Meet The Team

Hi there lovely soul - thank you for popping by.

My name is Lianne - I'm the person behind Spirit of Sapphire.

I'm a Pagan and a spirit worker.

I started Spirit of Sapphire after finally building up the courage to start reading tarot for people other than my loved ones.

At the same time, I embarked upon expanding my spiritual knowledge and skills and so attended various psychic mediumship courses and circles, and I also began to train as a Reiki practitioner.

I'm now a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

As a spirit worker and a certified medium, I love nothing more than connecting people with their passed loved ones. There's no greater comfort.

I also enjoy working with animal spirits and animal guides.

The main tools I work with are tarot cards, crystals, candles and herbs.

I also enjoy sound healing with my Shamanic drum.

I expanded to include ASMR in late 2018. I found ASMR to be great in helping me relax and sleep.

My current favourite spiritual endeavour is ghost hunting. I've found that it has really expanded my spiritual awareness and experience. 

My Background

I was always very aware and interested in the afterlife growing up. I started to experience my own psychic abilities before hitting my teenage years - I used to have dreams that would come true, and as I got older I could often sense spirit around me.

I bought my first deck of tarot cards about 10 years ago and my development journey really started from there. My cards of choice are the Rider Waite tarot cards, but I also work with oracle cards when doing tarot readings for people too.

I have a very varied spirit team. I have a starbeing as one of my main guides, which I feel very grateful for. I also have a wonderful Native American lady who helps me when I'm healing others. I have other key figures in my spirit team, but they often change.

I always have a cat, a rabbit and an owl in my spirit team. But I often find myself working with lion, crow, eagle, horse and wolf energies.

I identify as Pagan. I don't follow a particular path or worship gods and goddesses, but I do work with the energies of Mother Nature and I also sometimes work with the angelic realm, with Archangel Michael being my go-to.

I have a love for the natural world and everything is has to offer. Mother Nature's healing abilities are truly incredible.

That being said, I welcome people of all faiths and walks of life at Spirit of Sapphire. Please just come with an open heart and an open mind.

If you'd like to learn more about my site, take a look at my About page or feel free to reach out.