A Complete Guide On How To Tell The Difference Between Rose Quartz And Mangano Calcite

If you own Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite, you wouldn’t be the first person to mix them up from time to time. 

It’s an easy mistake, as they look so similar! 

How To Tell The Difference Between Rose Quartz And Mangano Calcite

But what these two crystals share in appearance can’t exactly be said for their healing properties. 

So it’s well worth knowing how to tell them apart if you want to make sure you benefit from using the right crystal to match your intentions.

To help you out, here’s a complete guide on how to tell the difference between Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite.

How To Tell The Difference Between Rose Quartz And Mangano Calcite

There are four main differences that will help you tell Mangano Calcite and Rose Quartz apart: colour, transparency, texture, and metaphysical properties


You can blame Rose Quartz for its similar appearance to Mangano Calcite, as it’s a crystal that likes to come in different colours!

But there is a subtle difference in the colour of Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite if you know what to look for.

The colour of Rose Quartz matches its name: it’s a shade of pink that’s very close to the colour of light pink roses.

Mangano Calcite, on the other hand, is a soft, pale pink.

While still similar, you’ll tend to find that the colour of Rose Quartz is slightly more saturated pink than Mangano Calcite.


When it comes to appearance, transparency is another great way to tell the difference between Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite.

Rose Quartz is translucent, and in some cases, parts of Rose Quartz crystals can be transparent or see-through.

Mangano Calcite, however, is typically opaque. In some cases, it can be slightly translucent, but it’s usually not as translucent or transparent as Rose Quartz.


If you own Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite, you might be able to further tell them apart by feeling them in your hand and running your fingers over them.

Rose Quartz is more coarse-grained than Mangano Calcite and tends to feel harder. This makes Rose Quartz less susceptible to scratches. 

Mangano Calcite is softer than Rose Quartz since it’s less coarse-grained. This also makes it more susceptible to scratches. 

Healing Properties

The healing properties of Mangano Calcite and Rose Quartz are similar in some ways, as both crystals are closely associated with the heart chakra. 

But there are situations where you might feel their individual healing properties strongly, which can give you an inkling into which of these crystals you’re using.

The Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. If you have a sense that “love is in the air”, there’s a good chance it’s Rose Quartz, as this crystal promotes universal and unconditional love, forgiveness and trust, harmony, and emotional warmth. 

Rose Quartz encourages positive affirmations around love and can help you heal emotional scars, relationship trauma, and a fear of falling in love again.

The Healing Properties Of Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is a stone for inner peace. If you’re in a state of tranquillity, it’s likely that it’s Mangano Calcite, as this crystal provides emotional balance, comfort, self-confidence, and a heightened sense of calm. 

Mangano Calcite promotes emotional healing to dissolve trauma. It enhances the flow of energy from your heart chakra to your crown chakra, helping you feel grounded and whole.

rose quartz vs mangano calcite

The Benefits Of Rose Quartz

Hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of how to tell Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite.

Now, let’s look at the metaphysical benefits of keeping Rose Quartz close over Mangano Calcite.

As a stone that promotes feelings of love, Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals if you’re dating and looking for love or going through a difficult period in a relationship.

It can remove a fear of love and encourage trust, as well as help you to forgive in moments when your partner has upset you.

As a result, Rose Quartz encourages unconditional and universal love, helping you feel more in love and love with fewer inhibitions.

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Mangano Calcite vs rose quartz

The Benefits Of Mangano Calcite

If you choose Mangano Calcite over Rose Quartz, it will help you feel more emotionally balanced. It promotes calmness and inner peace, making it one of the best crystals to keep close in times of uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and low confidence.

Mangano Calcite will ground you and help you feel more in tune with your emotions and thoughts.

It’s a great stone for promoting self-love and self-care, putting you on a path of emotional healing and deep inner peace with yourself and any difficult situations you might face.

Pairing Rose Quartz And Mangano Calcite

Both Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite work to increase vibrations of peace and joy, one working in favour of love, the other in favour of emotional balance.

Because of that, Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite are great crystals to pair together.

Keeping both Mangano Calcite and Rose Quartz with you can help you feel more at peace with a relationship or more self-loving when it comes to your emotions, thoughts, and sense of self.

Paired together, using these crystals can amplify their healing properties to help you in your search for inner peace and love.

Final Thoughts

You can tell the difference between Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite by looking at the colour and transparency, feeling the texture, and sensing what these individual crystals are making you feel.

Rose Quartz is a rosy pink colour, translucent, and more coarse-grained than Mangano Calcite, promoting feelings of emotional warmth, trust, and unconditional love

Mangano Calcite is a pale pink colour, opaque, and less coarse-grained than Rose Quartz, promoting feelings of tranquillity, harmony, and emotional grounding. 

Despite their differences, Rose Quartz and Mangano Calcite pair well together.

So, even if you mix them up and can’t remember how to tell the difference, know that their energies are working together to encourage feelings of both unconditional love and inner peace.