The Moose Spirit Animal: Moose Symbolism And Dream Meaning Explained

Moose are most commonly found in North America, Canada, Europe, and Russia. They stand at a whopping 6 feet tall and can weigh around 1,000 pounds, making them the largest members of the deer family.

These giant animals are known to be strong, determined, and focused.

moose symbolism

The antlers of the male moose can span 6 feet from one tip to the other. The females are fierce protectors of their young – despite the absence of antlers, they can kill with their kicks!

Read on to find out about moose symbolism, what we can learn from these strong creatures, and why the moose is considered to be an animal that brings good fortune and luck.

Moose Symbolism Explained

Since the moose embodies strength and power, it will come as no surprise that the moose symbolises these.

They are also associated with stubbornness, pride, and confidence. Patience and authority are also key areas we can learn about from the moose.

If you’ve found your way to this page, there is every chance that the tenacious moose spirit animal is charging towards you and you are curious as to why. I will explore below why this animal may be making itself known to you.


Visually, the moose is clearly a well-built and physically strong animal.

Whilst their physical strength and attributes may contribute to their mental strength, meaning that these animals are not scared easily by predators, you do not need the physical strength of a moose to get through your current situation.

The moose serves as a reminder that you have a great deal of inner strength, you just need to tap into it.

Envisage yourself as a strong moose that is able and willing to plough forward through any obstacles or predators, metaphorically speaking.

The moose spirit animal wants you to dig deep and move ahead – you can and will get through this period.


The moose is known to be very headstrong and stubborn.

Whilst being headstrong is not necessarily a negative attribute, being stubborn can be considered one.

If the moose is presenting itself to you, it may be guiding you to see that you are being a little too stubborn in a situation that you find yourself in.

You know your own mind – that’s great. However, do not be so stubborn that you are unwilling to hear others’ views.

Perhaps you are so set on what you view as being the right course of action that you are not taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture.

The moose totem is encouraging you to reflect on how you are handling what is happening in your life right now – do not be so stubborn, and allow others to help if they want to and can.


A moose never seems to be hanging its head – these animals stand proud in who they are.

If the moose is making itself known to you, it wants you to do exactly the same. Be proud of who and where you are – you have worked hard to achieve this. Keep your head held high and feel that inner glow of pride.

Perhaps you are not someone who ever allows yourself to feel pride in your accomplishments for fear of coming across as arrogant, but you’ve achieved something huge!

The moose reminds you that arrogance and pride are very different – being proud of your achievements is allowed and encouraged.

It is this feeling of pride that will carry you forward and allow you to continue achieving. The sky’s the limit!


The moose does not rush. It is patient and considers its next steps.

If the moose is making itself apparent to you, it wants you to do the same.

Perhaps you are rushing full-steam ahead and are not being patient enough. It may be that you need to pause and consider your next steps before rushing.

Planning and patience are essential to succeed. You are more likely to make errors of judgement if you rush and do not practise patience.

moose spirit animal


The moose holds strong links to personal authority. Perhaps you are questioning decisions and not having enough confidence in your ability to choose the right option.

Whilst we have learned that it is crucial to not be stubborn and to take on board others’ views, it is equally vital to strike this balance and to not be completely swayed by the views of others.

Moose symbolism is presenting itself to you to let you know that you do have the authority to make choices that affect your life.

This is where being headstrong, but not stubborn, is extremely important.

Another possibility here is that a position of authority is on the horizon for you. The moose wants to nudge you in this direction and wants you to have the confidence to accept this position of authority.


As we have just very briefly touched upon, the moose can present itself when it wants you to have confidence in yourself.

Quietly confident, the moose knows its abilities. It is encouraging you to have the same confidence in yourself.

You have everything in your heart, mind, and soul to accomplish what you need to do – all you need is to have faith in your abilities and you will attract good fortune along the way.


The moose carries great power, both physically and mentally.

If you find yourself attracting the moose spirit animal, it is providing you with the knowledge that you have the power of the Universe within you.

It may be that times are testing for you, but you have to remember everything that you have already been through – through power and perseverance you got to where you are today.

Do not stop now – be tenacious and powerful just like the moose. Abundance is on its way.

How To Work With The Moose Spirit Animal

If the moose spirit animal is making itself known to you, you need to ensure that you remain stable and focused.

The moose wants to remind you that you are determined and you will achieve anything that you put your mind to.

In order to channel the proud energy of the mouse, sit in a comfortable area. If you can, work with this energy in the forest.

Close your eyes, taking deep breaths in and out. Envisage that you are visually and mentally strong, much like the moose, and that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Imagine those grand antlers of the moose extending from your own head. Now imagine through those antlers you are drawing in the energy of the moose.

You are absorbing the strength, the power, the pride, and the patience into your own self. You fully embody the moose and all that it represents.

Envision what you will achieve with these new qualities – dream big and manifest.

After 15 minutes, imagine the antlers slowly retracting back into your head, allowing you to retain those new energies.

When you are ready, open your eyes and feel that energy shift.

moose dream meaning

Moose Dream Meaning Explained

If the moose spirit animal presents itself to you in a dream, it is asking that you tap into the energies of spirit and utilise their guidance.

A big shift is going to happen in your life, and in order to prepare for this you need to allow spirit to help you.

With the moose symbolising perseverance and pride, the moose may be signifying that you are about to achieve your goals if you just have some patience.

Something that you have worked hard for in recent times is about to come to fruition – make sure you sit back and allow yourself to be proud of your achievements when they occur.

Alternatively, if you dream that you are running away from a moose, it can mean that you are trying to get away from someone or something in your waking life.

Perhaps you are finding yourself tied to a situation and you are not sure of the best path – to stay or to go.

The moose chasing you is letting you know that it is okay to “run away” and take a different path if the path you are on is no longer bringing you joy

What Does A Moose Symbolise In Native American Culture?

Some Native American cultures appoint moose as tribe animals as they hold these animals in high regard. In some Native American cultures, the moose is symbolic of stamina, perseverance and bravery. However, the moose also represents grace and tenderness in other Native American cultures.

White Moose Symbolism: What Does This Beautiful Creature Symbolise?

Due to infrequent findings, the white moose is considered lucky in many Native American cultures. The white moose is considered a sign of integrity and courage. For this reason, some tribes such as the Mi’kmaq view the white moose to be a sacred animal, and it is thought that to kill one would result in the killer receiving bad luck. The Mi’kmaq tribe will honour the loss of any white moose in a special spiritual ceremony.

Final Thoughts

The moose spirit animal is strong and proud. If you are resonating with moose symbolism, it’s time to embody those qualities for yourself.

You have immense strength and power within you – enough to overcome the obstacles that are put in your way.