How To Do A Litha Tarot Spread: Guidance For The Summer Solstice

Litha, also known widely as Midsummer and the Summer Solstice, marks roughly the midpoint of the year occurring on June 20th/21st.

The Solstice occurs when the Sun is further North in the Northern Hemisphere than it is at any other time, meaning that it has longer to travel through the sky, resulting in the day of the Solstice having more daylight than any other time of the year.

Litha tarot spread

During Litha, which is known as the festival of fire, we celebrate the Sun in all its glory on the day when we are blessed with its presence for the longest.

People may celebrate by lighting bonfires, having feasts, and dancing.

As we draw closer to the middle of the year, you may reflect on what the year has brought and wonder what the remainder of the year will bring for you.

For this reason, doing a Litha tarot spread to see what may lie ahead and what guidance the cards have for you can be a great idea.

Read on to learn how to do your own 5 card tarot spread for Summer Solstice.

Starting Your Litha Tarot Spread

First, you will need to ensure that you have a tarot deck that you have cleansed. I usually use Clear Quartz or smudging to cleanse my deck.

I would also recommend making sure that you have a pen and paper handy to note down what the cards are telling you.

To guarantee that you can concentrate fully, it is important that you perform this spread in a quiet area with no distractions. Make sure it is somewhere that you feel most comfortable.

If you are able to, it can be really helpful to do this tarot spread outside to embrace the energies of Litha.

If you like, you can select some suitable crystals to work with during the spread.

Appropriate for all tarot spreads, but especially for a Litha one, I would suggest lighting a candle to allow you to draw on the energy of the flame.

Next, ground yourself by taking some deep breaths.

When you feel ready, begin to shuffle your cards. If you have lit a candle, focus on the flame of the candle while you are shuffling – absorb and experience that energy and warmth inside you.

Channel that energy whilst you shuffle so that your spread will be guided by the energy of fire.

If you are unable to light a candle, then you may like to visualise a fire or play a video on your phone or TV of a fire to allow you to do the same thing.

The most important here is to just channel that energy and allow it to radiate through you as you prepare to draw your cards.

summer solstice tarot spread

Laying Out Your Cards

When you feel you have shuffled enough, it’s time to draw your five cards. Make sure that you are tapping into that fire energy when you are asking the cards which one you should draw for each question below.

When you are laying out your cards, position them so that they create a classic “+” spread, beginning with card 1 at the top, then lay cards 2, 3, and 4 underneath card 1 (positioning card 3 directly underneath card 1), and finally laying card 5 at the bottom (directly underneath cards 1 and 3).

For card number 1, you are asking “What has dimmed my light in the past few months?”. You are calling on the cards here to highlight any obstacles to your success during the first part of the year that has led you to where you are now.

For card number 2, you are asking “Where am I now?”. With this card, you are seeking answers from the Sun about where it sees you as you are at the moment – where is your energy going right now?

For card number 3, you are asking “Where is there potential for growth and for my light to shine greater?”. Here you are seeking answers about what area of life you need to focus your energy on next to encourage your light to shine even brighter than it is currently.

For card number 4, you are asking “What do I need to release during the next few months when there will not be as much sunlight to draw energy from?”. For this card, you are looking at where you need to conserve your energy – what no longer deserves your attention?

As the hours of daylight begin to reduce, our energy levels also tend to do the same. Therefore, you need guidance from the Sun about where you can afford to pull your energy away.

Finally, for card number 5, you are asking “What message does the Sun have for me to see me through the rest of the year?”. You are asking the Sun what the most important message is that it has for you that will help to guide you through the last few months of the year.

Ensure that as you draw each card, you ask the question relevant to that card. Channel the energy of the fire and the sun whilst you do so, calling on its’ guidance each time.

Remember, you do not need to rush. Only draw each card when you feel you have sensed which card is going to give you answers to your question.

Each time you draw a card, make some notes about your immediate feelings about what each card means in relation to the question.

After You Have Laid Out Your Cards

Review each card in more detail. Consider what you sensed the card meant for you and what you feel the sun is trying to tell you. Write down as much or as little as you want here.

Next, if you are new to tarot and feel you need to look up what each card means, then do so. Does the meaning of the card correspond with the message you felt that card was carrying for you?

Remember it is most important to rely on your intuition here. Jot down your feelings and the meaning of the cards to get a picture of what the sun wants to tell you.

When you feel you have received all the information intended for you from your reading, be sure to thank your guides, the cards, and the sun.

Allow yourself to then breathe and experience any emotions that have surfaced during the reading.

When you are ready, allow the reading to be released to the Universe and advise the Universe that you are trusting its guidance. Treat your cards with gratitude as you put them away.

You may find that your energy levels have altered during your reading, so ensure that you have something to eat and drink afterward.

Final Thoughts

Doing a tarot spread for Summer Solstice is a perfect way to take stock of what has been achieved so far in the year, and what else lies ahead.

Doing a simple Litha tarot spread, like the one I described above, is also a great way to just pause and celebrate the sun and its warmth.