Squirrel Spiritual Meaning: Exploring Squirrel Symbolism + Dream Meaning

You will find squirrels on most continents, but they were brought in by humans to Australia.

They are part of the rodent family and can be found in both urban and suburban environments.

squirrel symbolism

Whilst some of their fellow rodents, like rats and mice, are usually considered less appealing, squirrels are generally thought of as a cute species (unless wreaking havoc with electrical wires!)

If you’re on this page, there’s every chance that the squirrel is making itself more known to you and you’re curious about the squirrel’s spiritual meaning

Read on to discover more about squirrel symbolism, why a squirrel may be bustling into your dreams, and what these creatures can teach us about adaptability and preparation.

Squirrel Symbolism: An Overview

Thinking of the squirrel, what is one thing that comes to mind?

Most of us will think of a squirrel scurrying away with its store of food and maintaining that store of food.

These animals can certainly teach us about resourcefulness and preparation.

In addition, they symbolise playfulness, energy, and balance. If you’re interested to know in more depth why this is, I will explore this further below.


As I have touched upon, the squirrel is known for its preparation with regard to food and nesting.

If squirrel symbolism is popping up in your daily life, it may be encouraging you to review your resources for the plans you have in mind.

Do you have what you need to execute your plans correctly? Or do you need to go out and obtain further resources to achieve what you are hoping to?

Perhaps the squirrel spirit animal knows that you need to be prepared for any eventuality and is encouraging you to ensure you have the tools, time, and education behind you to make sure the venture you’re setting out on is going to be a successful one.


Whether you’re an adult or a child, most people feel joy when they look at a squirrel.

These creatures are playful and entertaining, with the ability to bring a smile to the face of many individuals who encounter them.

If the squirrel is becoming more apparent to you at this time, it is encouraging joy and playfulness.

Perhaps you’ve been taking life a little too seriously, and it’s time to have some fun.

As I will go on to explore further, the spiritual meaning of the squirrel is all about balance, and being able to have fun is essential to living a balanced and fruitful life.


Probably one of the most physically adaptable species around, the squirrel is able to climb, descend, jump, and hang with ease.

Their hind legs can rotate 180 degrees, which is what makes their movements so adaptable.

With these abilities in mind, consider what the squirrel may be trying to teach you. Are you underestimating your own ability to adapt? Are you concerned about change for this reason?

We all have the ability to adapt to any situation if we just dig deep, and this is what the squirrel is encouraging you to do. Whilst you may not have the 180-degree hind leg rotation of a squirrel, you just need the belief in yourself to adjust to the changes that lie ahead.

Hard Work

The squirrel is an animal that is really not afraid of challenges. These resilient creatures are determined and hard-working.

They recognise that they need to work through the year to then survive winter in comfort. When the winter comes, the hard work that they have engaged in throughout the year pays off.

Here is the other side of that balance that the squirrel can teach us about.

Whilst these creatures certainly encourage joyfulness and play, they recognise that we cannot survive life on fun alone.

In order to be able to enjoy life, we have to work for a life to enjoy.

Perhaps you have been procrastinating and not putting enough work in to reap the benefits that you want and deserve. If this resonates with you, it is likely that squirrel symbolism is acting as a gentle reminder to knuckle down a little more.

squirrel spiritual meaning


If you watch a squirrel, you will notice it doesn’t stay around long enough for you to really admire it.

I believe this is part of the appeal of the squirrel, and is why we are so excited when we spot one.

It may pause for only a few seconds before it is darting away in a different direction, or ascending a tree – out of sight before we can even blink.

This small but mighty animal is encouraging you to walk, run, dance, socialise, or eat good foods.

Whatever brings you energy and enjoyment, do it.

Are you finding that you’re feeling sluggish? The squirrel serves as a reminder that to get re-energized, you need to do more of what you love in life and, again, reminds you to live a balanced life.

