The 8 Best Litha Crystals To Work With This Summer Solstice

Taking place during the Summer Solstice, Litha (known widely as Midsummer Night) is a Pagan holiday.

Litha crystals

You are likely to be familiar with the presence of faeries in Shakespeare’s well-loved comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – their role in the play is likely purposeful since there is a long history of Litha being associated with the belief that faeries enter the human realm to extend protection and blessings during twilight hours.

Litha, the festival of fire, takes place between June 20th and June 23rd and is seen as a time to celebrate the Sun, but also Mother Earth and the ample harvests that she blesses us with.

Litha is celebrated across many different cultures in different ways. Some celebrations include bonfires, dancing, and feasts that pay homage to the Sun.

With Litha being a time that celebrates what is offered to us by Mother Earth and the powerful energies of the Sun during the longest days of the year, you may be interested to learn how you can use crystals to strengthen your spiritual practices at this time.

Whether you are planning to celebrate Litha in your own area of comfort, or looking to visit one of the many places around the world that people travel to in order to celebrate, such as Stonehenge, read on to find out the best Litha crystals to work with for this festival.

8 Litha Crystals To Try

1. Sunstone

Starting with possibly the most obvious, this stone is sure to enhance the radiant energies of the sun during the solstice.

It is known for helping to clear all of the chakras and will encourage strength and vitality. Just like the sun can provide a boost to our mood, so can this beautiful stone.

Therefore, if you are experiencing mood disturbances and are hoping to use the transformative and promising energies of Litha to help you feel more positive, then using Sunstone will certainly act as a great supplement in your quest for buoyancy.

2. Tiger’s Eye

Litha’s energies are protective in nature, so Tiger’s Eye will further enhance these energies as well as allowing us to stay grounded.

This stone has long been worn or carried by those who are hoping to keep negative or evil energies at bay.

But Tiger’s Eye can also help restore balance within your mind, body, and soul, so it would be the perfect stone to use whilst meditating during Litha when connecting with the sun.

This stone is also considered to bring good luck to the carrier.

3. Onyx

Again, Onyx can be used to intensify the protective energies of Litha. If you are choosing to travel to celebrate Litha, this stone will be essential to pack in your bag to keep you grounded and safe.

The healing energies of Onyx can also help if you are trying to keep your physical health in check. Many people use the summer as a time to ensure they feel healthy in their bodies – if this is you, then Onyx can help with this.

It is a great stone for physical recovery but is also known for its positive effects on mood and mental state, making it an ideal stone to support both your body and mind during Litha.

4. Cinnabar

Associated with the sun, it is no surprise that Cinnabar is a must-have for your altar or to wear on your person during Litha.

The fiery energies of this stone will help in clearing any energy blockages. Cinnabar is also known to help promote strength and courage, allowing you to become the most confident version of yourself.

If you are using Litha as a time to start radiating with confidence, allowing the peaking summer energies to flow through you, Cinnabar will certainly be able to help.

5. Topaz

Powerful when used with your affirmations and when manifesting during Litha, Topaz will allow you to know and feel confident that the Universe has a path carved for you if you just trust in it.

Another stone of protection, Topaz will enhance the existing energies of safe-keeping during Litha. It is believed that black magic can be blocked by wearing this impressive stone on the left arm.

Are you hoping that your goals around the Solstice will mark a change in your financial situation? Then make sure you have Topaz handy, as it is used to attract wealth.

6. Orange Selenite

This rare stone can be used to assist you in your spiritual practice by protecting your energies and deflecting any negativity.

Orange Selenite is great to use alongside other stones as not only will it clear your energies, but it will also cleanse the energies of the other stones you use during Litha too.

This beautiful fire-coloured stone will strengthen your connection with spirit whilst ensuring peace is maintained for you whilst you do so.

7. Amber

Associated with the fire signs in the zodiac, this crystal is another which is ideal to use during this festival of fire.

A further stone that can help to boost your mood, your self-confidence, and even your memory, Amber is crucial to have placed on your altar or to wear on a piece of jewellery during Litha.

This crystal can also help in getting you more motivated to organise – it may be a little late for a spring clean, but a cleanse during the solstice is essential and can be supported by the use of Amber!

8. Carnelian

Finally, no Litha set would be complete without the use of this powerful crystal.

The benefits of this stone are wide-ranging, from boosting your vitality to encouraging you to trust yourself and the choices that you make.

Many people hope to socialise more during the summer, and if you are finding difficulty in motivating yourself to get out more, Carnelian can be of assistance.

The balancing effects of this stone are well-matched to Litha, as this stone will encourage balance within your body, mind, and soul as you enter the second half of the year.

Carnelian is one of the best Litha stones and crystals to work with at this time of year, so if you only choose one from the list, I’d recommend it is this one.

Final Thoughts

Summer Solstice is a wonderful time to celebrate Mother Earth and the turning of the wheel of the year.

It’s a time to get out and celebrate, to soak up the sun’s warmth and feel abundant joy.

The list of crystals for Litha above will help you make the most of the wonderful energies this Summer Solstice.

If you’re looking for guidance as we move through the energies of Litha and into the latter half of the year, you can also do a tarot reading.