How To Open The Crown Chakra: An Easy-To-Follow Guide

The energy points in your body are known as chakras. There are seven chakras altogether, and each is linked to areas of our physical and spiritual body.

Recognising when a chakra is blocked and knowing how to open it is essential in maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

how to open crown chakra

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to unblock or open the crown chakra – keep reading.

What Is The Crown Chakra?

Also known as the Sahasrara or seventh chakra, the crown chakra can (as you may have predicted) be found at the top of the head.

With its location, you might be unsurprised to discover that this chakra is connected to thought.

However, the crown chakra is also responsible for connecting you to spirit and also for your ability to have clarity of mind.

Why Might You Need To Open Your Crown Chakra?

If you are struggling to connect with people, having difficulty focusing on your goals, or experiencing frequent headaches or migraines, it is possible that your crown chakra could be blocked.

Other signs of a blocked crown chakra include low mood, difficulties with remembering information, and even hallucinations.

The Sahasrara chakra being blocked can also inhibit your connection to spirit and you may find yourself experiencing more symptoms that attach to ego, such as a desire for material things, being focused on the way you are perceived by others, and being driven by self-interest.

With the troubles that having a blocked crown chakra can bring to the body, mind, and soul, it is important to learn how to open the crown chakra.

how to open crown chakra

How To Open Your Crown Chakra

1. Opening The Crown Chakra Through Meditation

Meditation is one way of opening your crown chakra. Here’s a simple meditation you can follow to ensure this energy centre is functioning properly:

  • Begin by sitting in an area that makes you feel relaxed. This could be within your home, or even within nature.
  • Ensure that your back is straight and cross your legs.
  • Position your hands to receive energy, so place them palms facing up in your lap, making sure that the left hand is placed on top of the right.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful, purple lotus emerging from your head. As the lotus emerges from your crown, practice slow and steady breathing.
  • Visualise the purple petals of the lotus opening up. As they do so, a healing purple light materialises – absorb the energies of this light through your crown chakra.
  • As you absorb the energies, feel the warmth of that light radiate through your body, allowing each sense to experience the light until you become that light.
  • When you feel at one with the light, allow yourself to experience that through every sense until you feel ready to come out of your meditative state.
  • When your mind feels ready, gradually take deep breaths and open your eyes.

Practising this exercise daily, or weekly, if you can, is the best way to help keep your crown chakra open. But, you can always return to this meditation when you need to, even if you are unable to do it regularly.

2. Affirmations To Open The Crown Chakra

Affirmations are another way of unblocking your crown chakra.

You can practise affirmations daily and can bring them into your meditations when you are experiencing oneness with the purple light radiating through your body.

Some examples of affirmations to keep your crown chakra open are:

  • Each day I become more connected to my spirit.
  • I welcome spiritual guidance from a higher power.
  • The light within me is eternally connected to the divine Universe.
  • I am a divine being, with the light and energy of the Universe flowing through me.
  • I am at one with the light of the Universe, trusting the path I am on as I am guided by spirit.

3. Aromatherapy For Opening The Crown Chakra

Again, this practice can be used to enhance meditation but can also be used at any time around the home to maintain an open crown chakra.

Frankincense is probably the best-known aroma to connect to the crown chakra. This resin can be burned as incense or as an oil and can strengthen your connection to spirit.

Using this when meditating will help to induce a meditative state and allow you to tap into your intuition and become more intentional in your actions and manifestations.

Sandalwood also has properties that lend it well to opening the crown chakra. Releasing ego is essential to open up the crown chakra -this can be achieved with the use of Sandalwood.

Known for its grounding and balancing abilities, using this incense or oil will help you to feel more connected to spirit and your highest self.

Myrrh, best used when blended with Frankincense, has great grounding abilities. It can also be used to open up spiritual connections and protect against negative energies whilst undergoing spiritual work.

Using Myrrh whilst meditating will allow you to keep negativity at bay whilst connecting with your higher self.

how to open crown chakra

4. Using Crystals To Open Your Crown Chakra

Crystals can play an important role in opening the crown chakra, and they can be used alone or in conjunction with meditation or affirmation work.

These crystals tend to be the best for helping to open the crown chakra:

  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Satin Spar
  • Selenite
  • Moonstone
  • Celestite

You can find a complete list of crystals here to support your crown chakra.

How To Tell If The Crown Chakra Is Open

When you have put in the work to open up the crown chakra, you will rightfully want to recognise if it has opened up.

One sign that most people notice when the crown chakra has opened, is that they may feel a tingling inside their head where the blockages are being released.

You will start to feel that your mind is lighter and less cluttered. With the absence of this clutter, this tingling can occur.

Think of a surface that you clean and clear of rubbish. Without the chaos on it and once you have washed it down, you can usually see it visibly sparkling.

Our mind works in the same way. Whilst it can feel unusual, this tingling is a positive sign that your mind is “sparkling” after you have cleared out anything that was blocking it.

Another sign that your crown chakra has opened is that you may yearn for more alone time.

Where you have become less connected with ego and more connected with spirit, you may find yourself more introspective.

Where you have put in the work, you will want to continue that work without the influence of others. That isn’t to say you won’t or shouldn’t socialise with others. However, when you do spend time with others you will want your connections to be more meaningful.

You may also find that your intuition is enhanced. This is where you are more connected to spirit – you will find yourself just “knowing” what is going to happen next. This can take the form of dreams or visions when awake.

It can also just be a “feeling” that something is about to happen, and this then being correct. This is a sure sign that you have successfully opened your crown chakra.

If you have noticed any of the above signs after trying to unblock your crown chakra, you can rest in the knowledge that you have been successful in doing so.

However, it is important not to become complacent – consistency is key and to keep our chakras aligned it is vital to continue the spiritual work that keeps them balanced and open.

Final Thoughts

The crown chakra can easily become blocked and this can lead to various physical and spiritual issues.

Working with crystals or essential oils, or doing regular manifestation or affirmation work, can really help you open the crown chakra.