When we feel depleted of energy and are feeling tired, more often than not it is not due to lack of sleep – it is a lack of doing what we enjoy. So whatever that is – do that. The squirrel totem wants you to!


Balance is key and forms a large part of the other areas that the squirrel is symbolic of.

Whether that balance is work/play or movement/relaxation, if the squirrel is making itself more visible to you, it is trying to encourage balance.

As humans, we often struggle with balance throughout life. The squirrel can really educate us on how to perfect this.

Daily, through the change of seasons, and yearly, balance is key to the survival of the squirrel.

Whilst balance may not always be key to our survival, it is certainly key to us living life.

The squirrel is not an observer of its life – it fully participates in what it is doing in every single moment.

If you feel like you are a bystander in your own life, the squirrel is motivating you to assess your life and bring some equilibrium to it so that you can stop observing and start experiencing.

How to Work With Your Squirrel Spirit Animal

If the squirrel spirit animal is entering your life, it is reminding you that concentration is key. You need to work on staying grounded and in the moment to focus on your goals. You also need to allow yourself to adapt to the situation at hand.

As squirrels are solar creatures, it is important that you get out and about to do this.

In order for you to be able to stay grounded and stay in the moment, take your spiritual work outdoors where you can benefit from the rays of the sun.

Place yourself in an area where squirrels are likely to be scuttling around whilst you meditate – being in the presence of these animals will help you to attract more of what your mind needs to succeed at this time.

If it is not possible to go outdoors to enjoy the sun due to the weather, then consider taking your spiritual work indoors, but keeping the energy of that squirrel spirit animal in mind.

Perhaps have a picture on your altar of your squirrel totem to inspire you.

With their resourcefulness, squirrels are the masters of manifestation. If you show determination, like the squirrel, then with focus you will manifest what you require at this time – believe and you will achieve!

squirrel dream meaning

Squirrel Dream Meaning Explained

Squirrels are generally considered lucky so if these creatures are scampering into your dreams, it can be taken as a sign that a positive life awaits you.

However, to achieve that positive life, dreaming of a squirrel may mean you are being encouraged to get that balance right – are you working too hard or playing too much? Get that balance correct, and abundance awaits you.

Although we generally consider squirrels to be lucky, if the squirrel in your dream is entering your home, it is indicative that you need to monitor your budget.

Like the squirrel, you need to be prepared for anything that lies ahead, so the squirrel is reminding you that you need to start putting some money aside.

Perhaps you have been a little frivolous in your spending, and the squirrel is reminding you to tone that down as there may be something ahead that you will need extra funds for.

Are Squirrels A Good Omen?

Squirrels are considered to be lucky creatures in many countries. An example of this is in Korea, where the belief is held that seeing a squirrel before lunchtime on your birthday will bring you luck for the next year.

They represent hard work, planning, and abundance. If a squirrel crosses your path, it can certainly be taken as a sign that luck is on its way, but also a reminder that you also need to put your own work in to reap this as the squirrel does.

What Deities Are Associated With Squirrels?

Hermes and Mercury are two deities that have been associated with the squirrel within some cultures.

Ratatoskr, a squirrel from Norse mythology, is known to ascend and descend Yggdrasil (known as the world tree), taking messages between the serpent at the bottom of the tree (Níðhöggr) and the eagles at the top of the tree.

Black Squirrel Meaning – What Does A Black Squirrel Signify?

Black squirrels are pretty rare, so seeing one is considered good luck by some and potential prosperity.

Final Thoughts

The squirrel is a much-loved creature across the world and it’s an animal that can capture the imaginations of people of all ages.

But, this small creature, which we may often take for granted, is a powerful guide. If you’ve started to resonate with squirrel symbolism, it’s important to understand what this means for your daily life and the path ahead of you.

If you are struggling with balance in your life, need to learn to be more adaptable and resourceful, or if you need to learn how to have fun and be more playful, call upon the squirrel spirit animal to guide you.