How To Do A Beltane Tarot Spread

As Beltane approaches, you may be looking for ways to honour it. Well, did you know a Beltane tarot spread is a great way to welcome new beginnings and celebrate the turning of the wheel?

Beltane, celebrated on May 1st, is a Celtic holiday that honours the coming of Summer, renewal, growth, and fertility.

Beltane Tarot Spread

Beltane is one of the most prominent Gaelic festivals, where many rituals were used to promote prosperity and fertility and protect people from supernatural influence.

Betlane is still celebrated today by many who wish to welcome it in the new season.

One way to celebrate Beltane is through performing a tarot spread specific for the celebration, geared towards tapping into the main themes of renewal, new beginnings, and abundance associated with this time.

When I think of Beltane, I think of warm weather, blue skies, laughter, and the ease that summer brings. For most people, these are energies they wish to bring into their own lives, and performing a Beltane tarot spread allows you to uncover how to do so.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to do this tarot spread for yourself.

Why Should I Do A Beltane Spread?

There are many benefits of a Beltane tarot spread. The first is gaining clarity on how to grow and move forward. If you’re struggling with stagnation or feeling a lack of progress in your life, this tarot spread gives you a clue on how to overcome these issues.

Fertility is also another common theme of the Beltane celebration. Fertility is often associated with birth and childhood, but it can mean much more than that.

When I think of fertility, I think of which areas of my life feel full and lively. How are my relationships? How are my finances? How is my health?

Fertility is important for all aspects of your life, and uncovering which areas lack it is important for your overall growth and expansion.

Preparing For A Beltane Tarot Spread

I usually use the Traditional Rider Waite tarot deck for all of my readings, but for this reading, it can be good to choose something related to the celebration.

For this reading, you might like to try this Celtic Tarot deck or the Spirit Animal Tarot.

Make sure your deck of cards are fully cleansed and give them a good shuffle.

If you use crystals during your readings, choose stones that are associated with Beltane to harness the energies of the season.

Get Out in Nature

If possible, performing the Beltane tarot spread out in nature can be helpful.

Lay a blanket or cloth down outside on the grass, or hike into the woods and perform the reading there.

Tap into the energies of the earth, ground your energy, and get in tune with the natural flow of nature.

Whenever I’m out in nature, it’s easier to let go of my day, thoughts, and emotions. I can be fully present and acknowledge the abundance that exists within nature.

When you are ready, and connected to your spirit team, you can start the reading.

How To Do A Beltane Spread

The Beltane spread includes five cards designed to tap into the specific energies associated with this time. You can perform this reading on May 1st or within a few days prior to or after this date.

Card 1

The first card is placed at the centre of the spread. This card placement represents what areas of your life are abundant and fertile right now.

Having this located at the beginning of the reading helps you understand what area of your life is already blessed, and you can use this example to energise the other area of your life.

I’ve previously drawn the Two Of Cups here, reminding me that my relationships are full, close, and have great communication.

Sometimes, this reminder is needed, especially if you’re currently noticing a lack in your life.

The truth is, there’s always something to be grateful for, and having a clear picture of that helps balance out the rest of the reading.

Card 2

The second card is placed directly above the first card.

Here, you’re shown which area of your life lacks progress. In the past, I’ve drawn the Three Of Pentacles which taught me that there was a lack of progress in my career.

Another example could be drawing the World card, which symbolises that you may have a lack of experience in your life in general.

Card 3

The third card is positioned directly below the centre card.

This may be one of the most important cards as it shows you what’s most needed to overcome or let go of at the start of Beltane.

In order to experience the growth and abundance of the season, you must first make room for it.

I know sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why this spread is so useful.

The third card shows you how and why you’re feeling a sense of stagnation or a lack of flow associated with the second card.

Card 4

The fourth card is positioned below the third card.

Here, you find a solution to how you can overcome any challenges or blockages in your life and welcome new beginnings, growth, and fertility.

For example, if you were to draw an Eight Of Wands card, this may suggest that you are trying to move too quickly through life.

You’re not allowing yourself to be present, live in the moment, and plan for the future ahead.

Moving too quickly without assessing where you’re headed can create issues due to a lack of planning or awareness.

Card 5

The last card of the spread should be placed to the right of the entire reading.

This card predicts what blessings and good fortune you have coming your way this summer.

In order to fully receive these rewards, it’s important to work through the energies of the previous four cards to help clear away issues of stagnation, opening up new channels of energy and doorways into your life.

beltane tarot spread

After the Reading

Now that you’ve completed the reading, reflecting on the message and finding ways to incorporate it into your life is important.

I always take a photo of the cards and their placement that I can refer to whenever I’m doing inner work.

If a message doesn’t come to you right away, that’s okay. Take your time and go through each card, thinking of how it applies to your life.

With enough thought, you’ll soon understand how each of them is connected and how you can use them for guidance.

Final Thoughts

Beltane is a time for growth and new beginnings, welcome in all of the blessings of the rest of the year ahead, and make space in your life to keep them once they finally show up.

The above Beltant tarot spread will help you understand what you need to overcome, and what lies ahead of you.

As well as completing a reading with tarot cards, you can also do the reading with Runes or Oghams. Use whatever works for you.

What will you be doing to celebrate Beltane?