The 6 Best Samhain Crystals To Work With This Spooky Season

One of eight Wiccan Sabbats, the holiday of Samhain is celebrated from the 31st of October at sunset through until the 1st of November at sunset.

Most people in the modern day will be more familiar with Halloween being celebrated on 31st October, but may not know that its origins came from the Celtic Pagan holiday of Samhain (pronounced as sow-in in Gaelic).

Samhain marks various changes and events that happen around that time – the end of Summer and harvest season, but the beginnings of Winter and the Celtic New Year.

Best Samhain Crystals

The ancient Celts believed that the veil was especially thin at this time, which would allow those who had passed over to revisit the houses that they once resided in.

It is for this reason that the “spooky” connotations around this festival came about and resulted in what we now celebrate as Halloween.

This time of year, when the supernatural is celebrated far and wide, is considered to be an opportune time for those wishing to use spells and work with spirit to improve various aspects of their life, such as love, health, wealth, and luck.

Read on to find out about the best Samhain crystals to use at this time of year to enhance any divinations you may be casting.

1. Black Obsidian

This mystical-looking crystal is ideal for use during Samhain. This deep black stone is often made into stunning figurines that can add ethereal beauty to your altar or even to your mantelpiece during celebrations of Samhain (or any other time of the year).

Obsidian has properties that lend it well to grounding and protection, which make it an ideal stone to use when working with spirit during Samhain.

As well as this, this versatile stone can also enhance meditation by clearing any blocks, and it also allows a deeper connection to your inner self.

Unfortunately, Samhain can be a time when people can become more susceptible to psychic attacks, which is where this crystal can also be of assistance.

With its protective properties, it can be very helpful to wear Black Obsidian on a piece of jewellery during Samhain to act as a shield against any such attacks.

If you’re anything like me, and you enjoy a spot of ghost hunting around Samhain, this crystal is an essential protector.

2. Bloodstone

This deep green stone with flecks of red is widely perceived as a very magical and powerful stone.

Historically, this crystal has been believed to have the ability to encourage healing of the wounds of the carrier and prevent any further loss of blood.

It is also believed to have abilities to cure any issues relating to the blood, such as poisoning or clotting.

The powerful protective abilities of Bloodstone mean that it would be perfect to use when casting divinations over Samhain.

Many individuals who wear Bloodstone report a feeling of calmness, safety, and security.

This stone can also be used to help balance your energies and is thought to enhance the luck of the individual who is wearing it.

3. Labradorite

This beautiful crystal is thought to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms, making it ideal for use during Samhain when the veil is already considered to be especially thin.

Many individuals who cast divinations will be well-familiar with this stone since it is known as the stone of magic that can enhance the spiritual practices of those who work with it.

It is considered to be especially helpful when fortune-telling, as Labradorite allows you to open yourself up to guidance and insight that spirit shares with you.

This crystal also has strong transformative abilities, making it a terrific choice when manifesting and intention-setting during Samhain.

Labradorite is a crystal that I always work with when I’m doing any healing, so if you are doing energy work on yourself or others during Samhain, this crystal will provide great support.

4. Smokey Quartz

This crystal is known for its ability to absorb negative energies, making it one of the best Samhain crystals you can use to ensure that you do not leave yourself open to any such energies.

It can be helpful in banishing fear that comes from those around you and from within, making it a very supportive stone to enhance your confidence.

This stone will also serve you well for keeping yourself grounded when you are working with spirit. It is recognised for helping its’ wearer to act with a clear mind, which can be especially helpful during meditative practices.

This property also allows your mind to be more receptive to any messages from the spiritual realm, as it will help you to interpret those messages with more clarity.

As with most crystals, to really harness its full potential, it would be preferable to allow it to charge under the moonlight prior to incorporating it into your divination practices.

5. Citrine

In contrast to many of the darker stones we will use during Samhain, this brighter-coloured crystal helps in boosting your mood and your energy levels.

This is especially helpful if you are practicing your rituals overnight, as would be usual during Samhain, as it will allow you to harness the powers of the Sun when engaging in your spiritual practices under the Moon, allowing you to use the powers of both to enhance your work.

Another crystal that is known for its protective properties, Citrine will help to ensure that you do not leave yourself open to negative energies.

This “stone of the sun” will help you to feel enthusiastic and will encourage success, so it would be well suited to use whilst manifesting.

6. Onyx

Last but certainly not least, we come to Onyx.

Similar to Black Obsidian that we started with, its black colour means it is well suited to wear or to have placed on your altar during celebrations relating to Samhain.

This stone is known for its ability to balance, alleviate stress, and enhance the potential of the mind. It is considered to help increase willpower and self-esteem and also aids its’ wearer to focus, making it perfect for spell-casting, working with spirit, and manifestations during Samhain.

Due to it helping to clear the mind and alleviate anxieties, this crystal is ideal for those who are looking to spirit for guidance.

Onyx is thought to attract prosperity to the individual who is working with it – for this reason, many people who are facing financial difficulties will work with this stone to increase their luck and wealth.

Final Thoughts

Samhain is a magical time when we can connect with our ancestors and manifest the things we want for the coming months.

These Samhain crystals will not only aid you in your spiritual work and help you draw closer to your ancestors but, most importantly, they will keep you safe as you work.

Blessed Samhain!