The 9 Best Crystals For Beltane

Occurring around halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, Beltane (known widely as May Day) is a Pagan holiday that is associated with fire, the Sun, and fertility.

Beltane roughly translates from Gaelic to “bright fire”. It is often commemorated by dancing and the lighting of bonfires.

stones and crystals for beltane

Using fire, those celebrating Beltane are looking to cleanse themselves from the winter months, honouring the returning energy of the sun.

Fertility rituals, such as females “dancing around the maypole” are also common during Beltane. During this ritual ribbons are hung off a tree and held onto by those dancing around it, which is thought to encourage fertility.

With Beltane having associations with new beginnings, fire, and fertility, you may be interested in how you can use the powerful energies during this period and which crystals will enhance those energies when you are meditating, manifesting, or communicating with spirit.

Perhaps you are looking to arrange crystals on your altar during Beltane, or wondering which crystal may be best to give to a loved one during this celebratory time.

Read on to learn more about the best Beltane crystals that you can use within your spiritual practices as the wheel turns, the energies that they carry, and why they will intensify the energies of this festival.

Beltane Crystals: My Top Picks

1. Carnelian

This fire-coloured crystal is essential during Beltane due to properties that lend it well to being used to promote fertility.

Carnelian is known to attract love and passion, but can also enhance sex drive.

This powerful crystal can help in the clearing of negative energies, making way for positive energies, meaning it is ideal for use when manifesting your heart’s desires.

2. Sunstone

This beautiful stone is known to clear all the chakras and can help to alleviate stress.

Sunstone can be a perfect crystal to pair with the energies of Beltane due to it carrying the energy of Ra (the Egyptian Sun God) which will be further enhanced during this time of celebrating that big ball of fire in the sky!

Sunstone is acknowledged for its ability to encourage and attract good luck, and can also help to remove blockages from the sacral chakra, which is linked with fertility.

3. Garnet

This beautiful red stone is known to inspire love and balance sexual desire, making it a perfect stone to use during Beltane.

Garnet is associated with the base, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras. It can help to banish toxins from the body and to encourage circulation.

These properties aid our overall health but also, more specifically, our reproductive health. Thus, Garnet would be essential in attracting fertile energies during Beltane.

4. Tiger’s Eye

This stunning stone is known for its protective abilities. It can help alleviate fear and anxiety when used correctly.

This stone is also able to energise the body, increasing vitality. It is known for bringing luck to the individual who is using it and encouraging a calm and clear state of mind, allowing you to tune into what it is that you really desire.

This stone can also be used to balance the base, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. With the sacral chakra being linked to fertility, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect Beltane crystal to tap into the energies of the season.

5. Green Aventurine

This calming crystal can be used to quieten the mind and alleviate stress.

The earthy energies of this crystal allow you to tap into your divine feminine and it is said to have been the stone of choice for Amazon Warrior Queens.

It can also help to ground you and bring you good luck, so using the energies of this crystal during Beltane will strengthen your manifestations whilst allowing you to embody the fierce energy of those Amazon Warrior Queens – you WILL attract what you desire.

6. Moonstone

This crystal has strong connections to motherly protection.

Similar to Green Aventurine, this stone can help you to tune into your feminine energies and can also have a balancing effect on your emotions, as well as your Yin and Yang energies.

New beginnings are strongly linked to this stone, making it ideal to use during Beltane.

If you find yourself more closed off from others, Moonstone can help you in letting your guard down and allowing others to support you.

7. Rose Quartz

Roses are associated with romance and love, so it will not come as a shock to find that Rose Quartz is associated with the heart and unconditional love.

If you work with crystals regularly, it is likely that you have already begun harnessing the benefits of this crystal, which is well known to aid with spiritual growth.

This stone also carries a lot of feminine energies with it and can be used to open up the heart chakra. Thus, with its strong links to love and its ability to strengthen the connection with spirit, Beltane would be an ideal time to work with the energies of Rose Quartz.

8. Magnetite

This healing crystal is well-recognised for acting as a “magnet” for good fortune and abundance.

If you are focused and determined in what you are manifesting, and putting faith in the Universe to deliver that, Magnetite can be used to enhance your manifestation powers.

This stone is also known for its grounding abilities, meaning that it is essential to use even once you have manifested your heart’s wants to ensure that you remain grounded and balanced.

When you are envisioning what you are hoping to attract during Beltane, ensure that you have your Magnetite to hand.

9. Dendritic Agate

The energies carried by Dendritic Agate make it perfect for attracting new beginnings, meaning it is a great crystal for Beltane.

It is known for its cleansing abilities, whilst also attracting growth into your life.

It is a stone that is associated with gratitude, which you will want to use to remind yourself to be grateful for where you are, where you have been, and where you are going when this stone helps in drawing you towards your new, prosperous life.

Final Thoughts

Beltane is a beautiful celebration of new beginnings and fresh opportunities.

As we put the cold, long days of winter behind us, and embrace the approaching summer months, we can enjoy the changing energies of the season by working with crystal.

The above 9 stones and crystals for Beltane are my favourites to work with as the wheel turns.