A Guide To Pistachio Calcite: Meaning And Uses

Pistachio Calcite is a relatively rare variety of Green Calcite that is popular for its unique green hues.

This crystal is often mistaken for Green Aventurine and Chrysoprase due to them having similar colours.

Pistachio Calcite meaning

Thanks to its powerful metaphysical properties, it has become a go-to choice for many healers and crystal collectors. In this article, I am going to talk about Pistachio Calcite properties and some of its common uses.

Pistachio Calcite Meaning

If you want to know what Pistachio Calcite’s meaning is, all you need to focus on is love. The energies of this crystal emanate profound vibrations of love and compassion.

These healing vibrations can help people who suffer from emotional wounds and heal their broken hearts. So, in a way, it also symbolises renewal and growth.

Pistachio Calcite Properties


Pistachio Calcite is a very soothing crystal to look at. Apart from its healing energies, its pleasant colour instantly makes you feel relaxed and calm.

It has a beautiful pale green colour that will probably remind you of pistachio ice cream. Also, this crystal can be translucent to opaque depending on the variant.

Mineral Composition

Pistachio Calcite is part of the Calcite family. As such, it is composed of carbon, oxygen, and calcium. Its chemical formula is CaCO3. However, it also contains trace amounts of nickel, which is responsible for its green colour.


This crystal gets a rating of 3 on the Mohs scale. This means it is a relatively soft crystal compared to other stones and crystals.

As such, it’s important to be careful when cleansing this crystal.

Countries of Origin

Pistachio Calcite is mainly found in Pakistan and certain parts of the US like New Mexico and Colorado.

Zodiac Signs

It is not surprising that this crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer. After all, people born under this sign tend to be driven by emotions for whom genuine feelings hold great significance in their relationships.

Associated Chakras

Pistachio Calcite has a pleasant green colour, which tells you which chakra it is connected to.

The green of this crystal connects it to the heart chakra – which is often green or pink in colour.

As you may already know, this chakra stands for love, compassion, empathy, peace, and harmony. And, naturally, this crystal can be instrumental in the healing and proper functioning of the heart chakra.


According to numerology, Pistachio Calcite is associated with the number 3.

This number represents joy, creativity, intuition, and optimism.

Therefore, crystal practitioners often say that working with this crystal can develop a sense of happiness and bliss within you, which can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Ruling Planets

Since the energies of love, compassion, and beauty are governed by the planet Venus, it is no wonder that this crystal is associated with it. It is believed that the crystal’s energies can bring forth qualities of love, empathy, and aesthetic appreciation.

Associated Element

Like a lot of other calcite crystals, Pistachio Calcite is linked with the Earth element. As such, it exudes healing energies of stability, peace, groundedness, etc.

Pistachio Calcite Physical Healing Properties

There are countless Pistachio Calcite healing properties, which is why it is a highly sought-after crystal among healers, practitioners, and collectors.

Let’s first take a look at its physical healing properties.

  • Pistachio Calcite is said to enhance the overall vitality of the body. This helps you feel more energetic and motivated to do your activities.
  • This crystal is great at increasing your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. This ensures that your physical body remains in top shape.
  • One of the best Pistachio Calcite benefits is that it strengthens the immune system. This helps you fight off diseases and disorders with ease.
  • As a heart chakra crystal, Pistachio Calcite can heal ailments related to the heart and the overall circulatory system. For instance, it can strengthen your heart muscles, remove blockages in blood vessels, and ensure a proper rhythm of your heartbeat.
  • It is said that this crystal also has a detoxifying effect on the body. As such, it can help in the removal of toxins and other harmful substances from the body.
  • Pistachio Calcite is also associated with pain relief and it may be used to alleviate physical discomfort or tension.

Pistachio Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Now that I’ve gone through the physical healing properties of Pistachio Calcite, let’s go over some of its metaphysical properties.

  • Pistachio Calcite is said to be highly effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and emotional tension. It can bring about a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • This crystal promotes feelings of love, compassion, and forgiveness by healing the heart chakra. It can even remove emotional wounds that you may be carrying from your childhood.
  • Pistachio Calcite can enhance your meditation practice and make you more aware of your spiritual nature.
  • By bringing your energies to a more relaxed state, it fosters harmony and understanding in your interactions with others. This also helps improve your communication and nurture your relationships.
  • A lot of people use this crystal in their manifestation process. They say that it helps them manifest their desires and goals more effectively.

Pistachio Calcite Uses

Due to the versatility of this crystal, it can be used for various purposes. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

1) Meditation And Spiritual Practices

Most healers and crystal practitioners know that Pistachio Calcite can be a great companion for your spiritual journey.

It is widely used in meditation and other spiritual practices due to its calming and soothing energy.

Its presence alone is enough to create a serene environment for you to dive deeper into your practice.

Also, given the fact that it increases your spiritual awareness, it is the perfect stone for spiritual growth.

2) Emotional Wellbeing

As Pistachio Calcite heals your heart chakra, it brings about emotional balance and wellbeing within you.

This crystal is great at healing past emotional wounds and releasing traumas. This eventually gives birth to qualities like love, compassion, peace, and harmony in your heart.

3) Creativity And Inspiration

It is said that Pistachio Calcite is quite effective at boosting creativity and inspiring new ideas.

Its vibrant energies can enhance your imagination and motivate you to think outside the box.

This is why a lot of writers, painters, artists, and other people working in creative fields love to keep this crystal around them while they’re working.

This, coupled with its calming and loving energies, is why I keep a Pistachio Calcite palmstone on my desk!

4) Manifestation And Goal Setting

As I mentioned above, Pistachio Calcite is often used as a powerful tool for manifestation.

Its energies can amplify your intentions and allow you to focus on your desires more effectively. So, in a way, this crystal acts as your friend who helps you fulfill your wishes and desires.

Final Thoughts

Pistachio Calcite is a truly unique green crystal and it has an abundance of uses.

I work with this mainly for its calming aura, to heal my heart chakra, and to bring me inspiration, but the list of Pistachio Calcite uses is much longer than this.

I hope this guide has helped you understand just how much this crystal can enhance your life.

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