Starfish Symbolism, Spiritual Meaning, And Dream Analysis

Starfish are ancient creatures. They first originated more than 450 million years ago! That predates even dinosaurs.

So, it’s not surprising that human beings have always been fascinated by starfish. Their beautiful features and remarkable abilities add to our awe.

Throughout history, people across cultures and geographical locations have considered starfish to be sacred.

They are thought to have deep spiritual significance, and so there is a rich history of starfish symbolism.

Below, I will explore the different symbolism associated with starfish, the spiritual meaning of starfish and delve into the most popular interpretations of starfish dreams.

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Starfish Symbolism

One of the most apparent and arguably the most important symbolisms of a starfish is its depiction of duality.

A starfish has only two sides, up and down. Also, its eyes can only sense light and dark.

Plus, if a starfish reproduces asexually, it divides its body at the centre, thereby creating two starfish.

This depiction of duality matches perfectly with our experience of reality. For one, we experience an inner world and an outer world.

Also, there are forces of good and evil, peace and war, masculine and feminine, matter and spirit, and so on.

Starfish Symbolism In Different Cultures And Religions

The Haida Native American tribe considered starfish to be a symbol of strength and immortality. As such, it commonly appears on their totem poles.

Did you know that in Christianity, the Virgin Mary was also known as Sella Maris – which translates to ‘star of the sea’? She was a symbol of guidance and protection, especially for troubled seafarers who used to seek her for safe journeys.

In ancient Egypt, the starfish was connected to the mother goddess Isis. She was considered a protector of those who needed help. Seafarers used to carry a starfish with them to honour her.

According to Roman myths and folklore, the starfish symbolized Venus. As such, it was considered to be a symbol of love and emotions.

Starfish Colours And Symbolism

Starfish Symbolism, Spiritual Meaning, And Dream Analysis

Although starfish are found in an array of colours, they are most commonly pictured in shades of red, yellow, orange or blue.

These first three colours connect us to our lower chakras – red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral chakra and yellow for the solar plexus.

We hold a lot of our grounding, passion, and emotions in these lower chakras.

If you are struggling to feel connected with yourself or others, or if you are struggling to rekindle your passion in love or in life, call on the starfish spirit animal to help you.

If you want more joy in life, lean on the yellow starfish to bring happiness and positivity – and to banish worry.

If you are finding it difficult to speak your mind and voice your opinions clearly, call on blue animals like the starfish to work with your throat chakra.

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Exploring The Spiritual Meaning Of Starfish Further

Throughout history, there have been many spiritual meanings of starfish. Different cultures and traditions ascribed different meanings to this wonderful sea creature.

For instance, many cultures regard the starfish as a celestial being. This is probably because it looks like a star. As such, it’s said to have celestial and divine energies, representing love, inspiration and guidance.

Also, the starfish doesn’t have a brain. It has nerves that originate from the centre of its being and extend to the end of its limbs. So, this creature is basically sensory in nature.

It makes sense of the world purely by using its senses (not its thoughts). This has deep meaning in spirituality. That’s because it is often said that the mind must be taken out of the equation to be able to see the world as it really is. This leads to the spiritual development of a person.

Amazingly, starfish are able to regenerate a limb if it loses one. This, too, has quite a significant spiritual meaning. It represents healing and renewal.

In spirituality, a lot of focus is given to the healing of past physical, mental, and emotional traumas. It is believed that only after complete healing can a person transcend.

As starfish are creatures of the vast sea, they can represent the fact that we are just a small part of an expansive universe – it can be helpful to remember this when life becomes overwhelming.

Equally, as a sea-dwelling animal, the starfish spirit animal can come to use to remind us to go with the flow and to ride the waves – just let go and allow yourself to be guided.

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Starfish Dream Meaning And Analysis

Starfish Symbolism, Spiritual Meaning, And Dream Analysis

Dreaming of a starfish may seem a little unusual, but it’s a surprisingly popular dream.

Depending on what you see, there could be various different interpretations of your dream.

Below, I’ll talk about some of the most common starfish dreams and their explanation.

1) Dreaming Of Finding A Starfish

This is an interesting one. If you had a dream where you found a starfish at a beach or while swimming in the ocean, it means that you are about to meet an influential person. This person would be instrumental in the pursuit of your dreams and desires.

2) Dreaming Of Holding A Starfish

If you saw in your dreams that you were holding a starfish in your hand, this means that you will soon be blessed with money.

Someone who owes you money might pay up unexpectedly. Or you might get a raise at your job. Or you might even receive an inheritance.

3) Dreaming Of Hunting A Starfish

This might seem like an odd and negative dream, but it is really not.

It means that you might soon connect with your old friends. It represents happiness via old friendships.

So, be prepared to receive a call or a message from someone you might have stopped talking to recently.

4) Dreaming Of Eating A Starfish

This dream suggests that you might have an argument with a stranger, possibly about monetary issues. However, you will be the dominant person in this argument.

5) Dreaming Of Being Chased By A Starfish

Being chased by a starfish surely seems like a nightmare – and also a little silly. But it is technically not a bad dream.

This is because this dream merely reminds you of the responsibilities that you might have been running away from.

It reminds you to take charge and fulfil your obligations for a better future.

6) Dreaming Of A Five-Pointed Starfish

This dream could represent two distinct things. Since 5 is a symbol of change and transition in numerology, this dream could point towards upcoming changes in your life.

Or, it could also point toward a long, happy, and successful life. It is a hint that your dreams and desires will get fulfilled soon.

7) Dreaming Of A Six-Pointed Starfish

This can be taken as an ominous sign. If you see a six-pointed starfish in your dream, it is a sign that turbulent times might be ahead for you.

You might be faced with a lot of obstacles, and you will have to deal with anything that comes your way.

8) Dreaming of A Seven-Pointed Starfish

If you see a seven-pointed starfish, it is a sign that you will finally achieve the goal that you had been pursuing for a long time.

It means that you will be rewarded handsomely for all your hard work.

Final Thoughts

The ancient and mysterious starfish holds a lot of symbolism, and the meaning of the starfish varies from culture to culture.

If you’ve been dreaming of a starfish lately, I hope this article has helped you to understand the true meaning.

And if you’re having issues with grounding and stability, or managing your emotions, remember you can call on a specific colour starfish spirit guide to help you.

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