What Is Green Calcite Good For? Healing Properties And Uses

Calcite can come in many shades – such as Red Calcite, Yellow Calcite, Orange Calcite, and Blue Calcite. Calcite is a powerful healer, and different colours come with different attributes.

The moment you look at a Green Calcite, you can’t help but feel relaxed and at ease.

It has the same effect as the ocean on most people. There is a reason why this is so.

What Is Green Calcite Good For

You see, green calcite has tremendous metaphysical properties that make it quite special.

It contains powerful energies that our auras can immediately get attracted to.

Therefore, a lot of people get green calcite for themselves. Not only does it soothe them, but it is also helpful in healing a number of ailments.

In this article, I’m going to explore what green calcite is good for, looking at its healing properties and abilities. Keep reading!

What Is Green Calcite Good For?

Green Calcite, much like Red Calcite, is an inexpensive and readily available crystal that has a wide array of abilities. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones:

1) It Can Support Your Journey Of Self-Discovery

It is said that the journey of self-discovery is the most important one in a person’s life.

Only when you find out who you are and what you want can you lead a happy, blissful, and fulfilled life.

Green calcite can help you in this journey of yours. It can make you realize that it’s okay to accept your flaws and be who you really are, by working with your heart chakra for self-acceptance.

It will motivate you and give you the courage to let go of the masks that you might have been wearing for society’s sake.

2) It Will Help You Feel Balanced

Spiritual gurus have forever said that each person is made up of four distinct beings. These are the body, mind, emotions, and life energies.

Only when all these are functioning properly does a person feel pleasant within themselves.

If you have been feeling a bit off lately, it might mean that you need to rebalance yourself.

This requires you to bring your body, mind, emotions, and life energies in harmony.

This is where green calcite comes in. Since its energies can positively affect all four of these beings, it can make them play nice with each other.

When this happens, you feel balanced.

3) It Will Help You Get Rid of Negative Patterns

Often, we fall into the trap of negative patterns that keep repeating over and over again.

It could be a particular way of thinking or behaving. It could also be habits or belief systems. When this happens, we keep experiencing the same turmoil again and again.

In order to get rid of these patterns, you can use green calcite.

Its healing energies can help dissolve any repetitive behaviours and help you start off fresh. It can help you make conscious decisions that are good for your life.

What Is Green Calcite Good For

4) It Will Help You Feel More Peaceful

Green calcite radiates healing energies. Just by keeping it in a room or in your bag, you can constantly feel its soothing vibrations.

It will ward off any feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear. And it will bring your energy body into a pleasant state.

This is perhaps one of the most popular uses of green calcite. The growing complexities of life have caused unprecedented levels of mental health issues in the human population.

So, more and more people are turning to crystals like green calcite for some much-needed relief.

5) It Can Heal The Heart Chakra

Every crystal or stone is associated with a chakra in the human body. If you are wondering what chakra is green calcite, well, it’s the heart chakra.

Its pristine green colour kind of gives it away (since the heart chakra is associated with green).

This is another really important use of this crystal. It works on the heart chakra and clears any stale or negative energies in it.

It also ensures a proper flow of spiritual energy through this chakra. This leads to sensations of peace, serenity, and calm.

It also makes a person more loving, accepting and generous.

6) It Can Amplify Your Energies

Green calcite is a natural energy amplifier. This means it can greatly enhance the energy you experience in your body. If you combine it with Diopside, the effects will be even more pronounced.

When you feel more energy than usual, it makes you feel more motivated to do things. As such, this crystal can give you the push you need to go after your dreams and desires.

7) It Can Help You Heal Physically

Green calcite has remarkable healing abilities when it comes to the physical body. It can regulate and bring your blood pressure to a more healthy level. It can even help during the recovery process after a heart attack.

Also, green calcite is great at removing infections from the body. So, if you have been suffering from any bacterial or viral infections, you should definitely use this crystal. It can even strengthen your bones and joints.

8) It Can Attract Wealth Into Your Life

One interesting property of green calcite that many don’t know about is that it can attract wealth into your life. Green Calcite is a lucky stone, so no matter if you place it in your home or office, it can attract money and abundance.

Also, since it heals your heart chakra, your natural ability of manifestation becomes even stronger. As such, you are able to attract anything your heart desires (including wealth and prosperity).

What Is Green Calcite Good For

9) It Will Strengthen Your Relationships

This one is pretty obvious. By working on your heart chakra, green calcite can make you a much more loving and caring person. It can make you more compassionate and accepting of other people. This naturally does wonders for your relationships.

Your loved ones as well as other people in your life will get drawn to you thanks to your loving energies. This will help you establish strong relationships with them effortlessly.

10) It Can Enhance Your Memory

Last but certainly not least is the ability of green calcite to enhance your memory.

Many people find that they are able to remember things more quickly and for longer periods just by holding onto their green calcite crystal – this makes it perfect for anyone who is studying.

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Final Thoughts

Green Calcite is a beautiful and versatile crystal. It’s a stone I’ve been working with for many years.

It resonates with the heart chakra to provide strong healing, but it can also work wonders in other areas of your life too – healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.