A Complete Guide To Yellow Calcite: Properties And Uses

Yellow Calcite will help clear negative energies, assist when self-doubt arises, and aid with motivation, making it the perfect go-to crystal to work with if you’re feeling low in mood and sluggish!

Particularly in the winter months, this affordable yet immensely powerful crystal can really help to improve your physical and mental health with its energies that, if used rightly, can really help you get your mojo back.

yellow calcite

It may come as no surprise that this crystal is associated with the sun.

Much like the yellow-blazing sun in the sky can improve our mood, hope, and energy (particularly after a dark and hard winter), this yellow-coloured crystal affords us the same benefits should we choose to use it wisely.

Sounds great, right? Read on where I will explain how you can use this crystal to help attract abundance, remove your spiritual blocks, and transform the energies within your life.

What Is Yellow Calcite?

As with all Calcite, this crystal is a form of Calcium Carbonate.

In appearance, Yellow Calcite can vary on the spectrum between being opaque and clear, and in colour can range from light yellow to dark yellow. It is not uncommon for Yellow Calcite to sometimes appear orange or brown to look at.

The intriguing colour of Yellow Calcite comes from the mineral being charged with impurities.

It can often be confused with Lemon Calcite (or even Honey Calcite), but they are different crystals, albeit from the same family.

Although Yellow Calcite can be found all over the world, most Yellow Calcite will be sourced from Mexico.

The United Kingdom, United States and Canada are other popular areas for finding Yellow Calcite.

Yellow Calcite Properties

Calcite is a mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3 and a brittle tenacity. You will find that it can be shaped into jewellery items to carry the energies of the crystal with you, or even into figures to station around your home.

Regardless of the way that this crystal has been shaped for you to be able to use its energies in your routine, it is vital that care is taken when cleansing this crystal.

yellow calcite properties

What is Yellow Calcite Good For?

As touched upon already, Yellow Calcite has a wide range of benefits that can be used within our life, either day to day or using the crystal when we are healing, meditating, or manifesting. I will explore these benefits in more depth:

It Can Clear Negative Energies

Probably one of the best all-around benefits of this crystal is its ability to clear any negative energies, making it the perfect crystal to work with if you feel there are any energy blocks impacting you on your road to spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.

Wearing a piece of jewellery with Yellow Calcite set into it will help keep negative energies at bay in daily life, but you can also introduce this crystal in more specific circumstances to be used in a particular way.

For example, Yellow Calcite can be used to enhance your meditative routine by increasing the positive energies and intensifying the energies of other stones that you may be using.

Simply placing the Yellow Calcite on your altar when you are undergoing spiritual work will allow you to reap the energetic benefits of this crystal.

It Can Improve Physical Health

Yellow Calcite, just like Lemon Calcite, is associated with the Solar Plexus. Knowing this, it would probably not come as any surprise for you to read that this crystal can be used to help those who suffer from physical ailments and psychosomatic symptoms of organs located within the Solar Plexus.

Particularly if you are prone to issues of the gut, Yellow Calcite can be extremely useful. Whether you are someone who experiences IBS, or who has problems with metabolism, this crystal holds healing properties that are beneficial for these areas.

With its powers to boost immunity, it is also known to help treat viruses. In addition, it can help with strengthening the heart, whilst also alleviating physical stress.

Kidney issues can also be healed with the use of this crystal. Yellow Calcite can help in detoxifying them.

It Can Help Improve Confidence and Hope

With the energy-cleansing properties of this crystal, it can be a very useful tool in keeping self-doubt and worry at bay, bringing in the positive energies of improved confidence, optimism, and hope for the future.

Naturally, these properties lend it well to improving both your physical and mental health, as it can certainly aid in supporting those experiencing symptoms of depression. This leads me nicely onto the next known benefit of Yellow Calcite.

It Can Increase Motivation

Often motivation can go hand in hand with mood. If you are struggling to get motivated, whether that’s at work, the jobs in the house, or even with making yourself a priority, it can be exceptionally advantageous to work with Yellow Calcite.

In removing negative blockages, this crystal can create a “can do” attitude, making you feel you want to tackle things that you may have spent some time putting off!

It Can Bring Luck

This crystal can help to attract luck into your life if you feel like your luck is down.

You will find when you begin to work with this crystal, it’s almost as if you have stumbled across a lucky charm – the positive blessings in your life will begin to rapidly increase as much as your motivation and confidence do.

This makes this crystal an ideal one to use when you are manifesting prosperity into your life.

It Can Help You Learn and Retain Information

Ready to take on a new learning venture? It would be advisable to use Yellow Calcite.

With the properties we have already discussed of increasing motivation, this crystal will help reduce procrastination as well as enhancing your memory and learning abilities.

what is yellow calcite good for

What Does Yellow Calcite Do and How Do I Use It?

As mentioned, Yellow Calcite can be used to attract positive energies and eradicate negative energies in your daily life by wearing it as a piece of jewellery.

You will find beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and rings with this crystal in. Not only are these stunning to admire, but they will allow you to harvest the benefits of this crystal whenever you wear them.

It can also be introduced as part of meditation, manifestation, or healing routines.

If you are looking to treat a physical ailment, it would be beneficial to lay on your back and place the Yellow Calcite on your Solar Plexus whilst envisioning it removing any blockages that are in the way of healing your ailment.

Whatever form you are using Yellow Calcite in, it is always important to remember that you need to gently cleanse it between uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Chakra Is Yellow Calcite?

Yellow Calcite resonates best with the Solar Plexus chakra and can be used to help relieve ailments in this area.
It can also help to clear negative energy from this chakra and fill it with joy, positivity, and creativity.

What Is The Yellow Calcite Zodiac?

Yellow Calcite works well for those born under the Leo zodiac, but it can also be useful for those born in July – who may fall under the Cancer star sign.

What Is Considered An Average Yellow Calcite Price?

It would be impossible to give an exact price as it will depend on a few factors like the size of the crystals and where you purchase them from.
But, as this crystal is readily available, it is usually fairly inexpensive and is often much cheaper than other crystals.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Calcite is a wonderfully, sunny crystal that can bring upliftment into your life.

If you’re looking for more motivation, joy or luck in life, consider adding this crystal to your healing collection.