A Guide To Lemon Calcite: Meaning and Uses

Lemon Calcite is a new type of calcite that was recently discovered in Pakistan.

Ever since its discovery, healers and scientists alike have been trying to decipher its meaning, properties and uses.

Since it is a new stone, it is not as commonly available in the market as other more popular crystals and stones.

However, many of its uses and properties have now come to light. And it turns out that it is a powerful stone that can have transformative effects on your life.

Let’s explore some of Lemon Calcite’s properties and uses below:

Lemon Calcite Properties

To understand Lemon Calcite’s meaning and uses, we have to first take a look at its properties. This gives us an overall view of what this stone is all about and the type of energies it harbours.


Lemon Calcite is available in many different shades of yellow. It even comes in gold colour. These different shades are the result of the iron impurities found within the Lemon Calcite stones.

Due to its colour, it can often be confused with Yellow Calcite, so be sure to understand the differences and know which stone you’re getting.

Chemical Composition

Like other forms of Calcite, Lemon Calcite is made of calcium carbonate. This means that Lemon Calcite is potentially an abundant stone since calcium carbonate is readily available in many parts of the world.

Lemon Calcite is a soft crystal, so care needs to be taken when cleansing and charging it.


Lemon Calcite is available in the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Brazil, the USA, and some other countries as well.

Associated Chakras

One of the first things that psychic healers discovered about this stone is its incredible effects on the solar plexus chakra – much like Yellow Calcite.

This effect is readily apparent to those who use it to solve their problems related to confidence, willpower, personal power, self-esteem, and so on.

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Lemon Calcite: Meaning and Uses

Lemon Calcite Metaphysical Properties

There are many metaphysical properties of Lemon Calcite. Some of the more well-known ones are as follows:

  • It heals the solar plexus chakra of any ailments related to the energy dimension. It also activates the core, which helps the body absorb more energy from the universe.
  • By healing your solar plexus chakra, it sets you on a path of introspection and self-discovery.
  • It brings out any problems that you may have buried deep within you and forces you to address them once and for all.
  • Lemon Calcite has tremendous abilities to help you manifest your deepest desires. It amplifies the energies that you send out into the universe, which results in faster manifestations of your dreams.
  • It cleanses the aura (and the energy body) of any negative and stale energies. This addresses any ailments you might be experiencing and also prevents future ailments.
  • It clears old energy patterns, which is useful if the same things keep happening to you over and over again. This also paves the way to new experiences and opportunities in life.
  • It increases the general energy levels in your body so you always feel more active and lively.
  • It heightens your mental faculties. So, it enhances your analysing skills, increases your memory, and you therefore gain the ability to learn anything quickly.
  • It can help you connect with your higher self, your angels, or even the divine energies.
  • When it comes to physical healing, Lemon Calcite can heal diseases related to your urinary system, liver, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, etc. It can also boost your immune system and improve your metabolism.
Lemon Calcite: Meaning and Uses

Lemon Calcite Uses

There are many different use cases of Lemon Calcite. Your unique needs and desires will dictate how you use it.

Let’s take a look at some of the common uses of this stone so that you have a better idea of how you can integrate it into your life.

For Study

If you are a student, you can place a lemon calcite stone at your desk or in your drawer. You can also place it under your pillow when you go to bed at night. Or you can keep it in your school bag.

Doing these things will enhance your mental capabilities and provide a boost to your academic performance and learning.

To Heal Your Solar Plexus

If you want to heal your solar plexus chakra to regain personal power, confidence, and willpower, you can use it as a piece of jewellery.

You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, or any other type of jewellery you like. You can also keep it in your pocket wherever you go.

Alternatively, meditate with a chunk of Lemon Calcite, holding it over the solar plexus.

To Cleanse Your Aura

If you want to cleanse your aura or remove any old energy patterns, you could meditate while holding Lemon Calcite in your hands.

When you’re meditating, just try to connect to the energies of the stone and let your body become a vessel for the divine energies to pour in.

To Cleanse Your Home

You can also place Lemon Calcite around your house (preferably each room) so that it constantly keeps cleansing the energies throughout your home.

You can get creative with it and use Lemon Calcite as a decorative item as it’s a really wonderful, uplifting crystal.

To Connect With Your Guardians

If you want to connect with your guardian angels or spirit guides, you can form a typical crystal energy grid in a room.

Then, you can meditate near it while focusing your attention on the energy grid. This will help you connect with the spirit plane and receive clearer guidance and messages from your angels.

You can even ask questions to them, and you might receive the answers you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Lemon Calcite is an incredibly powerful stone that should definitely become a part of your life. It has impressive healing properties that can help you get rid of several ailments you might be facing.

It also has immense metaphysical properties that can even help you go beyond our physical plane and connect to higher dimensions.

Thanks to its high vibrational state, it can also raise you to a higher potential, which can make you the best version of yourself.

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