A Complete Guide To Moldavite: Properties And Uses

Moldavite is one of the most talked about crystals in healing circles. It is innately powerful but has to be used with care and is not a crystal for beginners.

It’s also a beautiful crystal to look at. At first glance, it looks like green leaves that are made of crystals.

moldavite properties

And, when you first hold one in your hand, you will instantly feel how strong its energies are.

Below, I will tell you more about moldavite’s properties as well as its uses.

Moldavite Properties


One of the first things you will notice about moldavite’s appearance is its translucent green colour, which can range from pale green to dark green.

This crystal is formed when a meteorite strikes the earth’s surface, which causes the surrounding rocks to melt and fuse with the meteorite.

It is this process that gives it a glassy, translucent appearance.

Chemical Composition

Moldavite is composed of silicon and oxygen. As such, its chemical formula is SiO2.

However, some variants of moldavite can also have impurities like iron oxide, calcium oxide, potassium oxide, and aluminium oxide.


Moldavite gets a rating of just 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, it is quite brittle and is prone to scratching and chipping.


Due to the way it is formed, Moldavite happens to be a rare crystal.

While Moldavite is primarily found in the Czech Republic, it is also mined in Germany, Austria and Poland.

Associated Chakras

Moldavite’s green colour gives away which chakra it is associated with. I am, of course, talking about the heart chakra.

Crystal healers love Moldavite because it is extremely powerful at healing ailments related to the heart chakra.

But most people are not aware that this crystal can also cleanse and purify the third eye chakra.

Numerical Vibrations

Moldavite is associated with the numbers 2 and 6. As you may already know, the number 2 represents balance, harmony and unity, while the number 6 represents unconditional love, support, nurture and healing.

moldavite healing properties

Moldavite Healing Properties

Even though Moldavite is a very rare crystal, its healing properties are well understood.

Due to the way it is formed, it contains powerful energies that can heal even the most stubborn ailments.

Let’s take a look at some popular moldavite healing properties.

  • One of the most important physical healing benefits of this crystal is that it helps to promote cell regeneration. This is particularly helpful if you have been in an accident and are recovering from injuries.
  • Moldavite also strengthens your immune system, which decreases the chances of catching a disease or developing a disorder.
  • Since it works on the heart chakra, Moldavite can also heal the surrounding organs. It is known to help with respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies.
  • Moldavite can even alleviate headaches and migraines due to its association with the third eye chakra.
  • This crystal also supports detoxification and can aid in the removal of harmful chemicals from the body.
  • Not many people know this but Moldavite can help with skin issues. So, if you’re suffering from acne, eczema, or some other skin ailment, you can turn to Moldavite for help.
  • This crystal is also said to support the healing of the nervous system and can aid in the treatment of neurological disorders.
  • Moldavite is especially great at healing those emotional wounds that manifest as physical symptoms. For instance, if you tend to have anxiety attacks, you might suffer from stomach or breathing issues also. In such cases, Moldavite can help to fix the root issue so that you can get relief from your related physical symptoms.

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite has a lot more to offer, so I wanted to share some of the most popular Moldavite metaphysical properties.:

  • This crystal can support you on your journey of spiritual growth. Since it is associated with the third eye chakra, it can help you raise your consciousness to a higher level and expand your perception.
  • Crystal practitioners say that Moldavite can enhance your psychic powers, such as intuition, clairvoyance, and telepathy. So, if you think that you may have hidden psychic abilities, you should definitely get yourself a Moldavite crystal.
  • It also helps to connect with higher realms and spirit guides for guidance and insight.
  • By healing your heart chakra, this crystal helps you get rid of old emotional patterns and blockages. This promotes spiritual and emotional healing.
  • If you’ve been looking to manifest your dreams and desires, Moldavite can help you do that. It is known to make your manifestations more powerful by amplifying the energies of your intentions.
  • If you are the creative type, you will absolutely love this crystal. It can stimulate creativity, imagination, and inspiration within you. This can help you come up with all sorts of creative ideas.
  • Since Moldavite heals your heart chakra, it promotes a sense of unity and interconnectedness within you. This helps you cultivate empathy, compassion, and love for other people.
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The Most Common Uses of Moldavite

Now that we have taken a look at Moldavite crystal properties, let’s talk about some of its uses.

1) Jewellery

Moldavite is a very rare crystal. It also happens to be one of the most attractive-looking crystals. As such, it is only obvious that it would be popular in the jewellery industry. Even though it has a brittle nature, moldavite jewellery is in high demand.

2) Psychic Development

As I mentioned above, Moldavite is formed when an asteroid strikes our planet.

This instils powerful energies within it that are beyond human comprehension. This also makes it the perfect crystal for one’s psychic development and for connecting with other realms.

3) Protection

Due to its powerful energies, Moldavite can protect you from all sorts of negative energies including psychic attacks and dark entities.

It can also give you strength and courage so that you’re never afraid of anything negative.

4) Manifestation

Some people use Moldavite to achieve their dreams and desires.

If all else fails, they turn to this crystal because it has the unique ability to amplify your intentions. This makes the manifestation process much quicker and easier.

Final Thoughts

As you will have seen in this post, Moldavite is a versatile crystal with numerous uses.

Moldavite crystals hold very potent energy and need to be used correctly – as such, I wouldn’t recommend this as a crystal for beginners.

Meditating with a crystal like Moldavite can be incredibly transformative – so make sure you’re ready for these energies.