A Complete Guide To Mangano Calcite: Properties And Uses

Pink crystals are always highly popular as they emanate feminine, calming energies.

When most people think of pink crystals, they immediately picture Rose Quartz. But there is a whole array of other crystals to choose from.

One of the lesser-known pink crystals is Mangano Calcite.

Mangano Calcite

Not only is this crystal beautiful to look at, with its unique banded appearance, but it also has powerful metaphysical properties.

Let me tell you more about Mangano Calcite and how to work with this lovely crystal.

Mangano Calcite Meaning

To decipher Mangano Calcite’s meaning, all you have to do is pay attention to its colour and figure out which chakra it is linked to.

Mangano Calcite resonates with the heart chakra.

This crystal stands for unconditional love, compassion, harmony and peace. Its symbolic meaning is to treat everyone with love and respect and to understand that we are all one.

Mangano Calcite Properties


Mangano Calcite’s colour can range from pale pink to light peach colour.

Some variants are so pale that they appear almost white.

Also, its translucency varies across its types. Some variants are a bit translucent while most are opaque.

This crystal also has a vitreous to pearly lustre. This is probably why so many people say that it has a soft appearance and a pleasing presence.

You may also find some gentle banding patterns on your Mangano Calcite crystal.

Due to its appearance, this crystal is sometimes confused with others such as Pink Calcite or Strawberry Quartz, but on closer inspection, you’ll see they are all quite different.

Chemical Composition

Mangano Calcite belongs to the Calcite family and, like the other members of the family, it is composed of carbon, calcium and oxygen.

Its chemical formula is CaCO3. Its pink colour comes from the presence of manganese impurities.


Mangano Calcite gets a rating of 3 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is a relatively soft stone that needs to be protected from nature’s elements – it’s important to remember this when cleansing this crystal.


Mangano Calcite is a rare variety of Pink Calcite and is mainly mined in countries like Mexico and Peru. However, it is also found in Canada, the United States, and several parts of Europe.

Mangano Calcite Chakras

As I mentioned, the colour of Mangano Calcite tells you that it is primarily associated with the heart chakra.

But it can also control the flow of spiritual energy from the crown chakra down to the heart chakra (more on this later).

Mangano Calcite Zodiac Associations

Mangano Calcite is primarily associated with those born under the Cancer star sign.

Numerical Vibrations

Mangano Calcite resonates with the frequencies of the number 4. As you may already know, this number represents sincerity, hard work, discipline, order, organisation and stability.

Mangano Calcite Healing Properties

Mangano Calcite is packed with tremendous energies that can bring about a great deal of physical healing. Let’s take a look at some of its effects on your physical health.

  • Mangano Calcite’s energies are so soothing that just holding it in your hand for some time can ease your muscle tension and spasms. This can bring relief and relaxation.
  • This crystal can also strengthen your immune system. It works with the natural defences of your body to prevent as well as cure diseases and disorders.
  • Since it is associated with the heart chakra, Mangano Calcite helps heal heart diseases, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and so on. It is also useful in healing respiratory issues, such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Another important effect of Mangano Calcite is that it boosts the absorption of calcium by the bones. Not only that, it enhances the assimilation of minerals and vitamins throughout the body.
  • The soothing energy of this crystal can also help calm down your nervous system. This helps prevent the degradation that your nerves go through due to stress and anxiety.
  • Mangano is also great at filling you with energy so that you can always perform your daily tasks without any issues whatsoever.
Mangano Calcite Meaning

Mangano Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Now that we have taken a look at the physical healing properties of Mangano Calcite, let’s delve deeper into its metaphysical properties next.

  • Mangano Calcite is associated with the heart chakra. As such, it easily cleanses and heals this chakra of any negative energies in it. Suffice it to say, this promotes emotional healing. You feel as though a calm and gentle energy has surrounded you and you can finally let go of the pain you had been carrying.
  • Due to its effect on the heart chakra, this crystal also promotes feelings of love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. It makes people understand that there is no use in fighting among ourselves.
  • Mangano Calcite can influence the way spiritual energies flow down from your crown chakra to your heart chakra. As such, if you use this crystal in your spiritual practice, you can make sure that divine love and support can descend into you. The significance of this cannot be stressed enough.
  • Another byproduct of its influence on the heart chakra is that it enables better communication between people. Since it fills them with empathy, people are able to understand each other better and strengthen their bonds.

What Is Mangano Calcite Good For?

Mangano Calcite is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Its calming presence makes it an ideal choice for home decor, healing, meditation, and even gift-giving.

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

1) Crystal Healing

Mangano Calcite is often used by crystal healers since it is so easy to work with. This crystal can bring about healing on physical and emotional levels and can make people become comfortable with the idea of healing and moving on in their lives.

2) Meditation

The gentle, calming energy of Mangano Calcite is often used in meditation and spiritual practices to promote a sense of inner peace and connection with the spiritual realm. It is believed to help enhance spiritual awareness and promote personal growth.

3) Jewellery

Since this crystal is so beautiful and calming, it is often used to make necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings. This is despite the fact that it is a soft crystal that can easily get damaged.

4) Home Decor

Again, due to its beauty, Mangano Calcite is widely used by people to place around the home and add loving energies to spaces.

It can be kept in the living room, bedroom, or a study. It’s gentle enough to be placed in children’s rooms to help them with self-love.

Don’t place this crystal outside though as exposing it to the elements will result in damage.

5) Gift-giving

Mangano Calcite is often given as a gift, especially to those who are going through a difficult time or who could use some emotional support.

After all, it can bring about emotional healing and promote feelings of love and compassion.

And, as I mentioned above, this is a gentle crystal which means it can also be gifted to children.

Mangano Calcite FAQs

Why Does Mangano Calcite Glow?

Mangano Calcite contains manganese which means it will appear to glow under UV lights.

What Makes Mangano Calcite Pink?

The manganese in Mangano Calcite gives it a pink appearance.

Is Mangano Calcite Natural?

Yes, this crystal is natural.

What Is The Affirmation For Mangano Calcite?

You can use a variety of affirmations to work with Mangano Calcite. Here are some ideas:
– I am blessed with love
– I love who I am
– I am open to receiving love and giving love in return
– I am calm and content

Final Thoughts

Mangano Calcite is a beautiful pink stone from the Calcite family. It has gentle healing properties and resonates well with the heart chakra.

I recently got my first piece of Mangano Calcite, and I’ve honestly loved working with its energies.

I hope this post has helped you understand what Mangano Calcite is good for and how you can work with this stone.