How To Cleanse Lemon Calcite: A Complete Cleansing And Charging Guide

If you’ve just got yourself a Lemon Calcite crystal, congratulations! This sunny stone is a wonderful healer and will bring an abundance of benefits to your life.

Now it’s important to learn how to care for this crystal to keep it in tip-top condition.

How to cleanse Lemon Calcite

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to cleanse Lemon Calcite, as well as how to charge it. Keep reading.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Lemon Calcite?

Cleansing and charging this crystal is relatively easy, as long as you know what to do and what not to do.

Let’s start with the cleansing routine.

How To Cleanse Lemon Calcite

There are a few methods you can adopt to cleanse your Lemon Calcite crystal.

Smudging is potentially the most popular method, and it’s certainly my favourite, but I will take you through a few more options too so you can find what works for you:

1. Smudging

Cleansing Lemon Calcite with smoke, also called smudging, is an effective way of removing unwanted energy from your crystal.

Many people choose to use Clary Sage or White Sage to smudge crystals, but Lavender and Rosemary are just as effective, and can often be less expensive.

Light your bundle of herbs and gently blow out the flame until there is a good flow of smoke. Take your crystal in one hand and either pass the crystal through the smoke or use a feather to fan the smoke around the Lemon Calcite crystal to cleanse it.

If you don’t have herbs to hand, you can do the same job using Sage, Dragon’s Blood, or Lavender incense for cleansing.

I always keep some Palo Santo in my supply cupboard which is also a very powerful cleanser.

How to cleanse lemon calcite by smudging

2. Sound Healing

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to use the smudging cleansing method, sound healing is an excellent alternative.

My preferred method for sound healing is to use my Shamanic drum, but Tingshas and Singing Bowls work beautifully.

3. Use Selenite Or Satin Spar

Both Selenite and Satin Spar – which are often confused with one another – are both inexpensive crystals that are excellent at removing negative energies.

4. Use Rice Or Soil

Rice may seem an unusual method, but cleansing with rice or soil are both very popular.

To cleanse with rice, fill a clean bowl (preferably an offering bowl) with dry grains of rice and place your crystal on top of the grains for a few hours.

Be sure to get rid of the rice afterward, returning it to Mother Earth, if you can.

The best way to cleanse your Lemon Calcite with soil is to bury your crystal in the earth (as long as it’s a dry day), but you can also follow the rice method and fill an offering bowl with dry soil and put the crystal inside for a few hours.

With both of these methods, it’s really important to ensure the cleansing substances are completely dry.

5. Reiki Healing

If you’re Reiki trained, you can use these abilities to remove unwanted energy from crystals, just as you would with the chakra system.

Hold the Lemon Calcite in your hands, open yourself up to channel the healing energies, and use these energies to cleanse the crystal.

How To Charge Lemon Calcite

It’s now time to charge your Lemon Calcite; it’s had a full cleanse and now it is ready for renewed energies.

Using the full moon is the best way to recharge your Lemon Calcite crystal.

If it is a dry night when the full moon is due, place your crystal outside and allow it to soak up the energy of the moon.

If it’s a rainy night, however, you can put the Lemon Calcite on your windowsill and allow it to absorb the charging energies of the full moon.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Lemon Calcite?

How To Programme Lemon Calcite

When you are ready to work with your cleansed and charged Lemon Calcite, you need to programme it.

To do this, hold your Lemon Calcite crystal and focus on what you want to achieve. Feel the connection with your crystal strengthen.

If you plan on using Lemon Calcite to unblock your solar plexus, hold this thought firmly in your mind and state your intention, either aloud or in your head.

When you feel the ritual is complete, you can work with your Lemon Calcite.

Cleansing And Charging Lemon Calcite: FAQs

Can You Put Lemon Calcite In Water?

No, Lemon Calcite is a soft crystal which means it isn’t suitable for water cleansing.

Can I Charge Lemon Calcite In The Sun?

I wouldn’t recommend sun cleansing for this crystal. Lemon Calcite is delicate, so sun cleansing may cause this crystal to fade.

Final Thoughts

Lemon Calcite is a beautiful, uplifting crystal, but it is a soft crystal and, as such, you have to take proper care of it.

Be sure to store this crystal carefully, and follow the above guidelines to cleanse and charge Lemon Calcite.