The 8 Best Crystals For Communication

We, humans, are blessed with the ability to communicate with each other in so many different ways.

We can talk to each other, text, draw, use gestures, and even use silence as a means of communication! Isn’t that incredible?

crystals for communication

But as with most other things, the degree to which you are able to communicate can greatly vary from other people.

Some find it really easy to express their thoughts and emotions, while others find it a daunting task.

Some have a lot to say, while others … not so much.

If communication is not your strong suit, and you want to enhance it, you could turn to crystal healing.

Crystals possess potent energies that might make expressing yourself a lot easier.

With that thought in mind, here are some of the best crystals for communication.

1) Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a special connection with the throat chakra.

As soon as you hold this crystal in your hand, you immediately start feeling something within you.

This “something” is the incredible power of aquamarine that instantly starts working on your throat chakra and opens all the right pathways for good communication.

This is why so many people carry it with them when they are in a meeting, during presentations, at social gatherings, during interviews, etc.

This crystal makes the flow of speech feel natural, and you just don’t have to worry about communicating your thoughts.

2) Amazonite

People who find communication difficult often say that the number one reason holding them back is a lack of confidence.

Even though they have a lot of great things to say, they just don’t feel confident enough to share their viewpoints.

This especially happens during social gatherings or public speaking events.

If this is the case with you, then Amazonite is the only crystal for communication you need.

Its high vibrational frequencies will seep into your aura and make you confident enough to speak and express yourself.

It will also give clarity to your thoughts, which will make communication very easy.

3) Black Tourmaline

Sometimes, the presence of bad vibes or negative entities might prevent you from communicating well.

This is why people often choke up when their aura picks up negative energies around them.

In situations like these, black tourmaline can greatly help you.

It is quite adept at shielding people from bad vibes and creating a safe personal space for them to be in.

So, if you’re ever going to an unfamiliar or dangerous place or even find yourself in a difficult situation, it is best to carry a black tourmaline with you.

Not only will it help you communicate better in such situations, but it will also help you make tough decisions without worrying about the consequences.

4) Clear Quartz

This crystal is known as a master healer.

People who are new to the world of crystals and don’t know what to use for their specific ailments can simply get this crystal as it works universally.

This is true of communication issues as well.

When it comes to expression, clear quartz can help you in two ways.

Firstly, it will provide you with clarity of thought. The clearer you are in your mind, the better your communication will be.

Secondly, it will remove any blockages or negative entities in your aura that might be hindering your ability to express yourself.

5) Selenite

Communication doesn’t only happen between two people.

It also happens between you and your higher self, guardian angels or other spiritual beings.

In fact, this type of communication can be really important if you want to make the most of your life.

However, most people don’t seem to be able to do this.

They are not spiritually advanced enough to ask for guidance and help and understand what the higher beings have to say.

This is where selenite comes in. It is a powerful crystal that stimulates your third eye chakra.

As such, you become more open to the spiritual realm and everything it contains.

You will be able to receive insights and messages from your higher self and guardian spirits and understand reality on a whole other level.

This is why some crystal healers consider selenite one of the best crystals for communication with other realms.

6) Blue Lace Agate

If you’re looking for a blue crystal for communication, blue lace agate should be your first choice.

Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also contains powerful healing energies that will make communicating with others your second nature.

It unblocks and balances your throat chakra and helps you express yourself without restrictions.

In fact, it can even help singers and voice actors.

As an added bonus, this crystal clears your mind of any negative thoughts and beliefs.

You might not realize it, but this can greatly enhance your communication skills.

Other people would be drawn to you because of your positive opinions and the way you articulate.

7) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a crystal that is associated with the heart chakra. As such, you might wonder what it is doing on this list.

Well, communication doesn’t always happen on a mental level.

Sometimes, communication happens from the heart, especially when we are talking about things that we truly care about or when we are dealing with people we love.

So, you can use green aventurine to open up your heart chakra so that you can say what’s in your heart without any limitations.

It’s not a surprise that therapists often use this crystal to help their clients open up and share the details that they need to.

8) Turquoise

I saved the best for last.

Turquoise is perhaps the best crystal for communication.

That’s because it can simultaneously work on your heart, throat and third eye chakras.

This not only makes communicating with people easier, but it also enhances your communication with spiritual beings.

So, not only will your relationships strengthen but you will also receive non-stop guidance from your guardian spirits, angels and other higher beings.

Final Thoughts

Communication doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And even the best speaker can find themselves in a situation where they choke up and can’t express themselves.

There are plenty of crystals for communication that can help you unblock your throat chakra and speak your words freely.