What Do Frogs Symbolize? The Spiritual Meaning Of Frogs And Dream Meaning Explained

Frogs are amphibians, meaning they need moisture or water to survive, but they can live on both land and in water and can adapt to light or dark surroundings.

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From Kermit in Sesame Street to Froggy in The Land of Stories and from the Frog Chorus with Sir Paul McCartney to Crazy Frog (a-ring-ding-ding-ding… sorry), these creatures have graced our screens, the pages of the books we read, and even our radios for as long as the arts have been around.

These animals have become referred to more increasingly in popular culture over the last century, but can be found in some folklore tales passed on through generations – and why shouldn’t they be? They have certainly earned their place, as they have been known to be in existence on our planet for about 250 million years, even before dinosaurs.

If you’re interested to find out more about what frogs symbolise, how they can help you, and what it can mean when they hop into your dreams, read on where we will explore in more depth why these animals are considered to be creatures that bring us luck.

What Do Frogs Symbolise? An Overview

Generally, you can be assured that the frog making an appearance in your life means something good is about to happen.

Whether your luck is about to change in a challenging situation, you’re going to go through an incredibly transformative period, or a longed-for conception is going to happen, the frog crossing your path is assuring you that life is about to get even better.

Are Frogs A Symbol Of Love?

We’ve all heard the references to frogs being associated with “finding the one”.

Young women are often told you have to “kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince”. This stems from the fairytale of the princess who becomes friends with a prince who is under a spell and disguised as a frog.

Many versions of this story result in the spell being broken when the princess kisses the frog to reveal the prince.

The frog is symbolic of potential love and has certainly been viewed as a sign of love throughout the centuries.

However, a frog presenting itself to you could mean one of two things romantically.

The frog could be asking you to consider breaking down your barriers, as perhaps you are discounting a “frog” who could actually be a “prince” – look past what you see externally, and allow your heart to feel.

It could also be empowering and encouraging you to remember your worth in a romantic situation.

Frogs are closely linked with females in mythology and many cultures. If you are a female who sees frogs frequently and find yourself in a difficult love situation, just remind yourself – it was the princess in that tale who freed the prince – not the other way around.

Do not sell yourself short and remember your value and the magic you hold within.

Is A Frog Good Luck?

Usually, the frog is considered to be good luck. It is believed that this association with luck stems from frogs being found near water, and water being necessary for us to live.

Therefore, if a person is desperate for water to survive and can locate a frog, it would be considered a lucky find as water would not be far away.

However, some cultures would not consider it lucky to see a frog.

There was reportedly a Plague of Frogs in Ancient Egypt, where frogs were supposed to have invaded areas that humans lived in.

Due to this, some parts of the world would consider it bad luck to see a frog – particularly near a house – as they would take it as a sign that negative energies are about to plague their life.

do frogs represent money

Do Frogs Represent Money?

Frogs have been known to represent affluence, particularly in Feng Shui.

Although it is more commonly referred to as the three-legged toad, the money frog, as the name might suggest, is thought to attract wealth.

What Do Frogs Symbolize In Chinese Culture?

Frogs are an important part of Chinese culture.

Ch’ing-Wa Sheng is a frog spirit associated with positive fortune in business affairs and also with healing.

Frogs are also associated with the lunar yin in Chinese culture.

Frog Spiritual Meaning Explained

Now you have an overview of what frogs symbolise, let’s look at their spiritual meanings and associations, and what this can mean for your life.


As we have touched upon, the frog can transform itself to adapt to both light and dark surroundings, to water and land, and even from cold temperatures to hot.

Would it then be any surprise that the frog symbolises transformation?

These masters of metamorphosis can certainly teach us a thing or two about growth, change, and jumping at opportunities that arise for us, needing nothing more than having the confidence in our own selves that we are capable of that transformation.

The frog is encouraging you to have faith to get out of your own head, stop thinking, and just believe in yourself.


Since ancient Egyptian times, the frog has been symbolic of fertility due to the annual flooding of the Nile resulting in millions of frogs being born each year.

Heqet, who was the Goddess of fertility, is usually depicted as a female body with a frog’s head.

