Octopus Symbolism: Exploring The Spiritual Meaning And Dream Meaning Of The Octopus

Since the dawn of time, animals have been rich sources of inspiration and learning for humans. They appear in our myths, our parables, and our dreams, serving as powerful symbols and spiritual guides.

One such creature that has captivated human imagination is the enigmatic octopus.

Octopus Symbolism

With its ethereal, otherworldly appearance, profound intelligence and curious behaviour, the octopus has come to represent a myriad of qualities and virtues.

In this article, I’ll take a deep dive into the multifaceted symbolism of the octopus, shedding light on its various perceived characteristics and the spiritual significance it holds.

Octopus Symbolism

As we plunge into the marine world, we encounter the awe-inspiring octopus. More than a fascinating inhabitant of the ocean, the octopus symbolises potent qualities and virtues that resonate with human experiences.

This section explores how this oceanic maestro, known for its intelligence and resilience, also embodies creativity, focus, flexibility, and strength in its symbolic representation.


A standout trait of the octopus is its remarkable intelligence. They are known to exhibit sophisticated behaviours such as tool use, problem-solving, and even playing, attributes generally associated with higher mammals.

The octopus is also a master of disguise, capable of changing its colour and texture to blend with its surroundings, demonstrating strategic thinking and adaptability.

In symbolic terms, the octopus invites us to embrace a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, and to value practical, experiential learning as much as we do academic knowledge.

It nudges us to remain curious and innovative, and to think strategically, fostering an understanding of the world that goes beyond the surface level.

Overcoming Challenges

The octopus’s fascinating ability to overcome adversity renders it a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

Despite having a soft body with no internal or external skeleton, the octopus thrives in various marine environments, often in the harshest of conditions.

Its ability to squeeze through tiny cracks, change colour and shape, and even regenerate lost limbs, symbolise the resourcefulness and flexibility we need to navigate and surmount life’s challenges.

When faced with adversity, the octopus reminds us to adapt, improvise, and overcome.


Creativity is another quality the octopus symbolises. They are known for their diverse and unique survival tactics, such as their use of ink clouds for defence and their construction of fortresses from coconut shells and other materials.

This penchant for creative problem-solving inspires us to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to our own problems.

The octopus, through its inventive behaviours, encourages us to explore beyond conventional wisdom, nurturing our creativity and expanding our perspectives.

Focus And Strong Willpower

One of the most striking characteristics of the octopus is its intense focus and unwavering willpower. It is known to stalk its prey with tenacity and patience, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Symbolically, the octopus reminds us of the importance of concentration, determination, and persistence in achieving our goals. It teaches us to stay focused, to be patient, and to keep our eyes on the prize, even when the going gets tough.

Octopus tentacles symbolic meaning

Dexterity and Flexibility

The octopus’s eight flexible arms, coupled with a soft, malleable body, make it a paragon of dexterity and flexibility. This creature can manipulate objects with precision and navigate its environment with grace and agility.

Symbolically, the octopus encourages us to be versatile and adaptable in our lives, to embrace change, and to utilise our skills and abilities to their fullest extent. It prompts us to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace, flexibility, and resilience.


Despite its lack of a skeletal system, the octopus is incredibly strong. Each of its arms is packed with muscles, allowing it to carry and manipulate heavy objects.

It’s a reminder that strength does not always come from rigidity or hardness; it can also come from flexibility and adaptability.

It symbolises inner strength, the kind of strength that allows us to stand firm and exert control over our circumstances, regardless of what life throws our way.

Octopus Tentacles: Symbolic Meaning

The octopus’s eight tentacles, each lined with sensitive suckers and capable of independent movement, carry deep symbolic meaning.

Multiplicity and Expansion: With eight limbs extending from its central body, the octopus symbolises expansion and multiplicity. This may relate to diverse possibilities, multiple paths in life, or the expansion of consciousness.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Each tentacle’s ability to move independently and change shape symbolises flexibility and adaptability. They encourage us to navigate our environment with ease and adapt to various situations we encounter.

Regeneration: Octopuses can regenerate lost tentacles, making them a symbol of growth, renewal, and the ability to recover from adversity.

Touch and Sensitivity: The suction cups on the octopus’s tentacles are extremely sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. This is symbolic of heightened awareness, intuition, and the ability to perceive subtle shifts in one’s environment or circumstances.

Strength and Dexterity: Despite being soft and flexible, octopus tentacles are incredibly strong and capable, reminding us that strength can also come from adaptability and skill, not just brute force.

In essence, the octopus tentacles’ symbolic meaning is multifaceted, echoing themes of strength, dexterity, regeneration, sensitivity, and the ability to navigate complex situations with adaptability and intuition.

octopus spiritual meaning

Octopus Spiritual Meaning Explained

Beyond its physical realm, the octopus holds a deep spiritual significance. Its unique attributes and behaviours translate into profound spiritual messages, guiding our journey through life.

