Pegasus Symbolism: Understanding The Spiritual Meaning And Dream Meaning Of Pegasus

In ancient Greek mythology, various animals that were depicted are a fusion of two or more animals.

Pegasus was one such character that many will be familiar with – the horse with wings.

An immortal and majestic being, he came to be when Medusa was beheaded by Perseus and is said to have also been the offspring of Poseidon.

Pegasus Symbolism

In images of Pegasus, he is often shown as a white stallion with beautiful, angel-like wings projecting from his back.

Indeed, in Medieval times, Pegasus was thought to have been able to traverse between Heaven and Earth.

Legend has it that Pegasus was born near a spring; hence, many suggest that the name Pegasus is derived from “pegae” which is the Greek word for springs of water.

His father, Poseidon, was known as the father of horses and was also referred to as the God of water.

In mythology, Poseidon was able to create springs by using his trident.

Pegasus is part of many ancient Greek tales and is always depicted in a positive light.

Although in modern times he is presented alongside Hercules, Pegasus was from Greek mythology and Hercules from Roman mythology – hence, they were not actually part of any mythical tales together.

Read on to find out about Pegasus symbolism, what the Pegasus may be able to teach us, and why the Pegasus may be making an appearance in your dreams.

Pegasus Symbolism: An Overview

When we think of the Pegasus, a few words come to mind – strength, beauty, and courage. The Pegasus is considered to be wise and divine.

The Pegasus has strong links with spirit, so if it has presented itself to you, you need to pay particular attention to what spirit is trying to communicate to you. After all, this magical being has been sent as the messenger – the message Pegasus is trying to relay must be one of importance.

If you’re reading this article, perhaps the Pegasus has flown into your dreams, and you’re wondering what this could mean.

Let’s explore what this majestic creature may be trying to communicate to you.


This creature carries connotations of bravery, courage, and being warrior-like. If the Pegasus is presenting itself to you in your dreams, it may be trying to encourage you to act with bravery in a given situation you are facing in your waking life.

It can be easy to give up and feel discouraged. However, this beast reminds you that it is important to rise to the occasion with the proud confidence of this winged stallion! Moving forward, embody the Pegasus when you are dealing with this situation – you are as strong and courageous as this gorgeous animal.


The Pegasus never looks weak. Despite always looking graceful, this creature always radiates strength.

Perhaps you are struggling and feeling like you are fragile. If you have dreamed of Pegasus, he may be swooping in to remind you that you have plenty of inner strength to get you through your current situation.

Reach within you and channel the powerful energies of this stunning beast – you are a force to be reckoned with!

spiritual meaning of pegasus


Bringing Heaven and Earth together, the Pegasus also represents unity.

Is there something in your waking life that would benefit from you uniting with someone else to accomplish?

A project may be underway that may be achieved with more ease if you collaborate with another.

For the Pegasus, the combination of two animals is better than one, and it may be trying to communicate to you that for yourself, two heads are better than one!

The meaning of unity may also extend to personal relationships. Perhaps you have been more distant and not connecting with a loved one as you normally might.

The Pegasus is reminding you that whilst distance can be important, unity is equally important in order for any relationship to survive.


Looking at or even thinking about the Pegasus can really get your creative mind working.

If the Pegasus has presented itself to you in your dreams, it may be trying to get your imagination flowing.

It may be that something in either your personal or professional life requires more innovative thought from you – you need to think outside the box.


Despite its ability to fly between the realms, the Pegasus represents stability.

The creature needs to remain stable in order to be able to do this.

In your waking life, are you experiencing instability? This creature can sense this and is trying to help guide you down a more stable road.


If we look at any winged creature, we often think of freedom! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Pegasus symbolises freedom.

Imagine being able to fly off and live freely. Although you cannot literally have the wings to do this, the Pegasus is encouraging you to live as you desire.

This mythical animal is all about living without blockages or limitations.

If this beast is entering your dreams, it is worth exploring how you can live more freely – this could mean spiritually, physically, or even materialistically!

Identify and analyse what is holding you back from achieving your goals – what restrictions are there on you, and how can you alleviate these?


