A Guide On How To Do A Full Moon Tarot Spread

The moon has always played a significant role in the realm of spirituality. It is said to symbolize and exude feminine energies.

Therefore, those on the spiritual path make active use of the moon’s energies to further their advancement and enhance their spiritual abilities.

how to do a full moon tarot spread

This is perhaps why ancient civilizations and cultures made use of the lunar cycle (instead of the solar cycle) to conduct their everyday lives.

They believed that doing so would better help them live in tune with mother nature.

In this regard, the full moon has especially been considered sacred and special.

Across geographies, cultures, traditions and civilizations, the full moon has held a special place in people’s hearts.

This is why so many rituals, festivals and celebrations happen on full moon nights.

In this article, I am going to talk about a great way you can use a full moon night to your benefit.

As so many people do, you can use the energies of the full moon to conduct a tarot reading and gain a lot of insights into your life.

But before we move to the actual tarot reading part, let’s first understand the significance of a full moon night.

This will better help you understand the full moon tarot spread.

how to do a full moon tarot reading

The Significance of A Full Moon

The full moon occurs when the Earth is located between the sun and the moon. Due to this alignment, the moon appears fully illuminated from our perspective.

In the world of spirituality, the full moon is said to be a period of enlightenment, where everything becomes clear, and you’re able to see things the way they are (instead of seeing them the way your ego wants you to).

This is also why this phase of the moon is considered its most powerful phase, where it releases high vibrational energies into its surroundings.

The full moon also symbolizes completion, harvest, the realisation of one’s dreams, the height of power, and celebration.

Therefore, it is the perfect time to reflect and celebrate how far you have come. It is also the perfect time to be grateful for all the blessings that the universe has showered upon you.

The brilliant and soothing full moon night is quite ideal for a tarot reading.

Doing so can reveal the darker parts that might be hiding deep within your subconscious mind.

It can also shine a light on your hidden potential that you can use to broaden your horizons.

So, let’s learn how to do a full moon tarot spread to divine the future.

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How To Do A Full Moon Tarot Spread

Before you do a tarot reading, it is a good idea to spend some time grounding yourself and ensuring you are centred.

You can also meditate for a few minutes to bring your mind into a more receptive state so that you can receive the messages of the tarot cards more easily.

You can even enhance your space by cleansing it with clary sage, placing scented candles around, or arranging crystals around the room, and so on.

When you’re ready, take your deck of cards and start shuffling them. Then, use any of the below-mentioned tarot spreads for your reading.

Full Moon Tarot Spread: One Card

Without a doubt, this is the easiest spread you can do in a tarot reading.

After all, it involves pulling out only one card and placing it face-down on the surface in front of you.

This card represents the things that the full moon is illuminating for you.

It could be either a good aspect about you or a bad one.

Regardless, it will help you reach closer to your true self.

For example, if you pull out the Devil, it might mean that you are addicted to something or that you are overly materialistic.

However, if you pull out the Strength card, it means that you are a strong person who doesn’t get deterred easily.

Full Moon Tarot Spread: Two Cards

This is a simple full moon tarot spread that involves pulling out two cards.

This spread can help you understand what aspect of yourself or your life might be crumbling and what aspect might be rising or growing.

This can provide you with subtle information on the happenings within you and around you.

The first card (on your left) represents those things that might be on a downtrend in your life.

This could signify a good situation or a bad one. For example, if you get the Lovers card, it could mean that one of your relationships or bonds might be crumbling.

However, if you get the Devil card, it could mean that your addictions and bad influences are having a lesser effect on you.

The second card (on your right) represents those things that might be on a rising trend in your life.

Again, this could signal a good or a bad situation depending on which card you pull.

full moon tarot spread

Full Moon Tarot Spread: Three Cards

This is another simple full moon tarot spread that involves pulling out three cards. This spread provides insight into what you need to let go of and what may await you in the future.

The first card (the left one) represents things that you might need to let go of.

Usually, these are things that hold you back and don’t allow you to realize your full potential.

It could be things like ego, materialism, fear, bad habits, and so on. It could also be a person or a situation.

The second card (the middle one) represents things that the full moon is shining her light on.

This card can reveal something secretive that you had no idea about.

It could be a blessing that you could capitalise on or a curse that you need to deal with to move ahead with your life.

The third card (the right one) represents things that await you in the future.

As such, this card can help you identify whether you can expect a good situation in the future or a bad one.

If it’s a good situation, you can rejoice and be grateful.

However, if it’s a bad situation, don’t fret!

Use the card to prepare for the challenges. That way, you won’t be adversely impacted.

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Final Thoughts

Doing a full moon tarot spread can be incredibly powerful. And the beauty of a reading like this is that you get the opportunity to do it and gain a deeper insight each month.

Depending on how much you want to delve, you can do a one, two or three card spread on the night of a full moon for an understanding of what the Universe wants you to know for the coming month.

As you become more confident with this type of reading, you can add more cards.