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a pink flower with a love bracelet

Best Crystals for Love

Whether you’re looking to love yourself, deepen the feelings in an already-existing relationship, heal a broken heart or create space for a new romantic love, we have some recommendations for the best crystals for love to aid you on your journey.

Most Common Dreams

While our dreams might be as weird and as diverse as we are, there are some dreams that we all have in common.

Here we explore 5 of the most common dreams and their meanings.

What is ASMR? A Beginner’s Guide

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s best described as a pleasant, tingling, and relaxing sensation.

Find out more on the YouTube trend here.

The Spiritual Meaning of Robins

Many believe that seeing a robin is a sign that a loved one who has passed is visiting you. It’s a symbol from above to reassure you that your loved one is at peace. But the spiritual meaning of robins extends far beyond just this.

In this guide, we will explore more symbolisms associated with spotting a robin.

gemstones for each zodiac sign

A Guide to Zodiac Crystals for Every Sign

For anyone looking to start exploring the world of crystals, working with those that match your star sign is a good place to start. By becoming comfortable with the energies most closely attuned to you, you can learn to work with other gemstones.
In this guide, we will take you through the best gemstones for each star sign.

crystals for self confidence

A Guide To The Best Crystals For Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come easy. And while some people are able to fake it to make it, others (myself included) need a little more help. Crystals can help to raise your vibrations and boost your confidence so that you really can believe in yourself.

Let’s explore some of the best crystals for self-esteem.