In this section, I will explore the spiritual meaning of the octopus, examining its importance across different cultures:

Octopus Symbolism In Different Cultures

The octopus holds varied symbolic significance across cultures. In some ancient Mediterranean societies, it was associated with the sacred feminine, given its connection to water – a universal symbol of emotion and the subconscious.

In Polynesian mythology, the octopus is a part of the creation story, serving as a symbol of the early, formless beginnings of life.

What Is The Octopus In Maori Mythology?

In Maori mythology, the octopus holds a significant role, primarily in association with the demi-god Maui. The octopus is represented by the character Te Wheke-a-Muturangi.

In one of the most famous stories, Maui goes fishing with his brothers and pulls up the North Island of New Zealand, known in Maori as Te Ika-a-M?ui (the Fish of Maui).

In this tale, Maui’s brothers do not want to wait for him to perform the appropriate rituals before they can cut into the giant fish, and in their impatience, they begin to carve out pieces, forming the many mountains, valleys, and lakes of the North Island.

However, the great octopus, Te Wheke-a-Muturangi, is one of the monsters Maui battles while trying to win immortality for humankind. The octopus symbolises obstacles and challenges that must be overcome, and Maui’s conflict with the creature represents the struggle between life and death, knowledge and ignorance.

In these narratives, the octopus is not merely an animal but a potent symbol of struggle, adversity, and the pursuit of knowledge, with its defeat symbolising the triumph of light over darkness, life over death, and knowledge over ignorance.

What Does The Octopus Symbolize In Japan?

In Japan, the octopus is a symbol of intelligence, creativity, and complexity due to its fascinating behavioural traits and physical attributes.

Given its ability to change colours and shapes, it is often associated with adaptability and flexibility. Furthermore, with its multiple arms and complex nervous system, the octopus is seen as a symbol of multiplicity and diverse possibilities.

Moreover, octopuses have a significant presence in Japanese folklore and mythology. There are tales of a creature named Akkorokamui, which is often described as a giant, god-like octopus.

This creature is believed to be able to heal ailments and is often seen as a symbol of regeneration and longevity.

In Japan, the octopus is also seen as a symbol of luck and longevity.

What Does The Kraken Octopus Symbolize?

The Kraken, a legendary sea creature of gigantic proportions often depicted as a colossal octopus or squid, is a powerful symbol in maritime folklore, especially in Nordic myths. It has been a staple of sailors’ superstitions and maritime lore for centuries.

The Kraken primarily symbolises the overwhelming and terrifying power of the sea and nature. Its vastness and monstrous nature reflect the fear and respect humans have for the untamed, unpredictable forces of the natural world. It underscores our vulnerability and insignificance in the face of such immense, primal power.

The Kraken also symbolises the unknown. Just as the deep sea remains largely unexplored and mysterious, the Kraken embodies the fear of the unknown, the dread of what lurks beneath the surface, hidden and out of sight.

Lastly, in a more metaphoric sense, the Kraken can represent internal fears, deep-seated anxieties, or overwhelming situations that a person may need to confront. Just like sailors encountering the beast, one might need to face their personal ‘Kraken’ to overcome fear and find inner strength.

Octopus spirit animal

What It Means To Have An Octopus Spirit Animal

Being drawn to the octopus as a spirit animal suggests an intuitive, adaptable, and thoughtful personality.

The octopus spirit animal signifies a deep connection to your inner wisdom, urging you to trust your intuition and to seek knowledge from the world around you.

It encourages creativity and adaptability, urging you to think outside the box and to find unique solutions to problems. This connection beckons you to live a life that is not bound by conventions, but is instead led by curiosity, innovation, and the thirst for profound understanding.

How To Work With An Octopus Spirit Animal

Working with an octopus spirit animal involves embracing and integrating its core traits into your life. It encourages us to trust our intuition, cultivate our intellect, adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity.

This spirit animal nudges us to explore the depths of our being and the mysteries of life, just as the octopus navigates the depths of the ocean with ease and curiosity.

To connect with your octopus totem, head to a body of water and meditate on the symbolism of the octopus, welcoming its traits into your own life.

octopus dream meaning

Octopus Dream Meaning

Dreams about octopuses are often seen as messages from the subconscious. They can symbolise a complex situation or relationship that needs untangling or highlight the need for emotional healing.

They could also suggest that you need to use your intellect, intuition, and creativity to navigate a complex situation, or they may represent a call to adapt and be more flexible in your life.

Final Thoughts

The octopus, a creature of profound intelligence, flexibility, and mystery, provides rich symbolism and profound spiritual lessons.

As a symbol, it stands for intelligence, creativity, resilience, focus, strength, and flexibility.

As a spirit animal, it guides us towards intuition, adaptability, and a profound understanding of the world around us.

The octopus serves as a reminder of the intricate and challenging aspects of life, urging us to approach them with curiosity, adaptability, and resilience.

It is a testament to the beauty and wisdom that lies beneath the surface, waiting for us to discover if only we are brave enough to dive deep.