Page Of Pentacles Meaning: How To Interpret This Tarot Card

The Page Of Pentacles sits within the Pentacle suit in the minor arcana.

The image on the card shows a person holding a coin delicately in both hands, standing in a green field with flowers. Behind the person, we can see trees and mountains. So, what does this mean?

page of pentacles meaning

Keep reading to learn more about the Page Of Pentacles tarot card.

An Overview Of The Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Page in a deck can usually be taken as a sign that new beginnings are on the horizon, and the Page Of Pentacles is no exception to this.

If you look at the picture on the tarot card, the person appears to be concentrating immensely on that coin – the look of a person who is trying to manifest.

Perhaps you are close to attracting something of material value, and the Page is presenting itself to assure you that this is within reach – keep working, keep your focus, and keep manifesting. Abundance is likely on its way.

As with the other Page cards within the tarot deck, they are guided by the other cards that are being read alongside them, but they still are usually indicative that something positive is on its way and, with the Pentacle suit being largely associated with wealth, possessions, creativity and career, that “something positive” will usually be something likely to enhance your “physical” comfort.

Let’s learn more about what this card means when it shows up as upright and reversed.

Page Of Pentacles Meaning: Upright

If you are feeling stagnant in your career or your wealth, the Page Of Pentacles is presenting to encourage you to do something to change this and take action. This card knows what you are capable of and is pushing you to improve yourself.

Perhaps you have been considering a course to professionally develop, or have considered a new side hustle. This card wants you to stop thinking and start doing. Your dreams and goals are within reach if you are ambitious and believe in yourself.

This card is certainly not here to say that anything is going to come easy to you – you will need to put the work in and “climb that mountain” as indicated by the image of this card.

However, if you are struggling to motivate yourself to reach your goals, this card is here to tell you that you need to focus. If you do, the rewards and opportunities will flow.

Page Of Pentacles Meaning: Reversed

Page Of Pentacles Meaning: Reversed

When reversed, this card can be read as a caution. The Page Of Pentacles wants you to know that you are standing in your own way to success and you are allowing things to move out of reach.

You have potential but you don’t even seem to be doing anything about that potential – perhaps you don’t even recognise that potential.

Whilst the upright meaning is an encouraging reminder of what you are capable of and that you just need the motivation to put your ideas into action, the reverse is a warning that you are close to letting your potential slip through your fingers.

perhaps you’re becoming too complacent with that stagnant space and you’re not even thinking about what to do next, let alone acting on it.

As it stands, perhaps you’re just gazing at that mountain in the distance, not considering that if you come up with a plan of how to climb it, amazing things lay on the other side of that mountain.

Page Of Pentacles In A Love Reading

When upright in a love reading, the Page Of Pentacles is usually a good omen.

If you are single, it can be indicative that a person who is well suited to you is on their way. This person will show a commitment and dedication to you and will be willing and able to ascend those metaphorical mountains hand in hand with you.

If you are already in a relationship, or in a budding one, this card assures you that you are both committed to one another. You are both working on making sure that the relationship succeeds, and positive experiences lay ahead in your future together.

Page Of Pentacles In A Love Reading

Page Of Pentacles Reversed In A Love Reading

Within a love reading, if this card is reversed, it can suggest that a dedication to the relationship is lacking.

Acting as a caution, this card may indicate an imbalance within the relationship. Perhaps one of you is giving this your all, yet feeling taken for granted, whilst the other does not appear as committed.

Some may read this lack of commitment as the potential for infidelity, but it can merely mean one of you is becoming lazy and is not nurturing the relationship as you should.

This does not necessarily mean that the relationship is not one that is worth committing to, but again when reversed this card can serve as a warning that through this imbalance in the relationship, effective communication isn’t happening and it is time to have some conversations.

If you are the one feeling taken for granted, it may be worth broaching this with your partner to see if there is an underlying reason for their laziness.

If you are the one who has become lazy, it is important to take time to reflect on why this is and to speak to your partner about recognising this and what steps you can take as a couple to tackle this.

If you are single, the Page reversed can indicate you are not being realistic about love and commitment. It might be that you think love should be easy and if it’s not, then it’s not for you.

Again, this card is warning you that you do need to put in work if you are looking for a relationship and perhaps you need to review your expectations.

The Page Of Pentacles As An Advice Card

If you’re using the Page Of Pentacles yes or no method, or using this as an advice card, the Page Of Pentacles is encouraging you to do it – yes!

An opportunity regarding work or your finances has presented itself or is about to, and you need to take the leap of faith – do not hesitate, just believe this is meant for you!

Whether it’s an application for a job, the opportunity to go into a business partnership with another, or a new educational course – the Page says do not look back, look ahead, and have faith.

Final Thoughts

The Page Of Pentacles can be viewed as a person who has what they NEED in hand (the coin) and has the desire to manifest more of that, but either doesn’t want to or doesn’t have the motivation to climb that mountain in the background which will result in that coin multiplying.

That coin can and will proliferate, but it is essential that you see that mountain as something that you can put the work in to tackle rather than a barrier causing your manifestations to be unreachable.

Know your potential, do the work, and trust the opportunities that the Universe is presenting to you.