How to Use Crystals for Manifestation

How to Use Crystals for Manifestation

Health talks and practices have made us understand how vital our self-care and mental stability is to us. Life problems come and go but we as humans need help to keep up. The use of crystals has been proven and practised in recent times. Crystals are wonderful tools for healing and protection, carrying with them … Read more

Sleep Like a Baby: The Best Crystals for Sleep

The Best Crystals for Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. But getting enough sleep, or getting quality sleep, is not always easy. According to a recent study, as many as 36% of all adults in the UK have trouble getting to sleep on a weekly basis with 31% of people claiming … Read more

A Guide To the Best Crystals for Pregnancy and Fertility

the best crystals for pregnancy

Trying for or carrying a baby is a wonderful and magical time for expectant parents. But it can also be fraught with worry for the health of both mum and little one. Your medical team will be your primary resource for health and wellbeing tips throughout the course of your fertility and pregnancy journey. However, … Read more

A Guide to Zodiac Crystals for Every Sign

A Guide to Zodiac Crystals for Every Sign

Just as each star sign has its own unique traits – both in terms of strengths and weaknesses – so too do the gemstones that represent each zodiac. For anyone looking to start exploring the world of crystals, discovering and working with those that naturally match your star sign is a good place to start. … Read more

A Guide To The Best Crystals For Confidence

crystals for self confidence

Confidence doesn’t come easy. And while some people are able to fake it to make it, others (myself included) need a little more help. Crystals can help to raise your vibrations and boost your confidence so that you really can believe in yourself. Let’s explore some of the best crystals for self-esteem. Tiger’s Eye Tiger’s … Read more