Born from the blood of Medusa, Pegasus can be seen to represent the idea that even with tragedy comes potential for a new beautiful being to arise from the metaphorical blood lost.

Whether your wounds are physical or emotional, the Pegasus wants to remind you that there is beauty in healing those wounds.

As painful as it may be to acknowledge those wounds, true healing can happen once you have done so.

It may be that there is a part of you that you are living without acknowledging.

Pegasus wants you to work through those dark parts of yourself in order to expose the beauty and transformation that comes with healing.

pegasus spirit animal

The Spiritual Meaning Of Pegasus

Below, I’ll tackle some of the common spiritual meanings of pegasus to provide you with insight into what your visions mean:

Is The Pegasus A Symbol Of Good Luck?

Yes absolutely! There is nothing about this creature that gives any bad energies or negative connotations.

It may bring words of caution with it, but it should not be seen as bad luck in any way.

In fact, if this magnificent creature is making itself known to you, it could be the best indicator that luck is on the way and that you are manifesting beautiful miracles.

What Does Pegasus Mean In Astronomy?

Greek astrologer Ptolemy first noted the constellation of Pegasus, and indeed it is still recognised as a constellation to this day.

The constellation itself looks more like a square with wings, but it is one of the largest constellations that can be seen during the Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere

When looking at the Moon during the Autumn, you will find Pegasus nearby. Pegasus spans across the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius.

Therefore, it is considered that this constellation represents the need to advance our ways of thinking.

What Does The Pegasus Mean In Tarot?

The Pegasus in Tarot means achieving the unachievable! You are about to prosper.

The path ahead is hopeful and lucky – great things are coming your way.

The Pegasus Card in the constellation deck represents The Magician. This card is about having confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you do so, you will manifest your deepest desires!

The Pegasus Is White – Why Is This?

When we think of white, we think of all that is pure. White hasn’t been tainted. White has ties with honesty and morality – phrases such as “whiter than white” are used to describe such individuals.

White is also seen as Heavenly and spiritual – the Pegasus carries links to spirit.

It is worth noting there have been times when Pegasus has been depicted as black, but this is unusual and is not how this creature was depicted in ancient Greek mythology.

pegasus dream meaning

How To Work With Your Pegasus Spirit Animal

If the Pegasus is emerging to guide you, it may mean that your spiritual gifts are opening up and communication with your ancestors is strengthening.

With this creature’s ability to travel between Heaven and Earth, it may be trying to encourage you to further develop your ability to communicate with spirit.

If you are trying to manifest greatness into your life, then working with this spirit animal is sure to benefit you.

This magical animal embodies becoming and obtaining what you truly desire and are capable of. The sky’s the limit when working with this winged beast!

Imagine yourself as being as capable, free-spirited, and powerful as the Pegasus when you are focusing on your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development.

Guidance from this creature will equip you to reach your potential and beyond!

As you meditate, it can be helpful to envision yourself as the Pegasus.

Picture yourself as being as free as the Pegasus, with no boundaries on where you can go or what you can achieve.

You can spread your wings and fly amongst the clouds, roaming the skies and graciously galloping across the land.

Picturing yourself living so freely as you meditate can truly connect you to your higher self and any messages it may have.

To deepen your connection with this wonderful creature, I’d recommend putting a statue or a picture on your altar.

Pegasus Dream Meaning

To dream of Pegasus often represents a longing to break free from limitations and soar to new heights.

Just as Pegasus could fly, dreams of this magical creature may reflect a desire to rise above mundane concerns and explore the full potential of your mind. Seeing Pegasus in flight can also signify the arrival of new ideas, goals, and ambitions.

Perhaps there are creative projects or pursuits you have been wanting to undertake, and Pegasus arrives to give you the inspiration and confidence to get started.

Overall, Pegasus brings a message that you have unlimited imagination at your disposal if you allow yourself to tap into it. Make time for creative thinking and let your ideas take wing!

Final Thoughts

If you are connecting with Pegasus as your spirit guide, you are truly blessed.

Pegasus symbolism is vast and positive – from signs to embrace your freedom to a call to unlock your imagination – this guide is here to bring you light and love.