How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite: A Complete Cleansing And Charging Guide

Yellow Calcite is a joyful crystal that is excellent at uplifting your mood, especially during darker times.

Closely associated with the sun, Yellow Calcite is a powerful cleanser of negative energy, but it must be cleansed itself in turn to keep it working correctly.

How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite

In this guide, I will show you how to cleanse, charge and programme your crystal.

How To Cleanse Yellow Calcite

As with any other crystal, it’s important to regularly cleanse your Yellow Calcite to keep it in good working order.

Crystals will pick up energy when they are handled and used, so it’s important to remove that energy. It’s vital to cleanse your Yellow Calcite when you first get it and after every single use.

Here’s how to cleanse your Yellow Calcite crystal:

Smudging Yellow Calcite

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll know that my favourite way to cleanse my crystals is to use smoke.

I usually opt to smudge my crystals with Clary Sage or White Sage mixed with Lavender as I’ve been growing all of these fresh at home. But, dried Rosemary is an excellent cleanser too.

If you don’t have any of these dried herb bundles to hand, you can just as easily use incense. I’d recommend sage, lavender, rosemary, palo santo, or dragon’s blood incense sticks for crystal cleansing.

Whether you’re using incense or a bundle of herbs, simply light them, gently blow out the flame and ensure it is smoking. Then, slowly pass your Yellow Calcite through the herb smoke.

You can repeat this action a few times until you feel that the crystal is fully cleansed – it’s important to trust your instinct when doing this.

Sound Headling Yellow Calcite

Sound healing is a lovely method for healing crystals like Yellow Calcite.

You can use a singing bowl, a shamanic drum, or Tingshas to complete this cleansing.

Place your crystal on a secure surface, close your eyes, and start to play your chosen instrument near the crystal.

Focus on the sound moving towards the crystal and removing all unwanted energy.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Yellow Calcite?

Cleansing Yellow Calcite With Other Crystals

Cleansing with other crystals is a really easy method for removing unwanted energy.

Choose Clear Quartz or Selenite for this purpose as they are powerful cleansers for other crystals and objects.

The easiest way to cleanse Yellow Calcite with one of these crystals is to use a charging plate or bowl – you can then just place your Yellow Calcite on top or inside.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a plate or bowl, you can still use a tumblestone or any other shape of Clear Quartz or Selenite for cleansing.

Hold your Yellow Calcite in your hand and wind your Selenite or Clear Quartz around it. As you do this, envisage any unwanted energy being removed.

Burying Yellow Calcite In The Earth

Finally, you can bury Yellow Calcite in the ground to cleanse it.

Mother Nature is one of the most powerful cleansers, so calling on her energies and allowing her to remove negative energy from your crystal is incredibly effective.

It’s important to make sure the ground is completely dry before you complete this cleansing – and only leave your crystal for a few hours.

How To Charge Yellow Calcite

When you’ve fully cleansed your Yellow Calcite crystal, it’s important to then charge it.

The safest way to charge Yellow Calcite is by using the gorgeous and magical energies of the full moon.

If you can be sure it’s going to be a completely dry night, you are welcome to place your Yellow Calcite outside to soak up the full moon energies.

However, if the ground is damp or rain is likely, it’s best to place your crystal on the windowsill to absorb the moon’s energies.

If you miss the full moon, don’t worry – the nights on either side of a full moon are equally powerful.

how to cleanse yellow calcite

How To Programme Yellow Calcite

If you’ve been following this guide then your Yellow Calcite should now be cleansed and charged. So, now it’s time to charge it for your next use.

Yellow Calcite has many different uses, so focus your intention on exactly what you want this crystal to do for you on the next use.

Hold this crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and focus on how you want to work with your crystal. Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel your connection with the crystal.

You can set your intention by either saying it out loud or in your head.

When you feel like the programming is complete, open your eyes.

Cleansing Yellow Calcite – FAQs

Can You Wash Yellow Calcite?

Yellow Calcite is a relatively soft crystal so I wouldn’t recommend cleansing this with water.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Yellow Calcite?

While you should avoid using water to cleanse Yellow Calcite, you can opt for smudging, sound healing, cleansing with earth, or using Selenite or Clear Quartz.
When the cleansing is complete, you can put your crystal under the light of the full moon to charge it.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Calcite is a beautiful, sunny crystal, so to keep benefiting from its wonderful energy, it’s important to take good care of it.

I’d recommend avoiding water cleansing and instead smudging this crystal or cleansing it using sound, the earth, or other cleansing crystals.

When you’ve cleansed Yellow Calcite, leave it under the full moon to recharge it and then set your intentions ready to work with it again.

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