How To Do A Seven Card Tarot Spread: An Easy Guide

Tarot is one of the greatest tools you can use to access the answers of the universe.

Using a tarot spread helps you create a proper structure that helps you fully address and answer the question at hand.

seven card tarot spread

With the right practise and structure, tarot has the potential to provide you with the encouragement and guidance needed to move forward through any experience.

A seven card tarot spread is one of the best spreads to use, as it contains a good number of cards to accurately provide enough information and understanding.

If you’re someone who’s struggling to find guidance, I’ve got the perfect 7 tarot card spread for you. Follow along to learn more!

How Tarot Helps Us Access Answers

Tarot cards are energetic blueprints for the many experiences throughout your life.

The cards symbolise a journey of self-discovery, and while everyone lives unique lives, we can all relate to many common themes.

These themes are the true building blocks of the human experience, and you can see them illustrated and explained in great depth in each of the cards in a tarot deck.

These tools are designed to create a snapshot of life’s themes and lessons while providing you with guidance on how to navigate them.

There are countless ways to perform a tarot reading, but having an outline is helpful as it assigns meaning to specific card placements.

In a seven card spread, once you know the question or situation at hand, you draw each card and place it in a specific position on the table.

Not only do each of the cards create overall energy, but each of them, depending on their placement and upright/reversed position, tells their own mini story on what is at play within the question.

Before The Reading

Before performing a reading, it’s important to enter a state of balance and centredness.

Your emotions, thoughts, and bodies align when you are centred. If you go into a reading without being centred, you have the potential to influence the answers or interpretations, allowing your emotions to guide you rather than your intuition.

It’s also helpful to cleanse the space and deck. Sage and palo santo are excellent cleansers when working with the tarot and help remove any excess energies from a deck that may interfere with reading.

Once the energy is clear, reflect on the question or situation and what you wish to obtain from the reading and shuffle the cards.

7 card tarot spread

Doing A Seven Card Tarot Spread

There are many uses for a 7 card tarot spread. Whether you’re seeking answers in love, career, health, or simply want to know the overall energies of a situation, this tarot spread will provide the answers.

Card 1

At the heart of the 7 card tarot spread is the first card.

This card will often represent the present and current energies surrounding the situation or question. Understanding the present is the first step to take in order to better understand the past and present’s influence.

When you understand the present energies, you can identify the root cause of them, which assists in the final outcome of the reading.

Card 2

The second card is positioned to the right of the centre card. This card represents the challenge.

In every situation, there are always two opposing energies, two polarities in duality.

So, understanding the challenge or contrast within the situation allows us to take action toward a solution.

The second card also helps to identify potential roadblocks when trying to manifest something or start a new project.

Card 3

The third card is positioned to the right of the centre card. Here, you can see the past influences that got you to where you’re at today.

For example, if my question is about a relationship that’s no longer working, the third card illustrates what actions and choices I made in the past that created the state that the relationship is in today.

Understanding the past allows you to combat the contrast or challenge in new ways and turn away from old patterns that no longer serve you.

Card 4

In the seven card tarot spread, the fourth card is positioned directly above the centre card.

This card represents the most dominant future potential in the situation at hand.

Knowing what the future holds allows you to take action in the present and either direct yourself toward it or against it.

Card 5

The fifth card is positioned directly below the centre card. This is where the spread provides a sense of guidance.

Having reflected on the present, the challenges, the past, and the future, having a piece of advice now allows you to understand how each of them ties into the other.

For example, if I draw The Devil card in the fifth card’s placement, the advice is to identify addictions, limited beliefs, and self-sabotage that are currently holding me back from experiencing the life I desire to live.

Card 6

The sixth card is positioned directly below the fifth. This card represents the outcome, but only if the advice given by the previous card is followed.

Sometimes, the advice given isn’t necessarily what you want to hear, and it can be difficult to decide if it’s the right move to make.

This spread is designed to tell you what we need to hear, not what you want to hear. So, even if a card provides you with a message that’s tough to swallow, it’s important to still consider it.

Card 7

Last but not least, the seventh card of the spread appears directly to the right of the sixth card.

Here, we learn the overall theme of the reading.

The seventh card is a culmination of all the energies found within the previous six cards, helping you fully understand the depth and bigger picture of the situation.

Regardless of your decision or action, this card shows you the universal message of this experience and how it will impact your life.

After the Reading

After the reading, taking a photo of the cards and the placements to reflect on.

It can also be helpful to take notes so you have something to reference back to.

Thank your guides and then put your cards away – I always like to cleanse mine before I put them back in their pouch.

Final Thoughts

This 7 card tarot spread is one of my favourite readings and a powerful tool for just about any situation out there.

Take your time with this spread and see what energies it presents to you and which emotions it brings to the surface.

Whether you’re a tarot newbie or a seasoned practitioner, I’m certain that this spread will elevate your practice and help you start taking action from an empowered state.