A Complete Guide To Strawberry Calcite: Meaning And Uses

Known to be one of the most powerful Calcite stones, Strawberry Calcite is renowned for its rose-coloured appearance.

This beautiful stone has many benefits to offer us. Let’s explore this stone further, and learn what it can be used for and how it is best used to aid healing.

Strawberry Calcite Meaning

Strawberry Calcite Meaning

With its light pink colour, it will come as no surprise that Strawberry Calcite’s meaning is linked to love, the heart and our emotions.

Therefore, if you feel your emotions or your heart are being blocked, Strawberry Calcite would be a great crystal for you to work with.

This crystal is also known to stimulate your imagination, as well as carrying joy and happiness.

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Strawberry Calcite Properties


This beautiful stone can be found in shades of rose pink, which can vary from light to deeper shades that bear more of a resemblance to a rose red.

On closer inspection, you will notice the appearance is similar to that of a strawberry with the speckles of white found on it, hence where its name originated.

This form of Calcite is mostly opaque, but can appear more translucent than other forms of Calcite.

Due to its colour, it’s not uncommon for this stone to be confused with other members of the Calcite family such as Mangano Calcite or Pink Calcite.

You would also be forgiven for mistaking Strawberry Calcite for Rose Quartz as they are very similar.

Mineral Composition

The chemical formula of Calcite is CaCO3, meaning it is composed of calcium, carbon, and oxygen.


On the Mohs hardness scale, Strawberry Calcite rates as a 4. This means that care must be taken with this crystal, as anything harder than 4 on the Mohs scale will be able to scratch it.

It’s important to bear this in mind when you’re cleansing your crystal as exposing it to the elements will cause harm.

Countries of Origin

Strawberry Calcite can be mainly retrieved from India, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

Zodiac Signs

This stunning crystal is associated with Cancer, Taurus, and Libra. For this reason, it would be worth you working with this crystal if you are born under one of these signs as it can provide you with great benefits.

Associated Chakras

Strawberry Calcite is most closely associated with the heart, which is unsurprising given its colour, but it also works well with the root chakra.

If you are experiencing blockages in either of these chakras, using this crystal to open up the flow of energy will help.

Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of Strawberry Calcite is Venus, which further reinforces this crystal’s connection to matters of the heart.

Associated Element

The gorgeous Strawberry Calcite is associated with the element of Fire due to its sometimes red tones.

This means it is of great assistance at times when you are doubting yourself and feeling less confident – this crystal will allow you to get your fire within burning again!

Physical Properties of Strawberry Calcite

This stunning crystal can help in healing various aspects of the physical body. Let’s explore some of its best known physical healing properties:

  • Strawberry Calcite can offer great benefits to your sexual and reproductive health. If you are struggling with libido or are trying to conceive, it would certainly be worth using Strawberry Calcite to help alleviate any issues you may be facing.
  • This stone is also known to increase your physical strength and is known to help increase energy levels, so would be great to introduce if you have taken up exercise recently and are struggling physically and energetically.
  • With this crystal being connected to the heart chakra, it can offer great benefits to your heart health. If you have any issues in this area, it would be worth investing in Strawberry Calcite which provides great healing properties.
  • This crystal is also known to help improve brain function and memory. So, if you have noticed your mind isn’t functioning as it used to and you’re struggling with concentration and memory, Strawberry Calcite is worth exploring. Have an exam coming up? Make sure you have Strawberry Calcite to hand to enhance your retention of information whilst revising!

Metaphysical Properties of Strawberry Calcite

As well as being used as an aid for your physical health needs, this beautiful stone can offer an array of benefits to both your mental and spiritual health. Let’s explore these further:

  • As I have touched upon, Strawberry Calcite is put to excellent use when trying to clear emotional blockages. It helps to encourage a flow of positive energy too, so if you feel surrounded by negative energies and influences, it would be wise to equip yourself with this crystal to protect yourself from these.
  • Experiencing low mood? This crystal is known to help lift the mood and, as I briefly discussed in its physical healing properties, can also help with associated symptoms such as low energy levels, struggling to motivate yourself, and feeling unproductive.
  • Perhaps you are someone who experiences anxiety. This stone can be a great tool to help alleviate stress and can have a calming effect on you.
  • If you are feeling less connected with others and are struggling to understand them, Strawberry Calcite can be a good tool to help you re-establish connections and develop a better understanding of those around you.
  • This stone can help you with your manifestations as it can help to inspire you to dig deep and learn what it is your heart truly yearns for. Having this improved focus on the more specifics of what you want in life will help you be more purposeful in your manifestations.
  • Strawberry Calcite is also a positive tool to use when wanting to deepen your connection to your inner child, allowing you to experience a more child-like happiness whilst also exploring your deepest needs.
  • This crystal can also allow you to be more attuned to your higher self, allowing you to delve deeper into the spiritual knowledge that you have. This will allow you to develop and trust your intuition, whilst also helping you to remain grounded whilst doing so.

Final Thoughts

From an aesthetics perspective, Strawberry Calcite is a great addition to your collection, but the benefits of choosing this stone extend far beyond its appearance.

Strawberry Calcite is a powerful cleanser of the heart and root chakras, as such it can really help with emotions and confidence.

As Strawberry Calcite is a relatively soft crystal, it’s really important you take the best care of it to keep it working its magic for you.