Lammas Crystals: Choosing The Best Lughnasa Crystals To Celebrate This Sabbatt

On August 1st, or the full moon closest to this date, the festival of Lammas (or Lughnasadh in Irish Gaelic) takes place.

Lammas translates to “loaf mass” and marks the halfway point between Litha and Mabon. It is a celebration of the first harvests and is also viewed as a time to celebrate marriage.

Lughnasa Crystals

The first commemorations of Lughnasadh (which means the marriage of Lugh) are documented going back to 921 CE when the first harvest was marked by four weeks of celebrations which would commence halfway through the month of July.

In the modern day, Lammas is commonly celebrated by feasts and gatherings the evening before August 1st and it is a time to recognise that the shorter days are approaching us as winter becomes ever closer. It is a time for gratitude, reflection, and hope.

With this in mind, you may be thinking of ways to celebrate, and you may be looking for the best Lughnasa crystals to harness the energies of this festival when you yourself are reflecting on the year so far and setting your intentions out to the universe for the rest of the year ahead.

Read on to find out the most helpful Lammas crystals to use during the next Lughnasadh festival:

1. Citrine

Best Lughnasa Crystals

This sun-coloured crystal brings joyful energies to the table at this time. Although the time the sun is in the sky starts to become less during this period, the summer is still not yet over.

This stone reminds us of this and brings powerful energies of gratitude and prosperity our way. Rather than holding on to the summer, this stone highlights that the sun is always there to energise us, even as we move into the winter months and it becomes less visible.

As we move towards autumn and winter, symptoms of depression can become more prominent, which is where Citrine can help. Citrine can help lift the mood and energy levels by channeling the energies of the sun.

2. Peridot

peridot lammas crystal

Another useful crystal as we move towards the latter end of the summer during Lammas is Peridot.

This Lughnasa crystal can protect against negative energies and encourage a more positive flow of energy. It also strengthens the immune system, so is a great crystal for transitioning from the warmer months into the colder months when illnesses become more rife.

This olive-coloured stone can help to bring balance and alleviate anxieties.

3. Jasper


This crystal can help to encourage peace in our lives. It is also a crystal of courage, which will allow us to prepare for the darker months ahead whilst also appreciating the beauty and celebrations that those winter months bring with them.

It is a fantastic stone for grounding and can be useful to ignite your passions – both personally and professionally.

Therefore, if you are someone who experiences more sluggish energies as we transition to the latter part of the year, Jasper can be a great tool to maintain feelings of wholeness and motivation.

Bringing this into your spiritual work, particularly when manifesting during Lammas, will provide fantastic benefits.

4. Sardonyx


This combination of Sard and Onyx is another mood-lifter that is essential during Lammas.

It can also help to bring stability into our lives as well as helping us to communicate more effectively. This stone is another which attracts prosperity and courage, so again is a useful tool to bring into your spiritual practices as the latter part of the year approaches.

The thought of the winter months ahead can cause mixed feelings, but Sardonyx will help us to make the best of those months and plan for them, whilst also living in the moment and enjoying the magnificent energies of the sun as it starts its descent.

5. Aventurine


Another great Lughnasad crystal that can enhance the energies of the festival is the beautiful green Aventurine.

It can help to keep negative emotions at bay whilst also being a crystal that promotes perseverance.

This crystal is one of optimism, hope, and courage, retaining the energies of nature during these summer months with its green hues and allowing us to carry those with us through the remainder of the year when the colours of nature move away from lush greens.

It reminds us that those beautiful colours will be back with us again so allows us to maintain hope, but also encourages us to embrace the changes ahead.

6. Obsidian


This stone, which is made from volcanic glass, can be used to shield against negative energies.

The powerful Obsidian is useful to be equipped with when undertaking spiritual work during Lammas as it can protect against psychic attacks whilst also having excellent grounding abilities.

This stone is best worn on your person as it can help to maintain safety and is able to absorb any negative energies.

Obsidian also allows you to clear your mind and can help to sharpen your focus, which is particularly helpful when manifesting.

If you are setting out your intentions to the universe for the remainder of the year, using this stone will certainly prove to be beneficial.

7. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

This mysterious and earthy crystal is paired well with Lughnasadh, for it is another which has positive effects on mood whilst also promoting calmness and keeping us grounded.

Again, with those darker days approaching, maintaining vitality is a must – something this stone will certainly help with.

It also holds powerful properties when asleep, so being able to wear Smoky Quartz on your person or keeping it by your bedside would be recommended.

If you experience nightmares, smoky quartz can help repel those negative night experiences and promote positive dreams that will help you manifest your true desires.

This stone will be particularly powerful when undergoing spiritual work during your full moon ritual closest to Lammas.

Final Thoughts

Lammas is a pertinent point in the year as we draw towards the end of the summer and turn towards the autumn months.

Celebrating the turning of the wheel with some of the above Lughnasadh crystals will help you celebrate and embrace Lammas energies while preparing yourself for the remainder of the year.

If you’re looking for other ideas to celebrate Lammas, you can do a tarot spread or update your altar.