The Best Tarot Spread For Clarity

Are you looking for a sense of clarity in some aspect of your life? Consulting the tarot is one of the best ways to gain insight into all of life’s mysteries.

Using a tarot spread for clarity is an excellent way to find answers while uncovering intricate details to help us understand the situation in a well-rounded way.

Tarot Spread For Clarity

In this guide, I’ll talk about how tarot cards can help to bring clarity and will share a reading you can try yourself.

Doing A Clarity Tarot Reading

Before I dive into how to do a tarot spread for clarity, I wanted to share some tips:

Notice Your Emotions

When interpreting a card reading, it’s important to focus on how it makes me feel emotionally. This can help me better understand the card and its potential meaning. I consider how my intuition responds to each card in the spread and what emotions they evoke for me.

Are there any symbols that stand out to you? Do any words come to mind when viewing the card? All of these elements can give insight into what the symbolism of this particular tarot card means to me.

Once I have determined how the tarot card makes me feel, I look at how that feeling connects with my current situation. Does this emotion match up with something going on in life right now, or is there something else that could be at work here?

By looking inwardly and considering how these feelings connect with my own experiences and story, I can develop a more meaningful understanding of each card in the spread, and I’d recommend you do the same.

Use Your Intuition

Close your eyes and let your intuition lead you into the card reading. Keep an open mind to what information might be presented to you as you view the cards. Consider that each card may contain a message even if it’s not part of the standard description.

I tap into my senses and imagine what lies beneath the surface of each card to uncover deeper meanings. Then, I look for patterns between the cards that could represent emotions, objects, or ideas related to my question.

Pay attention to symbols, like colours and numbers, in order to gather more clues about what they symbolise for a specific question.

Get Specific

I use tarot spreads for clarity about the past, present, or future. They can highlight the various energies present throughout different periods of my life while providing guidance on how to move forward.

When looking for clarity, it’s important to get as specific as possible.

For example, if I’m going through challenges in a relationship, instead of asking, “Do they love me?” It’s best to specify exactly what I want to know. That question only evokes certain elements within a relationship and may not provide me with a well-rounded answer.

A better question is, “What do they want from this relationship?” Then, I can see their motives, whether there’s love there, their hopes and fears, and where they’re currently at emotionally.

A Four Card Tarot Spread for Clarity

A four-card tarot spread for clarity is all that’s needed in most situations. This tarot spread forms a “T” with three horizontal cards, with one card centered below.

Before performing the reading, it’s important to cleanse the deck. I perform this by placing a small piece of Clear Quartz crystal on top of my deck for an hour or so before the reading.

If I’m short on time, I use Palo Santo or sage to purify my deck and remove any attached energies from previous readings that could interfere with the spread.

Once my deck is cleansed, I’m ready to begin!

If you’ve followed the same steps above, shuffle your cards and place them on a flat surface, select four cards you’re drawn to, and form the spread.

tarot spreads to clarity - cards 1 and 2

Card 1

The first card appears on the far left side. This card represents the past influences within a situation.

Many times, understanding how the past contributes to the current or future situation can help determine how to move forward and what actions or choices should be avoided when trying to manifest a specific outcome.

For example, if I draw a Star card in reverse here, this suggests that in the past, I have not been aware of my power and abilities, which have caused me to devalue myself and perhaps make choices that don’t support my highest good.

Looking toward the rest of the cards in the spread can help me determine how this manifested in my life.

Card 2

The second card is positioned in the middle of the top horizontal row. This card symbolises the current energies within the question at hand.

Looking at this card helps to determine what the overall energies for the situation are, and reflecting on the previous card helps uncover how this energy manifested.

For example, if I draw an Empress in reverse here, it suggests that I have neglected my needs and haven’t been practising self-care, contributing to my particular experience.

tarot spreads to clarity - card 3

Card 3

The third card is positioned to the right of the horizontal row. Here, this card explains where the energies of a situation are heading based on the two previous cards.

For example, drawing the Six Of Pentacles here suggests that I’m likely to experience hardship in some way, most likely surrounding my health, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Using this card can help us understand where we are heading so we know when it’s necessary to start making changes in life.

tarot spreads to clarity - card 4

Card 4

The last card is placed below the centre card in the top horizontal row.

This card placement explains what course of action should be taken in order to steer the energies of this situation in the desired direction.

For example, drawing the Two Of Pentacles suggests that I am trying to juggle too much in life, giving my energy away.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re reading tarot spreads for clarity from past relationships or just a tarot spread for clarity in general, using the spread outline above is an excellent way to gain insight.

After performing the reading, I recommend taking some time to just mull over the cards and reflect on each card, as well as the reading as a whole.

It’s important to observe the images and tap into the emotions they envoke to gain a deeper understanding of the message.

Once you’ve taken the clarity you need from the reading, you can move forward in an empowered way.