A Complete Guide To Blue Calcite: Meaning, Uses, And Benefits

Blue Calcite is a powerful yet delicate crystal that can help you with psychic protection, emotional healing and gently releasing jealous and negative thoughts.

What Is Blue Calcite Good For

If you’ve ever struggled with managing difficult emotions, Blue Calcite is the crystal for you!

Let’s learn more about the metaphysical properties of Blue Calcite and what this crystal is good for.

What Is Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is a popular member of the Calcite family.

Often found in sedimentary rocks, this carbonate mineral is inexpensive but is not as widely found as other forms of Calcite.

Blue Calcite can be found in the UK, in Mexico, the US, and Iceland.

This post focuses solely on Blue Calcite, but Calcite can also be found in red, green, yellow, and orange.

Blue Calcite Properties

Blue Calcite crystals can be polished and shaped easily. This is a soft crystal, which comes in at around a 3 on the Mohs scale.

As it is quite soft and fragile, it’s vital to cleanse it with care.

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What Is Blue Calcite Good For? 7 Amazing Uses

Blue Calcite has a number of uses and healing abilities. Let’s explore these in more depth:

1. Emotional Healing

Blue Calcite can help you process difficult emotions. If you’ve been feeling conflicted about something or someone, Blue Calcite can help you get to the roots of this situation.

This crystal has gentle and relaxing energy. It will help you let go of all your emotional burdens and ground to the present moment.

If you have had a traumatic past, regularly meditating with Blue Calcite can help you make peace with the difficult memories that you often struggle to forget.

We all go through emotional turmoil at some point in our lives. It’s not always easy to deal with these situations. If you have been going through a mental health crisis, along with seeking professional help, I recommend giving this crystal a try.

Blue Calcite will help you release attachments and cords that keep you stuck in the negative energy. Most likely, this energy is messing with your mind making you feel an array of negative emotions and keeping you stuck in toxic situations.

2. Energetic Protection

If you’re an empath and often feel bogged down by the energy of those around you, using Blue Calcite will significantly improve your mood. This crystal will absorb any negative energy that is being thrown at you.

Empaths often get involved in unhealthy situations where other people try to dump their emotions on them.

Narcissists often try to manipulate these sensitive souls.

Empaths are always willing to do their best to help others, not realizing that they are being taken advantage of.

Wearing jewellery made of Blue Calcite or keeping this crystal in your home will protect you from these energy vampires.

It will also help you not confuse others’ emotions with your own.

Blue Calcite will help you affirm your worth and establish strong boundaries so you don’t get involved in other people’s dramas.

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3. Purity Of Mind And Soul

Let’s be honest for a while. We all feel jealous, angry, and hateful at some point. You know what though? You don’t need to feel guilty about it.

Often when we deal with jealousy or anger, it’s not about the other person.

It’s about us feeling inadequate. Don’t worry! There is something that you can do about it!

Using Blue Calcite will help you gently release these emotions.

Blue Calcite is a high vibrational crystal that absorbs all the negativity it senses in our energetic field or aura.

It will help you maintain the purity of your mind and soul. Negative situations don’t need to hold you back. You don’t have to feel this way.

Use Blue Calcite to help you raise your vibration and let go of all that no longer serves you.

4. Clear Communication

Being a blue crystal, Blue Calcite naturally connects with the throat chakra to help us with communication.

If you have been having issues with getting your point across to your friends, family members, and co-workers, Blue Calcite can do wonders for you!

It also helps with resolving issues related to miscommunication.

If you struggle with stage fright, keeping a piece of Blue Calcite in your pocket can ease your anxiety and help you give your best shot.

5. Intrusive Thoughts

People who struggle with intrusive thoughts often struggle to participate in normal conversations, no matter how hard we try, our mind pulls us away from the discussion.

As someone who has suffered from intrusive thoughts, I can attest to how much of an effect this can have on your self-confidence and well-being too.

Intrusive thoughts often cause people to feel depressed and confused. It can be difficult to discern intrusive thoughts from reality.

Traumatic events or severe anxiety are generally why people begin experiencing intrusive thoughts.

Blue Calcite can help to break the cycle and change thought patterns.

It helps with realizing that having bad thoughts doesn’t make us bad people. Thoughts can be challenged, observed, and released. Blue Calcite is an excellent tool to help with that.

6. Establishing Truth

Blue crystals have often been used to establish truth in a conflict. If you sense that somebody is lying to you or that some level of deception is involved in a personal relationship, it may be time to rely on Blue Calcite.

Simply meditate with raw or tumbled Blue Calcite. Keep the crystal in your hand and request it to bring the truth to light.

7. Managing Trust Issues

If you’ve been hurt in the past by people you loved, I understand how difficult it can be to trust others again. Discerning who you can and cannot trust can end up becoming a life-long struggle.

Blue Calcite can be your mineral guardian. You can release all your worries by keeping raw Blue Calcite at your home or in your pocket.

Blue Calcite will also help you release your fears surrounding your trust being broken again by someone you love.

Sometimes, people don’t stand up to our expectations, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad people or that we cannot trust them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Calcite Good For Anxiety?

Blue Calcite is excellent for anxiety sufferers due to its soothing properties.

This crystal can help to calm the mind and soul to tackle anxiety and stress or support with other mental health issues such as depression.

Which Chakra Is Blue Calcite Associated With?

Blue Calcite is associated with our:

  • Throat Chakra (5th Chakra)
  • Third Eye Charka (6th Chakra)

This crystal is excellent for healing issues related to these energy centres.

It is excellent for communication, enhancing psychic vision, energetic protection, and protection from nightmares.

What Zodiac Is Blue Calcite Associated With?

Blue Calcite, just like Caribbean Calcite, works well with those born under the Cancer star sign.

Cancer is a water sign, so blue crystals can provide support for the well-being of water signs.

Where Do You Put Blue Calcite?

You can put Blue Calcite wherever you need to, around the home or in the office, to feel its benefits.

If you suffer from sleep problems, try placing Blue Calcite next to your bed.

If you feel anxious at work, put a piece of Blue Calcite on your desk and hold it when you need it most.

If you need help sharing your thoughts with someone, put a Blue Calcite tumblestone in your pocket or wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery.

What Crystal Works Well With Blue Calcite?

There are many crystals that can work well with Blue Calcite, some of the best are:

  • Clear Quartz: This crystal is an energy amplifier so, when coupled with Blue Calcite it can enhance its calming and soothing abilities.
  • Aquamarine: Combining Aquamarine and Blue Calcite creates a powerful combination for unblocking the throat chakra.
  • Celestite: You can use Celestite and Blue Calcite together to enhance your psychic powers and abilities.
  • Angelite: Combining Celestite with Angelite will also improve your psychic abilities and help you connect and communicate with other realms.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Blue Calcite is a multipurpose crystal that is excellent for healing all kinds of emotional issues, removing negative energy from your aura and protecting you from narcissistic individuals and energetic vampires.

This crystal will also help you express yourself clearly and address all issues related to miscommunication.