It might be that you are feeling anxious about your fertility or that you are trying to conceive. If the frog is making itself more present in your life, it is trying to reassure you that things will be positive in this area of your life.

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As I mentioned earlier, frogs are closely linked with prosperity.

Many people will be familiar with the Feng Shui money frog – a frog statue with a coin in its mouth. This frog is used to bring wealth and prosperity to the home that it is placed in.

If you find that the frog is crossing your path more often than you’d normally notice, or you’re finding yourself more drawn to frogs, prosperity is on its way.

It might be that something you have been working on for some time is finally going to pay off or perhaps a decision you’re about to make will lead to good fortune. Whatever the situation, embrace this fortunate situation and do not take it for granted.


Frogs are known to be the main spirit assistants to shamans due to their ability to communicate from water to land, thus their voices are carried between two worlds, much like the shaman.

Communication is a real strength of theirs, so if a frog is making itself known to you, there is a lesson to be learned here.

Perhaps you are not effectively communicating at the moment – take a step back and think about why that is.

Perhaps you are not listening to what someone else is communicating to you or you are not conveying what you really need to in a given situation.

The frog is urging you to consider reflection and a change in the way you communicate.

You will find that communication is key in a situation you find yourself in, and the frog is merely making sure you realise that before it is too late.


Frogs often live in large social groups so being part of a community is a common frog spiritual meaning.

If you’re resonating with the frog spirit animal, it may be time to become more involved in the community around you and give back to others when you can.

Alternatively, if you’re constantly trying to battle through on your own, remember that you don’t have to. You have people around you who care and are willing to help.

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How To Work With Your Frog Spirit Animal

If you are finding yourself drawn to frogs, or they are showing themselves to you more, it is vital that you need to undergo a cleansing process.

Perhaps you are holding everything in and trying to remain calm on the surface, but the waters are bubbling beneath and this could lead to a breakdown if you do not take care of yourself.

The frog spirit animal asks you to pay special attention to your needs and wants at this time, be at one with nature if you can, and provide yourself with some TLC.

Since the frog represents the lifecycle and rebirth, it is important that you consider that this is not your final destination.

The frog encourages you to know that there are many stages to your life, and even if you are struggling at the moment, the struggle is not going to last forever.

Your frog spirit animal is supporting change and new beginnings at this time for you, if you just allow yourself to release any expectations of where you should be in your life right now.

The best way to connect with your frog totem is to head to a body of water – preferably a natural pond, or a river. Sit and meditate next to the water, focusing on what the frog needs to teach you.

You can also welcome the frog spirit animal into your life by placing a frog ornament on your altar.

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What Do Frogs Symbolise In Dreams?

Dreaming of a frog can mean positive changes lie ahead for you.

You are about to undergo a period of transformation or a rebirth, but it is time to tune into your instincts at this time and remain cautious.

The frog is an animal that typically may not have the most endearing exterior but has a beautiful soul inside. It also looks different depending on its surroundings.

A frog in your dream may be telling you that whilst you need to be accepting of the changes ahead, you need to also be mindful that not everything is as it seems. Now, this doesn’t need to be a bad thing.

Just think of the princess and the frog. If you take a “leap of faith” you may find your courage uncovers prosperous opportunities for you and you find your own metaphorical prince by just taking a chance.

Frog Spirit Animal FAQS

What Is The Green Frog Spiritual Meaning?

Green frogs are associated with nature and Mother Earth. If you are receiving synchronicities from a green frog, it could be an indication that you need to spend more time in nature or that you need to ground yourself.

What Is The Brown Frog Spiritual Meaning?

Much like the green frog, a brown frog is associated with nature. And this frog is even more connected to the Earth and grounding, so you can call on this totem if you need support with grounding in your life.

Final Thoughts

The frog is a gentle and guiding totem that encourages you to believe in yourself and move forward in life.

Resonating with frog symbolism can indicate that you need to improve your communication or embrace your community.

The frog spirit animal can even be an indication that more money is on the way to you.

Whichever frog symbol resonates with you, remember to honour your frog totem and embrace its guidance.