How To Cleanse Green Calcite: Full Cleansing, Charging, And Activation Guide

Green Calcite is a wonderfully relaxing crystal that can also be used to unblock and heal the heart chakra.

This is a valuable crystal to have in your arsenal, but as it’s a relatively soft crystal, it’s important to take proper care of it.

How to cleanse Green Calcite

In this article, I’ll tell you exactly how to cleanse, charge and programme your Green Calcite.

4 Methods To Cleanse Green Calcite

Green Calcite has so many uses but while helping you, it will absorb negative or unwanted energies. It’s important to cleanse it regularly to keep it working to the best of its ability.

Using Earth

Mother Earth is the ultimate healer – she provides us with food, water, shelter, and medicine. And, she can cleanse our crystals too.

Place your Green Calcite in the earth and leave it for a few hours for unwanted energy to leave the crystal.

It’s important to only do this on a dry day.

By Smudging

Cleansing with smoke is one of the most popular methods for removing negative energy from crystals.

You can smudge Green Calcite using clary sage, white sage, rosemary, or lavender. If you don’t have these herbs, you can use the incense equivalents for the same effect.

Alternatively, you can use Palo Santo for cleansing. Light a charcoal disc and place a few chips on top of it to create smoke, or light a stick of Palo Santo.

Whichever smudging method you choose, it’s important to pass your crystal through the smoke a few times until it is sufficiently cleansed.

Using Sound

Sound is a common crystal cleansing method among healers.

Place your Green Calcite on a secure surface and, using a Tibetan singing bowl, Tingshas, or a Shamanic drum, create a gentle rhythm.

Allow the sound to travel all over and around your crystal to remove all unwanted energies.

With Crystals

Selenite, Satin Spar, and Clear Quartz at energy cleansers and can be used on your Green Calcite.

The easiest way to do this is by using a Quartz, Satin Spar, or Selenite bowl or plate and placing your crystal inside for a few hours.

If you only have Selenite, Satin Spar, or Clear Quartz in the form of a tumblestone, that’s okay too. Wind it around your crystal and envisage it removing negative energy.

how to charge green calcite

Green Calcite Cleansing Questions

Can You Put Green Calcite In Water?

No, Green Calcite is categorized as a soft crystal, rated at just a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it should not be placed in water for cleansing.

Can You Use Salt To Cleanse Green Calcite?

I wouldn’t recommend using salt with Green Calcite. When you use salt to cleanse your crystals, it’s important to rinse them afterward and, due to Green Calcite’s softness, this isn’t wise.

There are plenty of cleansing methods that work well with this crystal, such as those listed above, so water or salt cleansing shouldn’t be necessary.

How To Charge Green Calcite

Once your crystal has been cleansed, it can be helpful to charge it before its next use. My favourite charging method for Green Calcite is using the moon.

When there is a full moon, place your Green Calcite on your windowsill or out in the garden to absorb the moon’s energy.

Don’t worry if you miss the night of the full moon, the energies are almost as strong on the nights before and after the full moon, creating the perfect opportunity for crystal charging.

The only caveat to moon charging Green Calcite is to ensure it’s going to be a dry night if you place it outside as it won’t fare well in the wet.

how to cleanse green calcite

How To Programme Green Calcite

When you’ve taken the time to cleanse and charge your Green Calcite, you can move on to setting your intentions or programming the crystal.

Find a quiet space, take your crystal in your hand and close your eyes.

Notice the feel of the Green Calcite in your hand and allow yourself to connect with the crystal’s energies.

Then, either in your head or out loud, clearly state how you want to use the crystal.

If you’re looking to work with Green Calcite for luck, you could say, “I’m programming this crystal to bring me good luck and attract good fortune into my life”.

If you are working with it to heal your heart chakra, say “I’m working with this crystal to unblock my heart chakra to allow me to love myself, to love those around me, and to receive love in return”.

Final Thoughts

Green Calcite is a beautiful healer that has a variety of uses, but in order to continue to work with this crystal, it’s important to take the best care of it.

You can smudge your crystal to remove unwanted energies, or you can use the earth, sound healing, or other crystals.

When it has been cleansed, don’t forget to recharge it in the moonlight and then programme it with your intentions.